PS Vita Tutorial: How To Install SD2Vita Micro SD Card Adapter 256GB Additional Space For Homebrew

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“One to another video and today. We re gonna take a look at installing this this micro sd adapter onto our vita and this is the memory sd vida. Pro this off amazon for 595 with free shipping and this is version 50. I heard that some of the older ones don t work as well because they re just not built very good or they arrive broken or they re just have.

Issues so try to get yourself a 50. Adapter. And i ll leave a link of this adapter in the description below. And it s not as easy as just placing a micro sd card.

And just running it on the vita. No problem adding a bunch of homebrew emulators games. And so on and so forth you there s quite a few steps that we have to do in order for this to work so i ll be showing you how to do that step by step in this video. And it s gonna be a little long so i apologize for that and the micro sd card.

I ll be using is a samsung evo 256. Gigabyte card and this is the max that the adapter and the video will be able to read so i went all out might as well and you can pick this one off ebay or amazon for about 30 bucks not bad at all and we will have to format. Our sd card to get it ready for all the files that we re gonna transfer onto it and have the vita be able to read it so if you don t have an sd card reader or something like that you can use one of these dongles. I purchased this off amazon as well for about i think it was like seven eight bucks.

And it reads all sorts of different cards you can see there it reads micro sd cards or regular sd cards memory stick pro duo. It s a really nice convenient little dongle and i ll have that link in the description below for you as well so in order for you to do this your vita must be running on custom. Firmware obviously and mine is running off 373. With h.

Encore. And it s working just fine. And i m so excited to get this going so i can start adding a bunch of homebrew and emulators on it i m super excited super pumped for this so let s go ahead and get started the very first thing. We re gonna do is format our sd card and i m gonna get this all ready to go and now i m gonna plug this bad boy into my pc and get that going okay first thing.

I want to do is make sure that my sd card is being read off the dongle and here s my usb drive right click go to properties and we have 238 gigabytes. So the dongle is working just fine perfect and we want to go to the first link in our description and that ll take us to sourceforgenet and we re going to download this win32 disk imager so click on download here and it will download in five seconds or so perfect okay second thing. We re going to download is the zz blank dot image a second link in the description down below and we re gonna click on download here perfect now we re gonna open up our disk imager very nice so you just want to accept the user account control for this application. Okay so here s our setup click next you can choose a folder to install the application.

I already have one here and you ll need at least 400. Sorry 444 point. 2 megabytes of free disk space. Next create shortcut.

Let s do that and install should be a few seconds and finish. And here is our application ok now we have to select an image file and we re gonna select that zz blank image. We just downloaded select that open and you want to make sure the device is selected on your sd card and here is my sd card. The usb drive g.


So we re good to go here and now you want to click on write. It says write into a physical device can corrupt the device are you sure you want to continue write successful once. It s done writing. We want to go back to our sd card and pull it out of our pc or the dongle and we re gonna put it right back in there we go and as soon as you plug it in windows is gonna ask you to format.

It so we re gonna go ahead and format disk and you want to enable quick format and start warning. Formatting will erase all data click ok and we re done now that our memory card is fully formatted. We can move on to downloading an ftp client and also the plugin and we re gonna head on over to filezilla to download the client. We can use this link here download filezilla client and this one is for windows 64 bits.

And if you don t know what bit you re running you can always go to your start button right click go into settings. And then you want to go into system and go into about and here. We ll have the system type and i m running a 64 bit operating system now i m going to download this client and we re just gonna use this one here the first download link there we go and we re gonna move on to the version 32 plug in off the githubcom and we re gonna download these two files here the dot skp our x file the storage mgr the second link let s click on that and we re gonna download the config dot txt file perfect now we can close this out now we can open up our downloads folder and we ll see the text file the skp our x and our filezilla next up we want to open our config dot txt document and it s gonna open up. A notepad and we will have to follow.

These guidelines and these are just configurations to our text. And so. The first one is m s. D.

Or m. Cd. Sorry refers to the official. Sony memory card should be kept as is if you plan to keep a sony memory card in your device and removed otherwise.

So if you don t plan on having a memory card in your veda. You can delete this i plan on keeping the 4 gigabyte that i just bought. So i m just gonna leave that there moving on to int. It refers to the internal memory.

One gigabyte on ps vita slim p. As tv. It should be kept as is for psvita mm and tv users and removed for psvita 1000. Users.

So i do have a first gen and i will delete that don t need it and next. We have g c. D. Refers to the microsd card inserted into a sd vita.

Adapter. Should be kept as is for the sd. Beta. Users.


Tv and v. D. For feeder. 3g.

Users should change this line to um. A equals u. X0. So i m not going to delete that we ll leave it as is and um.

A finally refers to the usb mass storage for ps tv or micro sd. Insert into a ps vd or ps vita 3g. Should be removed unless you have multiple storage devices. In which taste.

The device. Which is not assigned to you x0 should be assigned to g rwo. And we will go ahead and delete that and now we can go to file and save exit out moving on let s open up our file zilla and we re gonna go ahead and install this ftp client. I agree please select whether you wish to make this offer available to all users or just yourself i ll just do myself michelle extension desktop icon.

Let s do that next and this is gonna be twenty seven point two megabytes. So that s the space you need for this client next. Yeah. You want to decline this you don t want to install additional software.

So just hit decline on both of those and there we go finish. Now here is our ftp client. Okay we are now on our vita and we are gonna open up our vita. She ll start the application and we want to press start to open up our settings.

Go down to select button and change that to ftp close that out by pressing o or for me. It s x and we want to press select and now our ftp server is now running at this address and we want to copy this onto our ftp client on our pc. So we re gonna go back onto our pc. And do that one thing.

I forgot to mention guys is that your console must be on the same internet. As your pc. That s the only way. The ftp client will work alright.

So we now have to add the information from our psvita onto the client. And i ll have a screenshot here of my ps vita and the information displayed on the screen and in the host section. We have to type in this number and your number might. Be different but i have 10 point 00 01 6 6 and then we re gonna skip user name and password and go to port and i have number 1 3.


3. 7. Let s hit quick connect and now we have a message pop up and it says this server does not support ftp over tls. If you continue your password and files will be sent in clear over the internet you want to click on ok and there we go there s all of my files or folders from my ps vita now we re gonna copy a folder on to our pc and that s going to be the ux0 folder and we want to right click.

And select download. And this will take some time so just sit back relax. And let the client do its thing. Ok you can see on the bottom all of our successful transfers 3807.

Very good so basically the download is just backing up your ps vita just in case there were any issues in the future. But now we re gonna copy some files from that folder onto our ps vita so open up the uxo folder on our pc. Then you want to go into ty and now we go back on our ps vita. You want to open the url folder.

And you want to open ty and here you want to copy all files from this folder into this folder. And you want to overwrite and there we go file transfer successful right on the top here perfect you can see it here on the bottom. As well. Now.

If you see any sk prx files. Called games d. Or usb mc. You want to delete them.

And as you can see i don t really have that in this folder. Then we can move on to the next step. And that s transferring our storage mgr skp our x file that we downloaded earlier and we re gonna go to our download section and here it is our sk prx file and we re just gonna drag that into this folder. There we go and then we re gonna transfer the storage config t.

Xt also into this folder next up we want to open our config txt text document by right clicking and going to view and edit hit ok and from here. We want to make sure that all of our lines. Say uro instead of you xo and if you do find one that says you xo you want to change it to you are o and finally we are going to copy one final line into this text document under colonel under this line you want to press enter and you want to paste this text under colonel and i ll have that in the description below for you and you want to hit file and save you can exit on out. And it says all previous open has been changed all a file previously opened has changed.

Let s see upload this file back to the server. Yes. And there. It is file transfer successful transferred in one second.

So that means it updated everything from all the stuff that we added and the text in the text document. So we re all set now and last step on our client. We want to go back to our u excel folder and we want to delete the thai folder right click hit delete really delete one directory with its contents from the server select yes and there we go now for the final steps. We re gonna connect our micro sd card back to our pc and we re going to transfer.


A bunch of files onto that card right now. There is my usb drive perfect ok. We can now close out of our client and we want to open up another folder file explorer. And what we re gonna do is copy our backup you x all contents onto our micro sd card.

Here is my micro sd card drive. And now we have to go find the ux ol folder. And i believe it s gonna be in my kingston go into users go into my user. And there is and we have to open up the u excel folder.

And what we want to do is copy all these files and folders and move it on to our microsd card. And it s 240 megabytes. So it should take like a minute or two. It shouldn t take too long.

Now. It says to replace the files in the destination. You just want to say yes. And now we re all done.

The next step is back on our ps vita. All right here is our sd card now we can place it into our adapter and the adapter into our abita. Very good now we want to exit out of all this here and we want to reboot our system power off. And i am running h.

Encore. Too so i will have to reboot the hack in order for the adapter to be read from the vita here. I will go down to h encore application and i will run it yes perfect it worked now we re gonna install in kakuzu nice now we can exit and for our final step. We re gonna go in to beat a shell and your micro sd card is gonna be mapped to the folder you x.

Oh. So let s go find that and there. It is two hundred and thirty eight point four nine gigabytes ready to go wow. That is amazing so exciting.

And i m so happy that we finally made it and i thank you so much for watching this video. If you enjoyed it or if it was helpful please give it a thumbs up if you have any questions whatsoever. Please comment down below and i ll try to get back to you as soon as possible and if you haven t already subscribed. Please subscribe to the channel for more awesome videos like this one take care guys.

And i ll see you on the next room. ” ..

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