Samsung Gear 360 Camera Setup Guide – Record Edit & upload share VR videos

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” s up guys. This is tampa tech. And i m going to show you the the easiest possible way to edit and upload 360 videos to your youtube channel or page using the samsung gear 360 camera. The reason.

Why i chose. The samsung gear 360. Camera was because it s by far the most user friendly. It was promoted by casey nice debt.

His video of the oscars in 360. Was amazing now i had to fly 360 camera and the kodak 360 camera. And i returned the both because the quality wasn t that great and then you would have to buy two cameras mount them back to back on this rig to get the same quality or to get the same full 360 video effect that the samsung gear 360 has to offer and as you can notice. There s two 4k cameras built into this small camera unit and has two microphones you can record and stereo and you can even take 360 pictures and 30 megapixel quality.

My samsung s7 phone even iphone 7 does not even take pictures. 30 megapixel quality. That s pretty amazing stuff you ve even record in 60 frames per second. Which i did on a rollercoaster ride.

I m going to show you that right now. I recorded my self on the road coaster at busch gardens and it was super easy to do i just had this in my pocket like so put my hand through the samsung wrist strap pulled it out grabbed on to that tripod handle and faced lcd toward me and press record was that easy and you want to make sure that lcd is facing towards you because whatever is coming out of this camera lens is what the youtube viewers are first going to experience. This is pretty much the center of the 360 footage want to do is you want to go ahead and select those three dots. The menu and then click on quality and then you want to scroll down to 1440p 60 frames per second select that resolution so you get the best.

So you guys get an idea. How good it looks and you go using the gyro sensor in your phone. You can look left up down right you go down. See the ground you look up.

See the clouds and you can see me recording right there. It s pretty amazing and then if you tap on the screen and you see that icon right there that s a vr headset mode click on that now you re in vr headset mode and then you can put it in a vr headset like this one this is twenty five dollars. It comes with a bluetooth raw remote controller and you use that to navigate through your 360 videos in youtube and click on i believe you click on a to select your video you just put your phone in there it clamps in close it up and then you can view it in 3d in virtual reality look up down left and right pretty awesome. But if you have the samsung s6 or s.

Seven phone or even the note 5. I ll highly suggest getting the samsung vr headset has touch sensitive controls right here you can tap on that to select it has a home button back button. Focus dial right here. This is the second generation.

Headset has bigger eye lenses. So to make it easier on your eyes and a microfiber cloth cushion right here. And you just plug in your phone. Right here.

And that slides in into that port right there and just clamp. It in pretty cool stuff. And this is a really good headset. It s powered by oculus you get netflix and virtual reality and hulu and virtuality for free those are apps.

But of course you have to pay for the service now more about the camera this camera comes with this tripod and you can open it up and put it on your dashboard as rubber feet. It comes with this wrist strap. You can remove this and you can put it on a selfie stick right here..


And it has a timer so you press the record or you could press a pitching taking button right here it ll give you a countdown of three seconds before it takes a picture or you can change that to instantly to turn it on press and hold down the power button. Which is also the back button. If you re in the menu settings. This is the back button.

Now. This is the bluetooth connection. If you have a solid blue light that means your camera is connected by a bluetooth to your samsung phone if you don t have a samsung phone. No problem you can use this camera independently you ll notice right here you have two red led lights that are solid that lets you know that this camera lens is active and this camera lens is active.

If you only have one red led then that means that camera lens is active only to enter the menu. You press it on this top button right here which is also the bluetooth button select that and you ll notice that we re in picture taking mode all right now if you want to take it out of the picture taking mode. You press on menu and press. It again a couple times and then leave it on that and then you re in camcorder mode.

Now let s go ahead and enter settings go into settings right here and select and then you go through the settings right here. I m going to change the timer. The auto power off format the whole thing. Which erases all the data and switch the lens or in dual lens.

Which is 360 mode. You can switch it to single lens. Which is the front and see how that red led turned off this one s on and then you can switch that let s put it back in 360 mode. Which is dual lens okay and i m going to show you the resolution to will go into settings and go to video settings.

So the resolution is a. We got 1280 p. 60. Frames.

Per. Second. 1280 p. 30.

Frames. Per second. 960 p. 30.

Frames per second. Which is above. It s between 720p and 1080p and then you got 4k resolution 30 frames per second. If you re recording a parade.

I suggest recording in 4k if you re recording um. Let s say you re on a rollercoaster. Then i suggest recording a 60 frames per second. It s going to give you a nice smooth video quality.

And let s go ahead and press record. Only thing have to do is press this top button alright and you want to make sure you hold the camera this way lcd is facing you because this is what the people are going to first see that coming out of this camera lens stop it let s go ahead and open up the door right here. So i can show you more this camera is dust proof and water resistant and i know that for a fact because i went on congo river rapids..


We went right through a waterfall and this camera and i were drenched and that camera kept on recording. No problem. I ll leave a link in the video description below of the 4k resolution footage and the 60 frames per second footage as well as the me going through the waterfall to show you that it is definitely water resistant. Now you can see this door.

You ll see a rubber seal that you know stops of course water and dust move that latch over to remove the battery. The battery will give you about hour and a half to close to two hours of constant power. But i had this for the whole entire day at busch gardens and it lasted all throughout the day because i turned it off every time. I was done using it and this is where you plug in your charging cable and also it acts as a data transfer.

If you connect it to your your pc. And this does not have any onboard storage. So you have to have you have to buy a micro sd card. When you buy this camera.

So make sure you do that and i bought would i buy i got a 64 gig samsung micro sd card and that gives me over four hours of footage don t you turn it on right here and take your phone when you download the samsung gear 360 app. It s going to walk you through connecting in via bluetooth you can select mobile device. This is all your footage on your phone click on gear 360 make sure your gear 360 camera is on or else you won t be able to access any of the footage on the gear camera as soon as you can see a lot of footage you got there and select that video so this is the raw video file. And you notice that it has bubbles well those two different recordings in one video and one when you send it send it to your phone.

It s going to auto stitch. The 360 video into a format. Where youtube can see it as 360 video. Same thing goes for your pc.

When you transfer. This video to your action director program. It s going to auto stitch. It so youtube can recognize it as a virtual reality 360 video so on your phone.

If you want to edit it you just click on trim first it s going to save it to your phone then you re able to actually trim it alright so now i click on my mobile device. And there is the video right here and you notice that is no longer in doublebubble mode. It s actually auto stitched and you can upload that to youtube and view it as a 360 video or you could trim it using the video editor right. Here.

This is not really a good video editor. You just move the bars left and right to cut whatever you want of the video. So once you re happy with your footage. Then you can click on share and you can share as a compressed or original video file.

If you want to save data then use the compressed option and then you can share it on g and you can share it on youtube or if you have a facebook app. I don t have facebook app on my phone but you could do that as well and i want to show you this live view mode and right here. So now you can see this is the live view mode pretty cool you could change your mode a single lens mode. And you get video mode right here.

Now it s in video mode click that and you ll change it to dual lens right here. Now it s in 360 mode. And you can click on two seconds. If you want to record with a timer you can click on this to change.

The resolution. Okay so now let s go ahead and connect it to my pc. And then you should have that icon right here..


All right. So. I have the gear 360 camera turned on the usb cables plugged into the camera to the pc. And i should be able to find the videos from the camera under this pc.

And then you want to go to devices under devices gear 360 card dcim. Folder photos. And the file. With the highest number is your last video recording.

This is this should be it right here. Though let s drag that onto my computer. And you can t edit you know your videos from your camera. So keep that in mind and also keep in mind that if you remove the microsd card.

While the cameras turned on you can corrupt some of the video files that s why i you them. The usb cable to transfer the videos to my computer. Safer that way alright. So let s go ahead.

And now get the program. So go to google chrome or your web browser and you want to download. Samsung gear. 360 act action director app.

I ll leave a link in the video description below. Where to get this app. It s a free program. If you have the product key code that came with the samsung gear 360.

Camera. So do not throw out that small piece of paper with the product key code you re going to need that to auto stitch your 360 videos all right i already downloaded it so let s go ahead and go to my programs gear 360 action director you want to open up that program you can edit hd videos or your 360 videos at this point you put in the product key code. Which i already did and open up. The 360 editor.

Okay. And it ll give you a sampler. So this one. At one time had two images and it stitched it together and this is your end result.

Right here. Which is pretty cool and you can sue in and out all right so now let s go ahead and drag that video in so here s the video. I m going to drag it into the workspace and notice they ll say right here zero percent right now. It s auto stitching.

The 360 video as we speak and it s a ten percent and where it s heading to i ll show you where it s going to on under see under documents right here. And then you want to go to cyberlink action. Director version one 360 folder and here is all the finished 360 stitched videos. Alright.

So what you want to do is drag the video file into the timeline. If you want to edit it click on music. If you want to add music and click on the plus to go into your music folder and click on a select mp3 then if you want to favor more toward the video audio you slide it to the right if you want a favorite..


More tour. The music slide the slider to the left where it says more music and you can click on fade out and hit ok to add it to the video now if you want to edit or delete. A middle section of the video what you want to do is you want to click on split on the left right here and once you click on split. It s going to split it to the beginning of the clip that you want to delete and then you can pause it about a couple seconds after the clip that you want to delete you want to select and highlight the clip that you want to trash and click on the trash can and it will delete that clip and it s pretty easy and click on produce whenever you re ready and when you click on produce it s going to bring up all the resolution and the format and you want to select a correct resolution.

I have my recording is 1280 p 60 frames per second so i selected 1280 p. 60 p. And then i living in the united states so i select united states format and then the output folder. I want to select that i want to set it to my desktop and i m going to relay belit 360 video.

So i know which one it is it s going to go to my desktop hit save and whenever you re ready click on start and the end result is going go. It s going to go to your desktop. And it s going to be 1280 p. 60 frames per second.

And if you have a good computer. Then it should process a render quite fast all right so i m not going to save that it s already done i m going to take the finished product upload it to my youtube channel and just click on upload look for the file it is 360 video i labeled it and when it uploads you want to set it to private. Until. The video process in a 360 format and also on 1280 p.

60 frames per second. So even though. It s completed and it s done and it s ready to upload to youtube. It s going to take a few more minutes for it to process into 360 mode.

Where you can actually you know view it in 360 up down and pan. It around and you notice right right away. You can t do that so we re going to have to wait a little bit. And you click on the resolution.

You notice. It s a 360 paid resolution really poor quality. But after a couple minutes you hit refresh. You ll notice that you re able to view.

It in 360 mode. And you click on the gear. Resolution has increased from 360 p resolution to 720p and 1080p right here. And it ll go up to 1280 p.

60 frames per second after you refresh it a couple of minutes. Later you guys are interested in the gear 360. With the sd card. Or the vr headset check out the links in the video description below if you know anyone that wants to upload 360 footage to their youtube channel just click on the share button and share this video to them.

And if this video was really. ” ..

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