REXING V1 Car Dashcam FHD 1080P Full Review

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“Viewers this talgofast year in today s video. I will be reviewing this dash cam cam from the company wreck singh now r xing has been making dash cams for years and if you look on amazon the ratings are very high including this r xing v. 1. Dash cam that we ll be reviewing in this video.

This unit records in 4. Hd 1080p with 170 degree wide angle lens and it has a 24 inch color lcd display so let s unbox this i ll give you a closer look at the dash cam and go over the features here s a v1 dash. Cam. This is a power cable with a 12 volt power adapter usb cable plastic pry tool.

Mounting clips. Windshield mount base with 3m double side tape user manual here is a look at everything you get with this. Dashcam. Let s have a closer look at this dash cam at the top is a 24 inch color lcd display below the display this is the mode button record button mic button for turning the microphone on and off screen button to turn on and off the lcd in the middle is ok button on this side.

There s a meaning usb for powering the dash cam. This port is for connecting to an optional gps antenna. This port is not used on this dash cam on this side is a memory card slot the maximum size of the micro sd memory card you can install on this unit is 128 gigabyte next to it is a power button reset button and the menu button now there s a knob on both sides to allow you to adjust the angle of camera on the bottom is a camera lens this dash cam records info hd. 1080p and has 170 degree wide angle lens this dash cam uses a sony exmor imx 3 to 3 image sensor which allows for excellent daytime and nighttime video recording here is where you install the windshield mount using a double sided tape on this base stick this onto the windshield and then you slide the dashcam onto the base here.

I ll install the memory card. This power cable you see here is 12 feet long so they ll give you enough length to run it from the headliner down to your center console to power..

The unit connect this connector into the meaning usb connector on the dashcam and then plug this end into your car s 12 o. Accessory port. Once the unit s powered on the recording will begin automatically that s indicated by the flashing red right here also the backlit buttons you see here record and ok button will also be flashing now if you want to go into the setup menu you need to first stop. The recording press.

The record button right here the recording stopped next press. A menu button on the side you can use the left and right arrow button here to navigate first item is a resolution press. Ok by default the resolutions for hd. 1920.

By 1080. You can also select 720p. Wvga and vga resolution. Next loop.

Recording by default 3. Minutes. Now this. Dash cam will record continuously non stop.

While you re driving. But with the loop recording..

I ll record a series of 3 minute video clips until the memory card is full and then we ll start overwriting. The oldest file time lapse recording is off. Why dynamic range by default on exposure. By default is zero.

You can increase or decrease exposure record audio. That s for the microphone is on right now day stamp is on play number gravity sensor or the g sensor defaults low sensitivity with the g sensor if you get into an accident this dash cam will detect the impact and lock that video clip. So we ll not be over in to get to the other menu press. The menu button press it again here.

We insert the day in time auto power off by defaults. So if you stop the recording on this dashcam. After 5 minutes. The dashcam will shut off automatically.

Beep sound. On or off language. Tv mode frequency. 50 hertz or 60 hertz format to format their microsd memory card.

I m a formatter right now screen saver defaults off if you want the lcd display to turn off wise recording this where you set. It you can set it to turn off in 15 seconds 1 minute or 3 minutes delay shutdown daylight saving gps speed unit..

So this for the optional gps antenna you can plug into the unit set time zone default setting to revert back to factory. Default version of the software when you re done press. The menu button press the record button will start recording now while it s recording if you want to mute the microphone press. The mic button right here and then the microphone will be muted press.

It again to unmute it if you want to turn off the lcd display while recording press this button right here while it s recording if you see something happening on the road and you want to lock that video clip in press ok button. There s a key icon that shows up the top that tells you this three minute video. Clip will be locked. Now this dash cam has three different modes right now we re in a video record mode.

If you stop the recording and the press a mode button now we re in the photo taking mode press ok button to take a picture press the mode button again and now we re in the playback mode press the mode button again now we re back into the video record mode now when you turn off the ignition on your vehicle. This dash cam will shut down automatically. So let s take this to the vehicle installed and then we ll check out the daytime and nightime recording to install the dashcam first install this windshield mount onto the windshield remove the backing on the double side tape. And then stick this on to the windshield next place a dashcam onto the windshield mounts connect the power cable to the dashcam run this power cable up to the headliner over to the a pillar and down to your center console plug the 12 volt.

Power. Adapter into your 12 volt. Accessory. Port turn on the ignition you as you saw in the daytime and nighttime video recording this r xing v.

1 dash cam has pretty good quality video recording with a daytime video. It has good exposure and contrast..

If you re stopped behind a vehicle. We can read license plate that s in front of you now with the full hd 1080p resolution recording. I did notice the image is not as sharp as i d like to see. But you re still able to make out details directly in front of you as for the night time recording even with very little ambient light and street lights is able to record a very clear.

Image i do like the overall design of this dash cam with a 24 inch color lcd display you have a clearer view of what the camera sees and you can also use it to playback your recorded videos also with a backlit illuminated buttons. It s very easy to operate. This unit daytime or nighttime installation is also very simple using a double sided tape place a windshield mount onto the windshield. And then slide.

A dashcam onto the mounts at the time of doing this review you can get this on amazon for hundred dollars. If you re looking for a dashcam that records in full hd easy to operate and easy to install you can take a look at this r xing v. 1. Dash cam hyung click the link in the description below i hope you enjoy watching this video remember to click on thumbs up and subscribe to my channel and click on that notification bell so you get notified of new videos.

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