PS4 Dualshock Controller dismantling/cleaning/button fixing.

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“Is up guys moose mike here from deadly domination gaming. And today. I m going going to do another how to video this particular video is going to focus on dualshock 4 controller for the playstation. 4.

Now this controller that you guys see in the picture. This is my very first dual shock controller. I got it with my first playstation. 4.

It s provided me with a lot of good years of gaming. Until just recently. I had some issues with the x button was not working at all so basically this video is going to focus on how to tear down at the controller as well as how to clean the controller on the inside because that was actually my issue i underneath my x button. After dismantling the controller.

I had a bunch of gunk in between the x button in the actual motherboard. So it was not registering whenever i would hit the x button. So if you guys have trouble maybe with a certain button on your controller or not working properly that may or may not be your problem. But that might be something that you want to look into just to make sure.

There s nothing obstructing the button from actually registering so as you can see here i actually a while ago. I fixed my or button it the spring actually popped on it and it was jiggling around inside the controller and it was just causing the r2 button just to stay and not not actually spring back up whenever you would depress the button. So we got that fixed so i will also show you the spring and everything inside of this controller. So let s get right to it so for this project.

I am going to also use this handy dandy playstation. 4. Screwdriver kit that i ordered on amazon for less than 10. It not only works for the console.

But it also works for the controllers as well so we re gonna go ahead and open up this bad boy and for this particular project..

I think we re only going to need this small phillips screwdriver. We have four screwdrivers in total we have two torx and two phillips. So we re just going to need the smallest for this project. Put the others aside for right now.

I also have my way to the paper. It comes in handy whenever i am putting my screws down. But just to show you guys just so you know i can t you i can t use the controller right now because i m actually recording on the playstation. But i will plug it in just to show you that it does have it does light up and it does work properly now that it is fixed.

So we ll go ahead and pull this back out. And it is showing actually that my controller is dying it needs charged so we re gonna go ahead and dismantle this bad boy. So you got four screws on the backside. You re just gonna use your small phillips start by taking these four screws out just be careful.

Whenever you re taking the screws out and putting them back in because they do tend to strip easily actually this one. I just took out is a little bit stripped so it took me a minute on that one. But yeah just be careful because there are very small grooves in the screws and they will strip rather easily. So just be careful with that so we re going to take these four screws out just like that all right and number four all right so when you get your four screws out then we re gonna go ahead and begin to start breaking the controller down.

So you re going to simply take this bottom piece. This part is detached from this part. So you re just going to take and pop that free. We hear a little pop there and then we re gonna go ahead and snap.

The next one free now you want to be very careful with these because there s little grooves inside here that hold this thing together so just gently pop it like that don t go too hard on it because you can t snap certain ports in the controller. So just pop that and then gently you re gonna see how the or 2. And l2 buttons are connected to the front piece. So we re going to just very carefully guide the back piece overtop of these pieces just so we don t pop these out.

And if we do pop these out i ll show you how to fix that as well so i m gonna try to just pop that over top of that okay so we did pop one out now along with that we also popped out the spring that holds that or to button so i m going to drop that spring..

We ll come back to that and i ll show you guys what the spring looks like the spring. Let s see if we can get it in focus it looks something like this that is what will hold your r2 button and make your r2 button l2 buttons spring back up ok so we re going to put that aside for right now and get to the problem at hand so you re gonna see a ribbon on your back plate connected to your front plate where your batteries at just take that ribbon and just pull that ribbon right out of there it comes out real easier. Then you can set your back plate side. We don t need that your battery also just pop that right out just like that set your battery aside okay and now behind that battery is gonna be one more philips screw same screwdriver you re just gonna take and undo that screw loosen that screw up and this will give you this will be the last screw that you re going to need to loosen up and this will give you access to the rubber pads that will connect with all your buttons so after you get that screw out you re gonna go ahead pop your chip off this whole mechanism is gonna come right out.

Oh yeah. My mistake guys you re gonna see a ribbon up here up top. Too as well you ll see a little tab here with a ribbon. This is holding this is still holding this to the front of the controller.

So you re gonna take and just grab that tab and pop it out like that once you do that then you ll be able to free up this back piece should come right out. And just be very careful pull that ribbon aside because sometimes it can hold that back piece just like that it s gonna pop right out it s gonna give you access to your analog sticks on the front. You ll see your figure vibration on each side as well as where all your buttons are gonna register right there okay so we don t need this anymore but if you d like you can use alcohol with q tips any type of thing like that clean around your analog sticks clean around your top buttons clean all this stuff out inside also compressed air will also work as well to blow some of that dust out so if you want you can clean all this stuff out real nice make the controller brand new again and now we have access now the what i was talking about in the beginning of the video. The x button on my controller.

Which is right here was not working. Which is why i dismantled my controller and broke it down. I had some sort of build up back there a bunch of gunk that apparently was obstructing this rubber piece from registering whenever. I would hit the button.

So that was my issue. I cleaned that out good as new put it all back together everything worked properly so if you re having trouble with one of your buttons registering you gonna also pull these plastic pieces off right here and this will give you access to the buttons themselves that are behind this plastic piece so you can clean this off the other way too you can clean off your buttons as well as the insides and here and get that all nice and cleaned up that way you won t have to worry about any more dust you know any foreign particles obstructing your buttons from registering so once you get that all cleaned up now this is what fixed my problem also they might have something bouncing around and there or something. But this will give you access to find out what s going on with that but once you get that problem. All solved you can go ahead and begin to put your mechanism back together.

Now basically you re just gonna take it the same way you took it down you re gonna grab this unit right here and you re going to pop that unit right in there just like that same way you took it out make sure everything is pressed back together correctly. Okay and then once you do that you re going to take that ribbon that we took out to disconnect that we re gonna put that back in it can be a little difficult to get get a hold of that slot. Where the ribbon goes in but once you get it you ll be able to push that right okay guys. So whenever you have that ribbon pushed back down in there it should fit just snug.

You don t have to over push..

It. But once you have a push back down in there then the next step you re gonna take one of your screws. Again and you re gonna put it you ll see these three holes here you re gonna put it in this bottom one right here press that right down in there then you re gonna take your driver screw that bad boy back in there just like that make sure it s nice and snug don t over tighten. It and now the next step for me.

What i d like to do is whenever. I took this mechanism. Apart my or tube button didn t come out with the rest of its set. I m gonna pop this r2 button out of this back piece just wiggle it out just work it right out of there.

Okay now if you remember the spring that i had from earlier you got your spring you got your you got your r2 button. Now you re gonna go ahead and put that spring you ll see on the r2 button. You ll see a little divot right there you re gonna put that spring right over top of that so one part of that spring fits in there and then you have another part of your spring free now you re gonna grab your controller. I apologize guys.

This is probably gonna be a little difficult to do with one hand. But we ll do the best we can we re gonna grab your controller. Then you ll see a little indent trying to get this into view as best as i can guys. But you ll see it once you rip it apart.

If you have if you do the same thing that i did you re gonna see a little indent you re gonna put that spring right in there when you push this down real quick there we go you re gonna put that spring right in there work it in there as best as you can and then once you get it in you re gonna snap that button into place so it should look something like this i apologize that the focus isn t very well on this. But it should look something like this and before you put the backplate on test it push it up and down make sure that it s on there properly mine is and i gotta snap. It in a little bit better there we go press up and down on that they should depress and pop right back up when you press it down that s how you know it s in properly okay. So now what you re going to do is put your battery back on very simple you ll see exactly how it goes in it just pops right in there like that just set that battery right down.

And it s a little holding place and i apologize guys that was out of view this here you re just gonna pop that right back in there and then you set your battery right back in its harness. Where it goes and then for your backplate. You have your ribbon here that we popped out earlier first thing you re gonna pop that ribbon in there first just like that let s make sure it sets right in there and then bring your back plate around then you re gonna see your two little your two little things where your screws go right there. I have one and also right here.

So you re gonna make sure that you get these bottom parts of your dualshock over that just like that and then put your casing over the r2 and l2 button just like that and then these little guys down here you re gonna just pop these in there and then just wiggle it around snap..

It all back together just like that okay so now you want to also again before you screw it back on just test your q and lt. Buttons again make sure that they pop back up just like that make sure that s proper and they re popping back up cause you don t want to screw. It all back together and then find out that they re not so make sure you check them again. Then it s just the same thing.

You did earlier you re just going to take all four screws just like that grab your screwdriver screw your four screws back in up and here i am trying to screw one into the reset button. I apologize for that guys so yeah you re gonna see right here where i m screwing this in to the left hand side of it is a reset button okay so just take that take your screw screw it right down into there and also guys to if you re ever having trouble with your controller. If it s going out of whack. If something s not working properly as far as a button not too pressing properly on it first things first hit that reset button in the back just to make sure your controller doesn t need reset because sometimes.

That s all the issue is is just resetting. The controller so that would certainly that would certainly take away a lot of work that you would potentially be doing if that worked so try resetting it and if that works for you that s a good thing okay so we re on our last screw here. It s gonna get that bad boy down in there. There you have it guys one dualshock.

4. Controller ready to go cleaned up inside like i said you can take a little bit of alcohol to them controller or them button pads behind here get that all cleaned up maybe a little compressed air get everything cleaned up and good to go and sometimes that will fix the problem with your buttons. I m not guaranteeing that that s exactly what the prop. What the issue is but in my case that was the issue and it s always a good start to dismantle your controller just to make sure that there s no gunk obstructing.

Anything so guys. If you have any questions for me give me a comment in the comment section. And we ll take it from there if you have any suggestions on something else you can do as far as breaking down the controller to fix certain things you could let me know that as well guys so again my name is moose mike from deadly domination gaming. I love you guys thanks so much for watching my videos until ” .


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