screaming at a wii horror game – calling wii

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“Right well. I m not looking forward to this one at all i am such such a bitch when it comes to scary. Things. So this game is called calling is a horror game for the week.

My one hope is i don t meet a a being from the third kind. If you know what i mean okay. I hope i don t shit my pants. I shut my door have the lights off in everything so i m taking this very seriously in this game you can use your wii remote as though it were a cell phone yeah.

According to some sid it has something to do with the fucking shit the one where the three high school girls died. I heard about that some did a special on it but they haven t reported on it since me i came because all the rumors but this is actually total plain old chat room lol yeah. Except it s super creepy anyone hear of any other rumors dude is that phone ripping ass. What the fuck wait that was it there wasn t gonna be anything coming up.

I was expecting there to be some sort of scare. There it was as if the dolls had taken over his life odd odd. I heard that he started collecting them after the death of their child. The door won t open well what are we supposed we do about this situation.

I suppose i gotta find some sort of key this television isn t hooked up well that s a bummer how are we gonna play mario kart right oh hello. Maybe i need to turn this up more since apparently. I m getting told about the souls of death through my wii remote oh. Then he hangs up on me.

I mean as an informative call. Oh wow. Then the door randomly opens that s normal. All right.

So. What s going on out here that a fucking face. I don t like this i don t like this i m going back in my room. I m going in my room.

I don t like this at all one little bit it s so dark can we get up fricking is there a flashlight or something in here you obtained a pineapple. Looking tree tea. I hate scary games so much if something pops out y all are gonna lose your eardrums this dis up here fuck fucking creeps me out i m not sure what that is it s alright that scared the crap out of me wii remote if you huh are surrounded swing the wii remote to shake the enemies off of you i m i m safe now. I don t know if i d say that now we get to go in that door you can t see well in the darkness.

No fucking shit. You can t what the i m scared. I m scared. I m scared.


I m really really scared i m getting the fuck out of there. Although i don t feel safe here either. So i m just gonna keep walking and pretend i didn t see anything i m gonna go to this door and hope. There s no one there hopefully.

This is outside. And it s a bright sunny day and freakin aruba nope. It s that it s the shitter. I don t like the idea of going in here watch watch the fucking toilet.

Oh shadow light. Oh yes down condo was he the one who is attacked can we get rid of these it looks like its glaring at you yeah let s let s not look at it anymore. We don t want to cause that poster no trouble and we don t want no trouble with that poster. There are a few incomplete dolls stuff inside of box.

Okay. If i could just not look at this stuff that d be great i don t know what part of scary games. I like to be honest with you i don t know why i got this i don t like looking at things knowing that any second something could pop up and freak. The fuck out of me is it s such a freakin bad feeling examine a narrow space will change your cursor into the peeping cursor press.

The a button to peek into the space. And get a look well. I don t like the idea of this i ll tell you that i do i don t know oh shit. There s someone there dude.

There s someone there. It s an old japanese wait how do you shit in this thing. How does this even work is this really a type of toilet. How in the world.

How does that work how do you poop. How do you poop on that you got a squat over it y all. So much calling me again. I m gonna help you that s the last time.

I answer my phone really that was the best you got i seriously have searched everything. And i have no idea absolutely zero idea what i m supposed to do i might have to google. This i really don t know what to do hey oh. There we go i think.

That s what i was waiting to do uh huh. A person apparently. I m gonna get scared. Oh.


What s behind me. Yeah okay good thing. There s that door there. That s definitely keeping them back some doors cannot be open press a button to swing.

Although here this laughing is killing me to grasp the doorknob in the swing that we remote to push the door. Oh shit did i get her yes. I got grandma ghosts get out of my way door. There we go what are those things why is this happening to me.

It s a palace yep. What s that that was it okay all right. I mean i m a hottie. Okay the scariest parts happened when i m not even playing did i die oh.

We can t let this girl die. She s hot watch out guitar your band hero freaking. The calling is a horror game and a freaking band game yeah i m playing the calling and i m not very good mmm. I don t like ghosts.

Yeah. Yeah. They are really scary. Yeah.

Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah.

I m just sitting on the floor. Thank. God. What am.

I going to leave this going on my phone and my fucking. Wii remote the whole time now sorry i missed your call couldn t get to the phone right now. But if you leave your name and number after the tone. I ll give you call back on my students soon as convenience.

Thank you you cannot see well in the darkness wall. It s a faucet. Oh jesus christ. These telemarketers don t give up hello.


No. I m sorry. I ll put it back down. Yeah.

I can just drop. It and you can pick it up wherever. I leave it the owner of the phone are they really coming to retrieve it should i drop. The phone and tells me something bad s about to happen you soon jesus christ.

How many times are you gonna call me do you not have any friends okay are we meeting up or something this person. Something is strange. What s your first fucking hint. You jack someone s freaking phone.

Oh my god dude well thanks for the update do you just want to stay on the phone. So you don t to call me every five seconds. Oh my lord damn she goes upstairs fast wouldn t you say that seems cool what is this eerie feeling. I don t know a feeling.

Oh shit titties. I don t know where this is oh. It s right there. Oh no no no no no i don t know that okay hold up hold up hold up hold up hold up i m scared.

I m scared right now alright uh shit. I m gonna put my freaking i gotta put my wrist strap on my wii remote okay. What the fuck. Oh my god all right ghosts.

I m sorry but i m not giving you any privacy well how in the fuck do you poop in that and who s who s lurking. How is there even a shadow behind me. Ha. How do you take a deuce in that do the japanese really just stand up and shit you know toilet on the floor.

I m gonna have to go back to that same cheat website or help hub website. Because i don t know what to do a student maybe they can tell me where i am that seems like a very reasonable thought process not why they disappeared almost like they weren t just students. Yeah they re just standing in there in the dark ass room how olivia s can you be this lady s really stupid all right. This is fucking creepy a fat girl back out thought.

I was a twinkie. I don t know where to go fucking bitch. I have to get out of here. Where do i go okay hold up how do i get out how do i move.


Oh why is she keep on popping up. I don t like this listen. It s the green god dammit. I don t know where i m going fucking bitches everywhere fucking shaking that we were much so violently.

When they have all it is i think that s the girl that calls me all the time someone s obviously in the bathroom. Having a good time well. There s another person that was another real person wasn t it i m sorry to barge in on you shitting. He s shitting in the weird toilet.

That s stupid maybe he has that key though how many times are you gonna say that dude that guy s a big old pussy hey cutie. What is going on get out of the fucking shitter and do something do something about it i m going into the women s bathroom. Okay well. I don t know who your new friend is or what you re talking about when did they kill that guy did we try to save him he s too busy complaining in the toilet stall.

I m gonna try not to look at my cheat website. Oh kitty no see i m not even afraid of that i love cats so much kitty kitty. Where d you go mr. Kitty.

Mr. Kurtik yuri. Oh kitty did you find the cat you found the abyss it s the nether. It s the end actually.

No she s not ready for the enderdragon yet see how fat i am. There s no time to check my weight. That s what i say too when people always want to ask me how much i weigh need to take my weight. And like huh.

Don t have time for that all i am the glob go grab a lamp in i love books maybe. This isn t the janitors office mother fucker. I hate this game. Sometimes i don t know where to go just the janitors office stop doing that myself stop scaring me all right.

I don t know where the janitors office is i am sick of playing this and running around in circles shit. The game knew i was about to get off so they re like oh let s make something happen real quick. Oh my god i m scared okay alright before anything else bad happens. I am going to get off this game.

” ..

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