Remove and Install a Floppy Drive

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“This is dee mcdonald from tech skills in this video. I m going to describe describe and demonstrate how to remove and install a three and a half inch floppy. Let s begin this computer has room for two floppy devices. In this case.

I have one already installed. I m going to be removing this device. And then show you how to reinstall it to begin up remove the side panel from the computer case here s the floppy device that we re going to be removing put the floppy drive. I first need to disconnect the power lead.

And the ribbon cable to disconnect the bird power connector. I grip the cable close to the connector and pull straight out from the device. I repeat the same process to remove the data cable grip as close to the connector as you can pull straight out from the device. And you remove it with the data cable disconnected.

I can disconnect the ribbon cable from the motherboard to do this i grip the cable as close to the connector as possible and then i pull straight out from the motherboard with the power and data cables disconnected from the floppy drive. I can remove the screw that holds it in place set that aside some cases allow you to remove the floppy drive through the front of the case. Some of them also allow you to room pull it inside the case. If possible i like to push it out the front of the case.

Because otherwise you have to deal with all the components in here. And you might hit the ram or the cpu so i generally just pull it out the front of the case. If possible and remove it from the computer case. Here s the floppy drive that i just removed on the front of the floppy drive.

We have the eject button..

We have a slot for inserting. The floppy disk and then we have the indicator light here s a close up of the power connector on the back of the floppy drive the connector does have this plastic shroud so when you connect the bird connector. It also has a little plastic shroud on it so this can only be inserted one way that prevents you from installing it upside down. Which could damage the device.

So you just line up the plastic shrouds and push connector in place. Here s the data connection on the floppy device on the device itself. It indicates. A number one and a 34 to show you the orientation of the data cable.

There s also the keyed notch down here to make sure that we install the cable properly so we just line up the keyed notch. And the red stripe of pin. Number one with the data connection and push the connector into place some floppy devices. Including this one will allow you to install the data cable upside down.

So you see pin number one over here. I m going to insert it into pin 34. So this physically can t install upside down even with the keyed notch. This won t damage the device and it won t damage the computer.

But if you try to use the device like this the indicator on the floppy device will be on all the time. So that s a dead giveaway that one end of the floppy connector is installed backwards floppy cables have 34 wires and a 34 pin connection connectors generally have notched keys in them to make sure that you insert them properly floppy cables also have a twist. The floppy drive connected after the twist on the cable is designated as the a drive floppy cable. Only supports one device.

I have one connection for the motherboard..

A second connection for the a drive if i had a second connector on here. I could connect another floppy this would be designated as the b drive one side of the floppy ribbon cables will have a red line in this case have a red dotted line this indicates that this connection will be pin 1. And the other side will be pin. 34.

There s a motherboard that i removed from the case. So you can get a good look at the floppy connectors floppy connectors right here. It s right next to one of the ide connectors. Although they look very similar.

They are different ide has 40 pins. Whereas. The floppy drive connector. Only has 34 other boards will label the connectors.

So you can easily see. Which connectors for which device this motherboard labels. The floppy drive as fd. D3 4p that stands for floppy drive.

34. Pin. Not all motherboards will indicate it like this that some of all most say deedy someone will say floppy or floppy. One or something like that this white triangle indicates pin.

Number one it also has the keyed notch..

So when we install our floppy drive cable. We line up the red stripe with pin. Number one that also lines up with the key notch and then we press it firmly into place to reinstall the floppy drive. I slide the drive into the case.

I line it up with the front bezel to make sure that it s flush. Then i add a screw to hold it in place next. I can install the floppy data cable on this motherboard. It indicates fdd right next to the floppy controller.

It also has the keyed notch. So i can take my data. Cable and insert the end without the twist line up the keyed notch with the controller and press. It firmly into place.

I can connect the burgh power connector make sure it s lined up correctly and push it into place leslie. I can install the ribbon cable make sure i line up pin. Number 1. With pin number 1 of the device line up.

The keyed notch. And press. The connector firmly into place the floppy drive installed i connect my monitor keyboard mouse and power connector. I insert a windows 98 bootable disk this computer is set up to automatically boot to the floppy drive.

First the cd round ii and then the hard drive..

So. The cmos bootloader is set up properly. I can turn on the computer as a computer boots. I can look on the bio splash screen or the cmos screen verify that it finds the device in this case.

It shows that it found a disk. Drive a one. Point four four megabyte 35. Inch drive and now.

It s booting. And it s going to boot into windows. 98. So it starts up the windows 98.

So now i verify that i ve installed it properly. I m able to boot to a floppy device right indicator light on the floppy device is not on it s only on when i press enter or it s doing some work. So you can see the light come on here when it s spinning the device. But it s not staying on all the time in this video.

I described and demonstrated how to remove and install a floppy drive. I hope this was helpful to show you some of the things that you need to know to be able to complete this task on your own good ” ..

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