SCRUBGUIDES: Arcade Sticks 101: “Should I buy a Fightstick?”

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“Every great farmer out there in the world you gotta be efficient with the resources resources you have you can t just go growing every single crop out there in type of environment you got to take your resources and allocate them in the most efficient way possible so today. We are going to make an updated character farming guide for all of you new people under level 70. And hopefully this video will be helpful hey you want to be a farmer here s a couple of acres one of my first most popular videos that i ever made was my character farming guide over a year ago. When my channel first started sixty three thousand views and just for sentimental sakes.

Let s go and watch it real quick and see how bad. It is oh yeah sure however when i had that intro. Hello. There and welcome to another episode of star wars.

A galaxy of heroes. Ah. A lot has changed with the chat hopefully in good. Ways and i m sorry for.

The 63000. People that i had the torment for the past year and a half this video has been out and a lot of people in the comments. Have been asking for it updated guide. So what we re gonna do today is we re gonna go ahead and talk about the characters from each of the very shipments that you should forum the most important characters.

Because there s a lot of characters out there. But i want to make sure you guys have the best characters in mind when you are farming. So you re not wasting any precious time farming bad characters because believe me i farmed a lot of bad characters in my thai let s get into it and first talk about the very first access the characters you will get and that is through the camp tina table so the first logical place. We re gonna start at is the camp.

Tina table battles so as you see. When you go through the various panels. There are characters that you can farm in every battle that you do with the cantina energy. That you have you have a chance to get a shard of the character you are farming on and if you re under level 70.

Which is what my guide is all about you can t go beyond the sixth level of all these battles. We re only gonna talk about level six to level one. I m the characters you should get and here s a picture right now showing you all the characters. I think that are really good that you should farm so as you see there are a lot of great characters that you can farm in this area of the game.

So what i ll do to narrow it down a little bit more i m gonna highlight the characters that aren t really really good on that picture that you re seeing and just to kind of give you some brief pointers to characters that i really enjoy out of this list. I absolutely believe lando old. Ben ezra bridger. As well as beerus are some of the best characters you can farm when you re under level 70.

So all these characters are very good. But i just wanted to help you laser focus on the must haves hopefully lando old ben and ezra bridger are on your to do list. But of course tie. Fighter pilot is equally amazing for the dark sentient has many uses.

But as you re farming these characters you get cantina currency. Which you can use in the candy in a store. So let s go take a look at the cantina store. And there s a lot of characters in there as well.

But let me go ahead put up a nice little picture for you guys and show you what the best characters are in this area of the story that i believe you should have in your inventory. At one point. These are characters that i believe you should have in your inventory at one point or another. But if you re trying to laser focus on what you should really farm right now i m gonna highlight a few of them that you must have and mainly whatever you do you really should be farming.

Boba fett and qui gon jinn out of this store. They are the most versatile characters out there and both it especially has one of the best beginner leaders out there it covers every character out. There. You don t have to fall under a specific faction to gain all those critical damage bonuses and qui gon jinn.

An amazing jedi character and you can use them into aat rate. The rancor rate so great characters right here but both fett and quiet gun jin are must haves..

But try to farm these other characters like chopper because he s needed for the phoenix team to participate in the grand admiral thrawn. Legendary event well let s keep moving on her because we have a lot to talk about and at level 28. The next big thing you will have access to is the squad arena store. And the squad arena is going to be the heart of the game for the longest time especially beginner players that is where you get most of your crystals and a lot of these characters.

I m recommending are tailored for you to make the best arena. Compositions at your level and every single day at your payout. Besides crystals. You will also get squad arena currency.

Which you can use in the store. Let s put up a nice little screenshot of all the characters that i think are the best in this particular shipment again guys. We got a lot of characters on this list already weeded out the bad ones or the characters that are very specific to a specific faction. But here we go this is what i think are the best characters out of this shipment.

But to laser focus this even more let s highlight the most important characters you should be farming out of this list and in my opinion characters like kanan jarrus. Which is needed for the throne. Even if you can get drawn early in the game. You will be in a great position princess leia is amazing ig.

88. And stormtrooper han are some of the characters that beginner players should try to get in their inventory. Especially stormtrooper. Han and princess leia.

Because they are two of the best rebels that the beginner player can access in the game next up on the list is galactic war you unlock this at level 40. And this if you re if you can clear glock. The core every day you can farm characters extremely fast hypothetically the fastest place to farm characters. Because if you clear galactic war every day you get to beat all the teams that your.

Face you should get 1200. Galactic war currency for the store. Which translates into 15 shards of a character per day. But let s put up that screenshot.

We got a lot of characters in here. And there are some characters that are very bad in this store especially the tuscans. But here on the screenshot. I m showing these are the core care because i think beginner players should really shoot for these guys work in a variety of teams.

But more importantly let s focus our attention a little bit more by highlighting the really really good characters out of this list for galactic war. And let s just point out a few of them biggs is one of the best free to play characters in the game. As we ll find out later. I am going to recommend farming wedge.

And if you get wedge and biggs that is where the most deadly combos in this game. That you possibly get captain phasma. She is one of the best all around leaders kind of like boba fett. Her leadership applies to every single character that has behind her.

She can call random allies to assist. Which is a great mechanic for beginner players and luminar. Although she loses a lot of viability towards the end. She s a really important healer.

Until you start getting past level. 7. There s a lot of other better options out there i will give you some recommendations of teams to form with this list. I m giving you guys today.

But that s pretty much it for galactic war. If you can try to clear it every single day..

You can probably get a 7 star character in about 20 days or so assuming you get 15 shards of the same character each and every day okay so he bounced around a little bit and now we re gonna kind of go to more of these slower farms out there for free to play players and for beginner players. And the first one is the guild store you unlock guilds at level 22. And once you join a guild. You could start earning currency through the raids through the rank or trade aat raid through territory wars territory battles.

I believe and with that currency you can use it for the guild store and this is going to be a harder farma two way restrictor gate on it so with this knowledge when it comes to making a purchasing decision. The criteria. I used to judge what to buy consists of many things like durability size features and of course price. But more than any of these things the parts are what matter.

Most to me what customization options do you have well if you want to go a little bit further you can customize your artwork you can buy it from your purchase stick you can build one from scratch you can change the casing button stick types the shape of the stick the feel of the stick. There s a lot you can do and there s all kinds of parts you can put into the body to make it feel your own. It s not for everybody. Though and generally speaking the standard options are more than fine.

And you can learn to do most of this customization with little more than a flat screwdriver and a pair of pliers to be perfectly honest. So i mentioned before that i prefer sanwa parts. But there s other options you can explore when it comes to customization. I m gonna go in depth just a little bit more.

But when it comes to the parts themselves. Some other options you can consider our same etsu. They have sticks and buttons that feel very similar. But not quite the same as sanwa you ve got the half american style sticks and competition push buttons these are gonna feel a lot like the old arcade cabinets.

You remember from you know western arcades so the large rounded bat tops the circular strong resistant sticks and the convex surface to push buttons then there s the korean parts as well which generally includes sticks that have a more circular elastic. Feeling shape and a flat surface to them each has its pros and cons personally for me i just i think say mets who feels a little bit less just a little bit less precise so i tend to stick with my sign was the half american style sticks input competition push buttons feel great and they feel like the old arcades. I remember. But they re so big and they take up so much space that you re gonna have a hard time fitting them into a normal casing you re likely gonna have to make a custom box to fit them in and the korean parts.

While i do find that the stick and buttons were alright. I didn t enjoy the fact that one of the pieces of the stick was made out of a sort of loose plastic or elastic feeling shape and while most of the sanwa sticks. That you get have hard plastic and are not going to wear down that much this rubbery. Feeling elastic part to the korean sticks.

Had me feeling like this was going to need to get replaced. Quite often so i didn t enjoy that too much that s getting really in depth into the sticks. But if you re real if you re interested in looking into more customization. I suggest you can order parts from canadian joysticks comm.

They re pretty solid. And you can get custom templates and tutorials from slag coin comm. So look each console generation as we move from one to the other generally will have different requirements for the pcb aka. The guts of the stick in order to work on your console.

Sometimes you ll find them that work on multiple. But usually that s not the case most sticks these days work with one console and pc. So that s why some of us own many of them. But generally what you ll see from generation to generation is that the same proven parts aka buttons and stick.

They re what we ve gotten used to over the years with large arcade cabinets and especially in japan the candy style cabinets. They absolutely are the standard these days now what kind of stick do i use personally i use the conv obsidian. This is a pretty good stick all in all it is all the parts. I love and i ve come to rely on conv for sturdy sticks good parts good prices.

And yeah. This one does it it s got some cool blue leds. Things that light up on both sides. You can turn them off of course.

It s ps3 ps4 and pc compatible. But scott that jlf stick..

I like it s got those standard buttons that i enjoy. And yeah. It s generally been a sturdy reliable stick. It s basically a smaller version of the dragon.

And it does include a compartment where you can put the wires in so that traveling is not a problem. So i definitely do like this. I recommend it a lot. And it s it s a lighter version of the previous combo stick.

I was using the dragon over here. Which this thing is a beast. It s awesome. It s way bigger and it feels great it s the same parts here that i was just describing between the two.

But you get that so the touch pad up here for ps4 is just located in the center. Whereas on the obsidian. It s a bit back more on the top surface there. But you get the option to pop the lid.

So to speak pop the trunk and this opens up when it s plugged in it lights up and you get to see inside and easily replace any parts. Here you simply just pull out the two wires or the button for example you want it to put in take this little off thing off with a screwdriver put a new button in and it even tells you exactly where each part is mapped. So it s very simple to replace anything you need two nice little dragon texture there very cool a high end expensive stick. It was a shame that it broke on me.

I m really bummed about that but i was enjoying it up until the point that that happened before this generation of ps4 stuff way back when street fighter. 4. Was a thing. I was playing on another conv because again i ve come to trust their parts.

And these were dual modded. So that means that this stick worked on both ps3 and 360s and that was a really handy thing to have back in the day. When you would travel to any tournament. You didn t know what you re gonna end up.

With so this is an example of an older kind of a stick that this one i customized in order to have travel be a little bit easier for me. I put on a stick part that allows me to completely remove the stick itself and this dust cover and just travel with this flat surface here. So that it didn t stick out in the bag. And then when the time came and i was ready popped it back in and was good to go so that s an option as well there s lots of customizing you can do of course.

If you wanted to also you can consider getting a good travel bag is pretty important. I picked up a travel bag for my sticks last evo. This is from split frame. They re pretty awesome because they re dedicated space for your sticks.

There s little parts inside that you can use to insulate. I know it doesn t show tulo on camera here. But i would generally recommend one of these if you want it to go all in on stick. Safety and security you can always fit it into a normal backpack of course.

But the nice thing about these is that the way the straps work is some kind of magic. It feels lighter than it actually is something that s heavy in here when it s tightened up properly feels a lot lighter. So i generally recommend grabbing one of those types of cases or bags. Rather.

If you re considering that type of option. That s what i use right now. But just to show you some of the other options that you can consider so. Here s an example of some of the older generation of sticks.

You ve got the old tes. These are the old matte cast sticks and this was one i just customize the surface here i keep this around but this is customized artwork you can get buttons that are generally still reliable you know sanli type buttons..

But you can get transparent covers. So that you fit some of your artwork inside that s pretty cool and fun you can go with one of the newer generation of mad cat sticks. Which this was the xbox one stick that i got for killer instinct. And this too does feature the ability to open it up customize the inside.

You know you can do a lot of easier replacing of parts and things inside here. And this too did have screwdriver and replacement button spots over here as well so there s a h. Stick has a bunch of cool features. This is a really old one.

That had an american style hat and stick and these old style arcade buttons. As well this is like a ps. I want to say to stick. But notably these you see how much bigger.

It is compared to the thickness of you know a japanese style arcade. Stick. So you gotta consider that as well lastly. The custom option you can go with this is something that i built and this too has an american style arcade stick.

It s got the translucent buttons based on the artwork of chun li that i threw into it here and you know. This is just a matter of taking a controller apart wiring it up and then soldering each part to the button bottom so like it seems pretty intense. But i promise you it s not that bad once you learn the basics of just wiring. Things it doesn t take that long and again.

I pointed out that you can learn a lot from heading on over to slag coin comm. As i mentioned the son with jay left stick is an important part of what i look for in each of my sticks. So this is what you re generally getting. And yeah.

I had an important story that i wanted to share about customizing your sticks. So early on i went crazy. And i pretty much made i took one of these sandwich al f sticks. I put a bat top on it so that it would feel a little bit more like the old american style arcade.

Sticks. That i was used to i put an octagonal restrictor on it so that instead of a square shape. The arcade stick would end up feeling. Do i have one of these here.

I m pretty sure i do. But there s a octo gator. So that here you go my directions would have a an easier time going in doing quarter circles and things like that because i was having a hard time with the square corners. And i put in an extra spring even just to tighten things up.

And there s a whole oohs a whole tricked out thing. It was cool it worked great and i was having a good time with it until one day. I went to a tournament and it stopped working and when it stopped working. I was pretty much stuck trying to survive using anyone elses stick that i could borrow and i could barely do anything with it and it felt terrible it felt like i couldn t play anymore because i didn t have my crazy tricked out customized stick that feeling sucked.

I hated it and i realized at that point that it was not worth it that i should just learn to play on standard parts and standard buttons. Because you never know when you re gonna be forced to use those in any circumstance. If you go out to play fighters elsewhere. So with that said keep that in mind when you re customizing.

And you know i guess just consider that you might be using a controller that s not yours one day. And if the only thing you ve ever gotten used to is your very particular setup. You re gonna feel really really crappy about it so with that i pretty much think you have enough information to go out and make it in form stick purchase hope that helps and stay tuned for more scrap guides. ” .


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