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” ll talk to you today but before i start roasting. I m liking to my my hair s obviously well i m gonna feel like i m kind of tired let me take over here when i m cooking right here. Yeah. I m balling.

It this will not be easy. Because i m like okay let me gross this comb bitch. You what i don t know what bitch will photoshop a picture and leave the tag of the photoshop where we can go bitch. Don t try to poison.

Me with that i might be a natural bitch. Okay you are the one you got ugly bitch in the video roulette you too ugly bitch in every just like okay. There s nothing but we like the bulk of you alright watch him up and who speak to me in konya bitch. Because me oh you were the one who stole your before people even come out okay for a meal for you and your son alright bitch mia.

You are the one then we re not being and everything you saw that was ugly just like puma to get a king. It s a have a baby so live off the state property bitch. I m little i m above the state banana is property okay. But you bought the ugly bitch alright.

But it makes you feel you you waving up her a trapeze listen. I m not the pathetic. Sure you re the one who wait you stole the screenshot. Me my nigga bitch and you screenshot it and post.

It in the room to make yourself look pretty. I m talking now bitch. Why haven t you why didn t you grab that thing she did you mean before you know talk to me. Buddy buddy you re christina seen this evening.

I got one shot william bond. Yeah call your boy i rather call a bigger girl because you don t know. But this is a hand bitch not me you don t want with the crackhead mother. Not me my mom s worked at the hospital and got covered over coming on top of coverage when she retiring bitch.

Okay. I didn t leave over crack like you bitch all right baby don t you see what you do conehead bitch. You remind me of that show called saturday night live with those conehead bitches one thing about them is they re plenty of beautiful they got money you will conehead with gravy and gray patches on underneath that wig bitch at the dollar tree store but don t think no because i m looking show you something you that bitch with that cone that you take their short after bitch take that picture you that bitch with no teeth..


But you so fixated on my teeth. But you haven t smiled yet i think of a bitch gossip in the pool. She ll be there hello. My man.

I need a bitch okay well anyway your man face look like we it on him. Wait. A minute sis you like the invasion. I go on facebook.

Oh boy oh boy they just stomach hurt. Because some crack bottles are still left. In your felony. Just like every.

Other thing okay just like a toy so your mother was alive she too little me gee. I don t see why you don t put them in your mouth. Okay said. They said you need a belly punk.

And now. I m pretty calm. Wait anyway. Let me show you your man mouse s she s so hungry bitch and all y all.

Thirsty those are not carries those are my sleep we re okay well this come here bitch with the down the trees or no bitch do not think that we re gonna stop at the dollar tree store okay because i don t add up but one day i was like yeah. I need some women products so look here. What i did i walked in on my lonely sugar mines and then i went into the dollar tree store 219 and then i went in the store. Oh anyway you were tired face.

Looking. Bitch stop screaming over a juries stop screaming bitch of you the one with my swing shots in your program. Stop screaming bitch. If you need to go say something.

Then i got a bad guy. Okay then they got bag okay. Let me sing it like this alright..


So i m like you know in my business. What you got make me say that s how they dig okay anyways uncommon head alissa s. I mean um lizard head link a bitch walking around with a nigga with tp you talk about you expose. Me.

Bitch. Ha. You know it s been years of no medication. No bitch.

I m right here. Exposing your ass and what the you re gonna do you crab baby. What you want to do you won t get your mother put him up mama. Get the outta here.

Oh. I gotta do it give up crack by a bitch that i found outside cuz. I do busy beavers calm one two three four one. Two three four orange orange apple apple banana banana strawberry strawberry orange apple banana strawberry orange apple banana c on any one orange one orange two apples to apples one two apples one two apples three bananas three bananas.

One two three bananas. One two three bananas for strawberries. Four strawberries one two three four strawberries one two three four strawberries great job. Let s try it one more time.

One apple. One apple. Two bananas. Do bananas.

1. Two bananas. 1 2. Bananas.

3. Strawberries. 3..


Strawberries. 1. 2. 3.

Strawberries. 1. 2. 3.

Strawberries. 4. Oranges. 4.

Oranges. 1. 2. 3.

4. Oranges. 1 2. 3.

4. Oranges. Skip add. Skip add are you tired of watching ads.

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Tomatoes. By busy beavers calm one two three four one two three boy tomato tomato carrot carrot p p mushroom mushroom. Tomato carrot p. Mushroom.

Tomato carrot key mushroom 1 tomato 1 tomato. 2 carrots carrots 1 2. Carrots 1 2. Carats.

3. Peas. Three peas. One two three peas.

One two three peas for mushrooms for mushrooms one two three four mushrooms. One two three four mushrooms. Great job. Let s try it one more time one carat one carat peas peas.

One to peace one philippe s three mushrooms three mushrooms one two three mushrooms. One two three mushrooms for tomatoes. Four tomatoes. One two three four tomatoes.

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