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“Guys and welcome to this video. So today. We re going to be taking a a look at radio lingo worth knowing if you ve just started your radio adventure may be feeling slightly overwhelmed with all the specific technical terms related to the radio world so to help you out we ve put together a glossary of some of the most popular radio terms so an automation software allows radio broadcasters to automate the tasks that are involved in running an online radio station so for example managing your audio files and then scheduling them to play as a specific time in a specific order. An internet radio bandwidth is the amount of data consumed by listeners.

So a bed is an audio track that is used to talk over by the dj. It s usually part of a jingle or a segment between two tracks. That s used for a fluid transition. So bitrate is simply a synonym for data rate transfer.

It s usually measured in kilobits per second otherwise..

Known as kbps cans is simply a word that refers to headphones. So a clean feed simply refers to an audio stream free from any interference such as sounds from external equipment. So stations tend to divide their broadcast into day. Parts so for example you could have a morning show from 6 am.

Until 10 am. That would be one of your day parts. So dead air simply refers to silence on your radio station. When there s no audible transmission.

This can be due to operator..

Errors or a computer error equalization means adjusting the tonal level of your audio. So generally tracks the equalize to even out the audio levels making it clearer to listen to so a fade in or a fade. Out simply refers to the audio level of a track gradually becoming louder for a fade in or quieter for a fade out a fader is a sliding dial on a mixing desk to adjust audio levels. So if is a signal from one device to another so for example if you have two radio presenters with two microphones.

You ll have two feeds feedback is an annoying rumbling or whistling sound. That s caused by amplifying. The speaker to the microphone so format simply refers to the type of content you re going to broadcast on your radio station to please your target audience. So for example will it be talk shows music.

And if so which type of music..

So gain is the radio term for volume you ll find controls labeled gain on your mixes for example. The hook is part of a song that is unique to the listeners ears. So it usually refers to the portion of the song that they like or will remember the most so a jingle is the fully produced catchy audio clip that presents your radio station or radio show it makes it easier for your audience to remember you by so liners also known as sweepers are a piece of audio that are used to set between songs they can play over intros or outros in order to ensure a smooth transition. A live broadcasting software is a software that will allow you to speak live on air on your radio station a mixer also known as the mixing desk or a mixing table is a console with several inputs for audio equipment.

Metadata is the information embedded into an audio file that is used to identify the content so for example. The title of the song or the name of the artist phantom power is used for condenser microphones that require a stronger supply to work royalties are fees paid to songwriters composers and publishers for the public performance of their musical works. A script is the text of your radio show it will help you remember the order of things and make sure you don t forget anything important a spot is another word for a commercial or advert streaming refers to turning audio into digital data and transmitting it over the internet jesus are a great way of keeping your audience listening longer simply give them a small bit of information about what s coming up next. And they ll be sure to stay tuned to find out the rest.

It s a three pin connection for audio equipment..

You ll usually find it in microphones or other audio devices thanks for watching guys i hope this video helped clarify the meaning of some of these technical radio. Words. Do you want to create an online radio station radio king offers you a free 7 day trial. No commitments you can find the link in the description below.

” ..

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