Samsung Gear VR with Controller Complete Setup Guide

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“This video. I ll show you how to set up samsung gear vr with controller controller in details first these are all stuff you will find after unboxing the gear. I ll show you what to do with each of them one by one let s talk about garavito our device at the top you ll find the focus in just meant wheel rotate it while using the gear vr to focus by adjusting the distance between the mobile device and the gear vr lenses. You ll find the touchpad at the right side through it you can tap to select an item you can move to the next or previous item by swiping forwards or backwards and also scroll up and down.

You ll also find the back and home buttons and volume up and down buttons below them there is a usb type c. It s not a charger for gear vr actually the gear vr doesn t require charging as it is powered using the mobile devices battery. You can charge your mobile device by connecting a charger to the gear vr jack later in this video..


I ll show you how to use this and this is a foam cushioning that can be removed the front cover can be detached by pulling the right device. Holder. Then pushing the left device holder. Let s talk about this left device holder.

The first thing you ll notice this lock switch. Some of the compatible devices have microusb and other half type c. Usb..


Let me show you how to change. It first slide. This lock switch to be unlocked. Then slide this part out then slide the one you choose back in and don t forget to.

Lock the. Switch then there are a and. Ba for the bigger devices and b for the smaller devices to change between them press on the holder and move it while you are pressing on it let s attach their heads traps and then you can resize it to suit your head let s set up the controller insert the mobile device into the center of the gear vr and gently pushed the mobile device until it locks into its place..


The right device holder will return to its position and hold the mobile device the first time you attach a mobile device to the gear vr oculus application will start detach your mobile and start the installation process. Just follow the steps now. It s done so let s try it i ll make a video to show you how to use everything in the gear vr. So don t worry i m just showing you how it looks like now.

Let s see how to charge your mobile device while using the gear vr connect your charger directly to the usb type c. If you have a usb type c charger. And if you use a microusb charger..


Connect a microusb connector. Before plugging the charger into the gear vr. I hope. This video was a useful guide for you try it and tell me your opinion have fun and share.

The video and let your friends have fun too subscribe and stay tuned for more ” ..

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