Retro Review – Sony CD Walkman

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” s going on everyone i m back here with another video and today. I ve ve got another retro review for you guys so in this video. We re going be taking a look at the sony cd walkman. So essentially what this is is a portable cds music player that you can basically plug your headphones into and play your music cds on the go.

And it was released back in 2001. Actually just came out around the same time. The original ipod from apple came out it also came out in 2001. So it s kind of interesting the portable cd players still being manufacturers at the time because at that point mp3 players were definitely on the rise and was starting to take over the industry.

So. But yeah this particular cd player. It s really interesting. This is kind of something that everybody was using before mp3 players became a thing so this is what we had to use if we wanted to play our music on the go the only downside of this is the fact of the size.

It wasn t that pocketable so as you can see it cut is large in the palm of my hand. So it s not something you can just put in your pocket and off you go..

And the other issue was the fact that you had to carry around multiple cds to be able to listen to different music albums. But anyway. Let s go ahead and take a look at what this device offers back in 2001. So it does have a few controls on it so it s.

Starting. Here you can see you have a standard 35 millimeter. Headphone. Jack.

So you can put any type of standard headphones in there. And it will work just fine. Which is pretty cool then you have a sound button that ll change the sound output. You have mode to change the mode.

You have volume up and down. Then we have the open switch..

So you press that and it ll open up the db slot. So you can pop the music cd. In there. And then you have a little tiny lcd display that would basically just show your track number.

As well as the time left for that particular song. It s kind of neat and you have play pause and stop as well as fast forward and rewind and another thing. That s pretty cool about this is it has a dc input. So you can essentially plug this in using an ac power adapter and plug it into a wall outlet and listen to music for an unlimited amount of time.

So you don t have to run off of the battery and speaking of the batteries it does use double a batteries so if i open up the drawer here. We right here you can see there s a little flight up thing. And it uses two standard double a batteries. So that is how this works and allows you to play music on the go so because of the fact.

It s only two double a batteries it doesn t really give you the longest music listening time now on the bottom. We have the hold switch so to give a quick demonstration of kind of how this worked when you would put a music cd into it..

So let s go ahead and open up. The tray and pop in a music cd. So let s go ahead dislike any top loading drive you just pop. It in here press down.

And it clicks into place you can see you get rotates close the lid and then from here we can turn it on so to turn it on you d have to hold down the play pause button for just a couple seconds as you see now it s booting up and the cd on the inside is now spinning up if you hear it you might be able to hear that on the video not sure but anyway so on this lcd screen here as you can see you can see the track number as well as the current seconds and or time. That is left within the particular song and then you have a battery indicator as well as the type of sound output that you have currently selected then you hold on fast forward rewind you just press the buttons accordingly press. That and it ll jump to the next song as you can see there if we do that again now we re at track 11. I keep doing that track 10 9.

8. 7. 6. And so on so pretty cool.

And if you want to stop a particular song just press stop there you go and the disk will spin down and the device will shut off if we press mode. You have several different options so you press..

It once it will repeat the same song over and over again press. It again it will go into shuffle mode. And then. If you press.

It a third time. It will go into repeat or play the songs in order. And if you press it a fourth it will turn all of those functions off anyway. So that s basically it for this quick retro review of the sony cd walkman hope you guys have enjoyed this video make sure hit that subscribe button right down below.

It is greatly appreciated hit that thumbs up button as well it s also much much appreciated and if you guys have any questions or comments down in section below. And i ll get back to them as soon as i possibly can so with that all being said hope you guys have enjoyed once again and i ll ” ..

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