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“Guys. It s alan pledge with car match. And i just wanted to give you you a quick tutorial of how we send an email to folks on craigslist. There is a little bit of magic to it and i may show you a couple of things that the you haven t seen before so you ll pull up craigslist in your particular area and you ll select the what state and city you want to search and at the moment.

I m in florida and i m in south florida. And let s go ahead and zoom in to get a better sense of what we re doing so i m going to go ahead and click on cars and trucks of course. We only want to search for by owner by owner only and we re looking as you know for people that are looking to get out of a payment that could be a finance deal it could be a lease deal. There are many other types of prospects.

But this video will keep it strictly on people that are advertising for somebody to take over their car payment so i m going to just type in my search window take over and then i m going to come down and in my case..

I only want to select those model years that are 2011 and above now what i had mentioned a moment ago. That is something you re maybe not aware of and let s go ahead and hit the search bar on that and we ll zoom out for a minute. And take a look at the results now keep in mind literally every day in every city. Somebody is posting a new listing for takeover payments.

So it s constantly changing. But what i was going to mention is you can set up an alert after you ve done your search as i ve done it here and you simply click on email alerts and if you have a craigslist account you ll log in and you can see now that i have a brand new alert. And it s the name of it is takeover and it s a cars and trucks and at the moment. I have 79 hits in this particular area south florida.

And that s for 2011 and above and each day..

When there is a new listing or listings. That come on to the market. I will immediately be alerted so let s get into it and let me show you exactly how we recommend that you not only search. But email your particular prospects so again.

I m just going to type in takeover. And i ll come down here from model year 2011. And i ll search and these are the results that we have and i ll start right at the top now i happen to have my gmail account open at the same time. But this really would be applicable to any email account.

Even your car match that you want to use so i m going to hit the reply and i m going to come down..

And you see where it says. Copy and paste into your email. Well. It s already highlighted so i m just going to right click and then left click on copy open my email in gmail z case.

I m going to hit compose and i ve already saved our email as my signature in my gmail account so that s that s the email. I ll be sending out i m just going to go ahead and paste the email address and for the subject line and this is actually very important we want to copy and paste everything here in the title so copy and paste the title and then we re going to come back over to gmail over to subject and i m going to paste that s idle in and the reason. We do that is when this person receives the email they ll assume somebody just replied to the to the end and somebody may have a question about the transaction about the car whatever the case may be so it you know what we want to do is we want to effectively increase our open rates as much as humanly possible and this certainly will do it i mean another. Fact that i m sure.

Most of you already know this your email address will be hidden or masked..

When the seller receives it so. The only information they re going to really know about you is that information in which is in the body of the ad. I ll go ahead and hit send and off it goes you know typically you could sit around and shoot seventy five to a hundred of these out in the course of a day. Without really even thinking about it and that s it any questions feel free to ” .


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