Problem connecting Gmail to Apple mail solved: Bits of Tech

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“Today i ll show you how to solve one of the problems you can get get between gmail and mail. So here we are we re trying to add a account. I ve got a previously prepared gmail account. But i m just putting in the the site and then the password here we go we re signing in osx wants to manage some of the things on your google account so it asks you well that s okay and i just want this particular email address to only deal with my mail.

So i ve unchecked everything else here on to the next..

Step. Then all there s a problem with the mail account. Now this problem is not with the mac per se. It s a problem with the actual gmail account.

So we ll go into a gmail account and go up to settings..

Which top right hand corner here and down to settings and we need to change not go down here. But change the tab to forwarding pop and imap and this is a way mail is sent to to your mac through the mail program. And what you need to do is click imap and pop probably. Only imap is required these are two different ways google can speak to your mail on the apple.

Mail imap is a newer way of doing it and it allows things that have done on your computer to be transferred back to google..

So we ll just see if mail works now instead of give me there s a problem now. We ve just got the little thinkin circle flicking. It around on the on the mail account. Now that it actually means.

It s working despite it not checking so we ll just go to the mail section..

Here and you can see i ve got a few accounts and this is the particular one we ve started google and i ll rename that later too to the same as my email account anyway you can see because there s no mail in my google mail account there s no mail in my apple mail. But it is working and the way to do that again show that it is working is go to the system preferences again down to the internet account and you can say that with the particular count that i ve created which is here mail is text. So that s solution to the problem one of the problems between google and apple ” ..


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