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“Guys. It s 2015 and i m doing it a sequel to the previous tutorial tutorial video. I did on basically using cainy to do video games. I want you pay attention to this right now as you ll notice what i m going to do is i m going to put my phone over here you can in fact.

See it alrighty. What i m doing is i m running gta on my cell phone well election. I m running it through my computer. But what i want to show you is so you can clearly tell we re going to drive forward and basically you have a mobile version of the game.

Obviously you need a computer to play it. But i just figured i would just show off the game. Everything does in fact work all the controls do work so back. If i m right give me.

A sec. Here. See so we ll press v. Just to go into first person mode.

Here as you can clearly tell we are in game. And i don t know if you can hear it because i do actually think i have the volume turned down. We ll just check here audio let s just turn it all the way up. So you can clearly tell that in fact you have music playing in game.

And we re going to choose one of my favorite radio stations channel up sure if you can hear it it is on a phone as i said we re going to be driving as you can clearly tell i am playing in game. So how do you do this hey guys now what you re going to want to do is type in remoter..

Which is our e m o t. Are you press enter you ll go to the first one that s here which is a remoter app. You have a few options here you can choose a remoter streamer. Which is what we re going to want i have downloaded this numerous times.

But i ll just do it again just to show you it s about a six megabyte download the client for windows 10. Obviously. It s in beta. And that will allow you to play all your games from your desktop on your laptop or your low end you know htpc.

Which is in your living room. You also have the client. Which is the important part what we re going to go directly to the play store and download that there will be a big install button here. But because i do have it installed.

We re just going to leave it as is you can check if it s compatible with your phone. Which it should be but some phones it s not depending. If it s older they also have a client that s coming out for ios 8. Very soon.

But it s in closed beta. So keep that in mind. But you again don t want the streamer and you re going to want the client on to the next part of the tutorial alright guys so what i m going to show you now is the software in action. Basically.

Just so you have a good idea of what you re actually running you can use amd vce. But i m just going to say so what i have here is i have the connection status..

The log the user the computer name and the ip address. Now you can add games manually. But that s not important what we re going to do is i m just going to show you directly on the phone. What you re supposed to do so we re going to hit that which is you know obviously choosing the computer that we have now we re going to do is we re going to go over.

We re going to do the type in tony hawk ok. I think it does respond to voice commands. But i m not going to do that we re going to run. Tony hawk pro skater hd.

Just to show it off on here. Sometimes. It does it for some reason. I like to choose warhammer.

So what we ll do is we ll actually just run it directly through steam itself which again works great so music is how it is all right so i m just gonna skip all this i don t understand why i chooses this even though you have a profile and such. But that is how it is so i mean what can you do right so. I m going to do now obviously i ve turned the music off. So you can clearly see what s going on and what we ll do now is we re going to go single player.

And i m also going to show you here that i do in fact have a controller. It s all asked sometimes the controller works sometimes it doesn t okay. It doesn t want to respond to mouse to respond to controls. So what we re going to do is are going to help an options.

We re going to go our controls and we re going to controller. I don t know if it works..

I guess it just doesn t want to work but on the phone it does actually work so i m gonna bring it a little closer so you can actually see what s going on so. I press b to choose things and we re going to go to single player and we re going to go we can actually choose our character here so we re just going to choose our skater select and we re going to go to warehouse all right. I m not the best toenail player by far so doesn t mind as you watch. I just want to give you a good idea.

What s going on so it s a bit laggy. I mean i don t have the best internet or the best you know router. But as you can clearly tell you are playing tony hawk. So i m just going to show you on the computer itself as you ll see in a moment.

Here and then do in fact have it running natively at 60fps. There s your back in just. So. You can clearly tell see the phone that it does work maybe ma.

Are you okay what about games. Like first person shooters. How would those run. I ll show you in a moment here and i m not a amount of good tony hawk player and that s just the fact true so.

We ll do is an alt enter just to go to window mode. Which helps with a lot of different things i m going to obs. We can t go back. So i can clearly tell we are in you know i m on the road alright.

So now we re going to exit out of this just because no point wasting time on a game. There we go now we re running witcher..

3. On a phone now i like to skip the stuff in because i don t want to actually play it with the phone. I m just going to skip all this just to show you my progress here. I don t have much progress.

It s completely tell it does run and if we want to have balanced quality. If we want to have the best quality. We can get we just hit our options here go to our quality and we ll choose best performance go we just go back get back again as you can tell it doesn t look great. But it has better performance.

So you re not going to like as much again. Though you re not going to be one of playing this on a computer. Anywhere you re not going to want to playing this on a phone anyways. It s just in case.

You are interested and also that video that you saw is not the greatest quality video and i apologize about that anyways that s my tutorial. I hope you enjoyed this and i hope you enjoyed the revision of this tutorial from last year. I don t recommend using candy anymore remoter is the best by far i don t know what i would do for like laptops and such but for this it seems to be working great so i know thanks for watching the video. I ll talk to you guys.

” ..

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