RCA DTA880 Recording

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“With the rca tv digital converter. And recorder. The first and most important step before before reporting is to make sure that the time on your converter box is correct the info button on your remote control to see the current time if the time does not match the time zone. That you are in select the fourth icon time through the menu button to make changes check to see if your daylight time setting is correctly adjusted depending on the season.

You will need a usb to store your. Recordings we recommend a super. Speed usb 30..


Version for the best results look into the conductor of your usb to. Check if it s 30. Most but not all of them will appear blue if they are that version the converter box supports usb flash drives usb portable hard drives and file systems fat32 and ntfs next plug in your usb of choice you can check the details of your usb by selecting the last icon usb in the menu. And then selecting dvr convenor.

Then record device here you can see the available and overall memory space in your usb. Here is a guide to see how much space is used when recording there are three ways of recording live recording schedule recording and timer recording to record what you are currently watching press the record button on your remote press the info button on your remote control to view usb details such as the total space filesystem and maths record time to stop recording press. The stop button or the reporting will automatically stop..


When your usb is full to report a specific show and time press epg on the remote make sure you ve selected the right channel. Then choose the time you want to record from the schedule. Once you ve selected the event you can modify the details such as start date and end time change the am and pm. On the x by pressing the right arrow key.

All the way to the end change. The mode to record. Then press..


Ok to confirm you ll be shown your added event afterwards. The schedule. Only shows a couple days in advance. So.

If you wanted to record something for two weeks later use this third way press the schedule button twice on your remote press one to add a new event and you can change the date and time details to your liking change the mode to record that press. Ok to confirm a red light will be flashing. Whenever your converter box is recording..


So if there is no flashing red light. It means no recording is happening to check your preset recording times just press the schedule button twice here you can add delete or modify your recording events. We hope this tutorial was helpful to you for more information go to ” ..


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