PSP Component Cables On CRT VS HDTV

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“Laser fights mason here today. I m going to show you how to hook up up your psp to your crt. With the cotton or a my huh use interlace won t be able to display screens. I can t be right no it looks like it shows up on the tv maybe a game will work ha that game will not work.

Ok. Let s try it in progressive mode. Ok aggressive mode doesn t work on my tv. Maybe if i use the framemeister.


I ll be able to get it working on my tv. Except now i can t use it on my crt. I have to use it on my hdtv. So it looks like and the battle of crt versus hdtv.

If the crt literally just doesn t work almost at all this program is made possible by mason s wallet and patrons like you thank you now this video. Obviously doesn t really serve as a comparison test in terms of video quality or anything of that nature. It s more so just a warning to anyone who s interested and psp component cables that unfortunately it seems as though my tv just does not support progressive from the psp at all i m assuming it outputs in 480p. Which my tv.


Only goes up to 480. I so i won t be able to do that. But if you have an hdtv that does support that or even a crt that supports that or you have something like the framemeister that you can use to hook that up to a monitor which in my case. That s what i ended up doing then you can go ahead and go that route now there is something that will help you even if you are able to run this something that you might want to know is that the size of the menus for the psp is totally normal.

It looks great ok mate you explain that well you see the games don t they run at their normal resolution. And they aren t stretched or they re using any fancy techniques so i m using the framemeister to filter that and it increases the resolution by like four times that to get it up to 1080p. Which then you know does all the filtering magic and whatever so it makes the game end up looking a little bit better. But that is something that you re going to want to know if you re just gonna play it on your normal tv.


You may need to go into the settings for that tv to have some sort of crop factor or a scaler or something of that sort because otherwise you re gonna be playing with a bunch of black bars all around the entire screen. And if you don t mind that then you know whatever now you know of it at least. And if you do mind it now you know to maybe save your money and then find some sort of solution to solve that problem of it not scaling now. This video also serves as kind of a question.

Do you guys have issues of this that seems so weird that you can display an interlaced. But the psp is just like nah dude. I m not gonna let you play the game like that that just seems really weird to me. I mean i wouldn t doubt that being the issue.


But i wonder if i m not doing something right so i d love to hear from you guys if there s some sort of potential fix for this. I i have no idea alright thanks for watching this guys. I m going to play an outro down that has nothing to do with this by hi. I m jack and this is naruto.

” ..

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