Salt & Tar: Episode 85-Four Shrouds, Four Days (Part 2)

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“Come into from washington state to now sunny california. We ve been at it for for five years. It began with selling our previous boat and taking that money buy and fill the shed. We assembled keel pieces port the ballast and raised all 16 frames in the first six months.

There s a blue layer now half a decade later and at a slower. But steady pace. We re in the water where s the sand tarde and this is our life like subscribe and support began. We ve begun rigging our main mast worm parcel and serving or shrouds.

We re. Only serving. Where the shrouds loop around the mast and leather wrapping them and swab. As usual was no help we have to complete two more to go and one big hold cut now that we ve turned the mess around to do the starboard side gotta remember.


Which way is up and although the mast is around and i d be wondering how you know the orientation. But the peg here that sits into the mass step down basically at the foot of our bunk. It s positioned for the slight angle. Not going all which way is up.

But look it smells so good when you cut into it yeah. If you want to know more about lacing up the mallet check out episode 41. Just before the ten minute mark. We were just about to start serving when we heard a commotion.

This is a white sturgeon whose lineage goes back to the jurassic period. That s over 200 million years ago on record. The largest cot was 20 feet and the oldest the spry 104. These are truly remarkable fish do you witness that fun day four and we re on our final shroud last one we re excited because the days.


We re all blending together and so on and so forth while garrett leather i painted our collar with des beaux epoxy paint then we cut the last shroud all right last one here we go got all four stays that night. The wind picked up a bit breezy today. So i think we re gonna take the day off and go and i ll get some food and do some like normal human thing like a real couple. We had a date asian and our fancy shoes led us to phoenicia where the tortillas were warm and the margaritas cold a bad thought yep that s a whole but turns out it s not big enough garret.

Asked to saw and chisel. The mass partner whiter as the mass turned out to be a quarter inch rounder than expected find something to lay on a straightforward task turns annoying but better now than when the boom truck is dangling our masked over deck. And it doesn t fit now we re big enough. And we can slap on some penetrating epoxy to protect the endgrain.

So we ll try not to laugh at garrett. Too much but uh. I m taking over cuz he had a bit too much hot sauce follow the epoxies curing. I got another paintbrush out and added.


The first coat of finish paint onto the collar over over good boy cute boat coming in so since we gotta wait for some things to dry and i m in the middle of painting. The mast collar and we gotta wait for that to dry. Too. Let s go for a little putt on the river enjoy a glass of wine what a pleasant day cheers.

So what is it just like a chunk of concrete with some sort of like like a cable. But i almost thought it was like a makeshift mooring when i first looked at it. But big ass chunk of concrete and wasn t wasn t here. Before because we always used to take our dinghy back here through this slough.

And i ve gone up and down this thing for a long time they re pretty low tide. And i ve never hit anything this is right smack dab in the middle. So not too long ago. We re coming through here and it was at a somewhat low tide.


But let s come through right in the middle and just weigh em just prop hit it and so let s get it out of the way huh yeah say you think the best is to take it out to deeper water or put it off a corner yeah. It s still having the water. We ll get situated and get back to you got us anchored here. And it s removing the hazards navigation.

Why and he s led a gorgeous day. I think if i were to build red aviva and i would really want to do a raised like half deck like that like that is sheer poop deck and have the stateroom back there like he does on his diesel decks designs and then do like a pilot house like this well not this because right before gary decides to build another boat. We re going to end this video right here thanks for joining us and we ll see you next week up next. Some land yet we make the deck room for the mast and the wedges then recheck all our measurements.

We laid out the weekend before we can step the mast and cut yet another mole for the engines exhaust. ” ..

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