Rock Band 2 PlayStation 3 Gameplay – E3 2008: Livewire Demo

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” re back and all set to look at rock band. 2 harmonix upcoming sequel to to last year s hit music game. They ve just unveiled a killer song list. It s out further delay lets rocks all right rock on.

We re here with dave grohl casson from harmonix so casson tell us a little bit about what improvements or what s been added to rock band. 2. Well we wanted to take rock band to the next level. We went back and fix a whole bunch of stuff in the game that we wanted to improve on matchmaking making.

Us you can choose different characters and get them into the different instruments and the band s more quickly we expanded our band world tour. It s now online. We added cities hireable staffs..


You can add those and just tons of new stuff. A drum trainer. We got new peripherals everything whole. Works.

That s a little bit about some of the new peripherals that we saw some of the higher end stuff. Yeah totally well the game comes with our improved strat and velocity sensitive drums quieter pads new improved strum bars buttons auto calibration and then with mad catz and some of our external developers we have all these high end peripherals you have the ion drum kit. So you can like you know you re playing a real kind of like luck electronic drum kit you can add a brain to it later on and just rock out with real like real drums. And we ve got all these high end strats like real wood strats.

A real fender p. Bass with the buttons right in the neck. And if almost feels like you re playing the real thing well i played with the drums yesterday and they feel freaking awesome..


Yeah. What about what are some of your favorite. New tracks that are in rock band. 2.

Um. That s actually hard to say there are so many in there. I m super psyched uh. We have a new guns and roses track sheckler s revenge from chinese democracy battery from metallica ac.

Dc let there be rock we ve been waiting for that song forever bob dylan interpol um fleetwood mac the list is really long and what about you know what can we expect out of a world band tour this time or you know they on salary. We re tour band world tour. Yeah well the big thing like i said before is this is online..


So now you can get your friends from around the world and one of the cool things we ve added. We have this battle the bands mode and so every day or every week. We have new battles that you can go play. And it s not only is it against the world.

But is against all your friends bands and so and then when you have all your dlc that you purchase from rock band. One that all works in rock band. 2. And so the battle the bands and are different.

And all the dlc works into all of our different game modes. So the whole game kind of expands based on how much content you have and you pull the tracks in from the disk on the original right as well right yeah. I mean the big thing for us was to have 500 songs by christmas of this year..


And so there s rock band 1 songs all the songs in rock band. 2. It s 80 plus songs. Another free 24 download.

And then all of your dlc works. Great guys. Well it s really looking good seems like another great game for parties. We re going to be right back.

And i m gonna let you guys rock out to a little billy idol. Let s do it sister who s the only one ” ..

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