Sharper Image Key Finder Review – Best Budget Tracker?

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“Guys it s coop and if you re somebody who happens to lose their keys keys wallet or phone. Or bank. Or whatever. This little device could help you a so this is the key finder from sharper image.

And you may have seen other trackers like it for instance. The tile and chip below. And no doubtedly are those better than this but they re a lot more expensive now. This is definitely the budget version of those.


But is it worth it in the first place. Let s find out so starting off in the box. You can find the remote. The remote stand.

The two trackers themselves and four batteries which are extra and is a super nice inclusion the setup process could not be any easier these simply unscrew the front plate and put the battery right inside. Once you re done with that just screw it back on and it will automatically pair with the remote of course. Don t forget that the remote does need to triple a batteries using this could literally not be more simple all you have to do is press the button corresponding to the tracker and it will beep the beef is very distinct and loud so even if it s buried under clothes and a bag or something you re going to hear it. Here s a quick sound test taking a quick step back and talking about build quality.


It s all made out of the same plastic. Which is sturdy. But in no way feels premium. It s also worth mentioning that this plastic attracts fingerprints like nobody s business.

But once again it s not really something that you re going to have to be looking at too. Much the stan does have a slightly more grippy material on the bottom. And does a good job holding the remote. But nothing more so the one and only limitation.


I can find with this product is the fact that it has a 45 foot range now that s a very respectable amount of distance but keep in mind if the remotes on one side of your house and the little key fob is on the other side. You might have to move around to get it to beep. But overall. This is a super simple product and for only 15.

It could save you a ton of time and even money in the long run so thank you all so much for watching. And if you did enjoy make sure to let me know by leaving a like down below and subscribing for more content. I ll try to leave a link to the product at its lowest price point. I can find down in the description.


If you are interested in buying it in my opinion. This is a really budget friendly product. That doesn t have to cut much corners to get what needs to be done done. But anyways guys once again.

I hope you enjoyed and i will catch you in the next one ” ..

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