PS3 Controller to Android (no otg cable) HD

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“So today. We re gonna be learning how to connect your six extra controller with with your android device without the need of an otg cable this is created by else so first we want to make sure you have is a ps3 sixaxis controller ps3 controller cable rooted android device and a micro usb cable finally you just make sure you have a computer or laptop to work on hey guys so now what you re gonna want to do is click on those links below and start downloading so you re gonna want to make sure that you have six axes pair tool set up downloaded just click on that second link should bring you up to this download that third link download that now anyone how fast your it is should be pretty quick. It s kind of slow might take a little while okay. So let s just wait for this to be installed this exact says paired tool setup.

You don t remember just what s gonna connect your ps3 controller to your android device it s like it s key without this we wouldn t be able to do it so click on sixaxis pair tool setup. It s gonna come up with a prompt that says do you want to allow it you just click yes okay these ones you just click install it it s gonna come up with two windows you re just gonna click close on them not this one don t click close on this one it s like eric. There s gonna like an air window that s gonna pop up you re just gonna click close on both of them don t really worry about what it says she s trying to install visual studios go through twice closed..


Okay once you re done with that click finish okay. Now the next two things we re gonna be doing is transferring the apk files to your android device so for those of you who know how to do this already how to transfer apk files to your device android device you just skip this part click right here also for those of you who watch this video on your android device and downloaded the apks from your android device don t worry about it just click here but for those of you who don t know how to connect your phone to your pc and transfer android apk files just stay in i ll teach you guys how to do that or the rest of you just again skip skip you know so for those of you guys who stayed. I ll be teaching you guys how to get these two late k files to your android device step by step so you guys don t really have to worry about anything just all my steps new you guys should be good step 1 connect your android device to your computer okay so step 2 find your android device the way you do that is what you do that is you just go to your controller i mean your computer go under computer click on your android device so double click on internal storage some of you guys may be called something else but it s pretty much just the root of your your android device so just let it load well for me i have a lot of stuff so that s why we re gonna be focusing on looking for the download folder. Which you gotta look for so once you re in the download folder.

You re gonna put that window to the side you can close out all the other windows go to your downloads folder on your computer and ctrl click both these apk files that means that just means press. The control button on your keyboard and click it allows you you gotta hold it while you re clicking lets you click files no you just hold and you don t to hold ctrl anymore whatever dragon just grab it and move it to your android there you go you know you need to do you re gonna want to go to a file manager that you may have for me i have this thing called downloads. But i don t use that use..


7 zip err so click on set on your file manager already on this one i already clicked on downloads. I just backed out of it but under your downloads and you re gonna want to install both these apk files. So for me already have six access controller installed. But i ll be installing the compatibility checker with you guys so you just click install i ll be installing and you just give it a few moments now you should have that app installed on your phone.

So there you go that s how you get these two apk files on your android device yeah what s up guys so if you skip that part of the tutorial i m moving your apk files to your android device or if you re just getting back from watching that tutorial welcome again so now we re gonna do is we re gonna be opening up this file right here and we re gonna be running it they should already be downloaded because i think i showed you guys that so you guys can exit out of all your tabs right now and go and find wherever you put that file out or wherever. The file is and you re gonna want to run it it s called six axes pair tool. So yeah just open it and okay there we go so what you re gonna want to do now is grab your ps3 controller and plug it into your computer..


Once you plug it into your computer. You re gonna see this some weird numbers. Some random numbers and letters don t know what that is all it is is just a bluetooth port that this is just a bluetooth port that your ps3 is trying to connect to and right here is your android bluetooth port so what we re gonna want to do right now is go to your android device plug it in you don t have to plug it into your computer but good if you want if you want to charge it or something. But you don t really have to all you have to do on your on your android is open up sixaxis controller and look for this area on the bottom right.

Here. Says local bluetooth address. And it says vcf habla..


So just type whatever is right there and to hear for me i already did it that s why it s gonna be the same as right here and once you type in your bluetooth address. Just click update so once you press update you can unplug your ps3 controller now let s get to the fun stuff so on your android device you re gonna want to click start once you click start it s gonna try to listen for controller so usually you just have all you have to do is press on your ps button on the ps3 controller turn now on your ps3 controller and it should just show up right here. There we go so now you have it connected and that s exactly how you connect your ps3 controller to your android device thanks for watching before i have this video show you guys a little sneak sneak peek. I ll just show you guys what like some gameplay footage of me using the ps3 controller.

” ..

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