PSP TV AV Cables (Featuring WipEout)

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“And thanks for watching so in this video. We re going to look at the the psp and some cables you can get for it to use it on your screen tv and we re going to have a look at wipe up your and wipe out poles is a bit of an example of that later on so here. We have the psp 2000. And this is the slimmin light redesign of the psp and you can tell what model.

We have by looking at the barcode on the bottom. There you see that says 2003 and that basically means it belongs to the 2000 series and if it says free thousand and something it belongs to 3000 series etc and this has the port on the bottom. Which you need to use these cables. So we have the av composite cable and the av component cable.

And they re a bit different. And how they work so we ll have a look at both of those and then i ll just go over the psp in general. So you know what s going on with the models and stuff and here in the uk. There are five.

So the original psp is called the psp 1000. Theory. And that one doesn t support tv. Out the psp 2000.

Which is a slimming light redesign which we have here that supports the tv cables. The psp 3000 which looks very similar to this has the same ports. So you can use these cables with that the psp go is the big redesign and that one requires a different kind of cable. But you can get a tv out cable for the go however if you re thinking of getting.

A psp i would recommend the. 2000 or 3000. Over the go as not all psp games were made digitally available and you d be really limited to what you can play. If you don t have a umd drive.

And then the fifth model is a power exclusive. And that s the psp 1000..

Or the psp street. And that has a matte finish no support for the tv out cables and it got rid of wi fi as well so really you want a psp. 2000 or 3000. And we re going to have a look at the composite cable first so i ll wire that up and then we ll have a look at it so here.

We have the av composite cable with the red white and yellow connection and on the other end. We have the connection that goes into the psp into the port. I mentioned before like that on the bottom. There.

And we ll just connect this to the tv. Okay so we ve got the psp. All wired up to the tv and the first thing you need to do is go into your settings. And go down to connected display settings here and switch video output.

And we ll click yes. And that symbol will briefly appear and the psp will go blank. And it will transfer to your television. Now i mentioned before there s a difference between the cables.

So i m showing you the av composite cable at the moment. The red white and yellow pin connection now that one will let you look at any of your media on your television. But it won t actually let you launch a game so if i show you we can just go in here. And you can look at your media.

Just find your pictures you music your videos. But if i try to launch a game then it will tell me i need to use a component av cable. So depending what you want to use these cables for is what cable you should be buying so composite cable lets you look at your media. But the component cable will let you look at your media and play games.

So basically you just want to get the component cable. But that is very dependent on your tv as well as long as you can connect component cables to your tv..

Get the component cable right so we ll switch over and i ll show you the component cable. Now so here. We are this is the component cable with the five pin connection and this ever mentioned is the one you really want because you can do everything with this you can play your games. And look at your media.

And it connects to the psp in the same way same pin. But as i mentioned make sure your tv is compatible with the five pin connection before you go out and buy one of these and i ll hook this up. And then we will have a look at some gameplay right so i ve connected it all to the tv and famous before we go to the psp switch video output. Pick yes.

And it does a little symbol and basically the psp itself just becomes your controller now and there we go transfer to the tv. So ever mentioned. This is the component cable and this is the one you really want and i ll just show this as i showed it before you can look at your media. Just find just by the other cable and also you can now launch a game.

So yep. The component av cable is the one you need really. But as i mentioned make sure. It s compatible with your tv.

And i think your tv might have to be able to support progressive scan. But i think most modern tvs do anyway. But yeah we ll have a cut here and we ll look at some wipeout games. On the big.

Okay. So here. We are my fat pure on the tv and yet. There s the psp.

Just being used as a control pad. It s pretty great let s get into it and it will display in a letterbox on your tv..

But you can obviously use zoom. If you want to make it a bit bigger. But if you have a pretty big tv. It s not that big of a problem.

It s just to do with the way lead psp outputs its signal. So we ll just go in and have a look at a race here we go. I ve had a few goes with it and then from what i can tell there s no input lag. It seems to be pretty responsive at least with wipeout.

I presume it s the same for most games. Really if it s if it s working well with one. I can t see why it wouldn t work with another. It s to do with the signal output from the psp itself though seems to work.

Okay. And yeah. A lot of psp games. They they look great flown up onto the big screen.

So it s pretty cool and you can get these cables pretty cheap. I got mine off ebay for just a few quid yeah. No lag seems to play very. Well and the wipeout games in particular do stand out.

As being some of the best looking psp games. So they do make a very good example of how this looks on the big screen. Let s cut across and look at wipeout falls. Okay.

So here we are in wipeout pulse. And we ll just go into the grid..

And do a race. There we go so yeah. Wipeout pulse. Is available as a port on the ps2 at least in pal territories.

But that s missing. Some features from the psp version. So if you re doing this playing with it on the tv. It s quite cool to use the custom soundtrack mode and put some music on the psp and have it playing for your tv.

So yeah. It does have its benefits. It s quite cool so here. We go yeah wipeout pulse.

It s one of the best looking psp games in my opinion. Maybe slightly sharper than wipeout pure spin more colorful looks good on the big screen again from what i noticed no lag or anything plays very well. And yeah. It s not much else to say really but like i mentioned before it so depends what you re looking for if you re wanting to do everything your peers.

We can do on your tv. Then you want the component cable and they re so cheap that if you have a psp. I d say just get one give it a go. So yeah.

That s been a look at that and hope you ve enjoyed it ” ..

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