Should You Warm Up Your Car s Engine Before Driving? Myth Busted

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“Two three four rev up your engines. It s time for the scotty kilmer channel. Channel. Today.

I m going to help you answer the nquestion should i warm up engine before i drive it or not and to answer nthat question. Correctly. We re going to have a little history lesson here when i nwas young everything had carburetors on them. And i m so old they actually had hand chokes on them and chokes make them idle faster.

When you pulled on them..

They idle nfaster and once they warmed up you turned to choke off. So you had to warm nthem up before you drove them. And then they had carburetors that had electronic nchokes on them you didn t have to pull any cable. It was all done automatically nbut you still want to start it up let it warm up a little bit.

Then hit the gas nit would idle down some and then drive. But even with modern carburation. It nstill wouldn t get the air fuel ratio perfect. So the car would run well and nwouldn t damage the engine by running too rich or too lean.

Then the game nchanger came..

Which was fuel injector now this is a 24 year old toyota celica nit s got electronic fuel injection. But it s an older system it doesn t have a nmaf sensor to measure how much air is coming into the engine. And it only has none oxygen sensor to monitor the air fuel ratio. The modern cars have many ndifferent sensors.

Some as many as four and the modern ones don t even call. The nfront one oxygen sensor. They call them air fuel ratio sensors. They re much nfaster and much more accurate.

So the engine will always get the right amount nof fuel..

No matter. What the temperature humidity or whatever. It finally got cold nhere in houston. So i can show you the difference.

Here s the 24 year old one nwhen. I start it up cold you can see it s idling pretty high as nit warms up. But here s it more modern toyota matrix and watch the difference nwhen it starts up ice cold you can see even though it s ice cold. It s idling nmuch lower than the older one was because it s got a much more complicated nfuel injection system that can meter things better.

And this is still a ten nyear old one the newer ones are even more sophisticated so in any modern day ncar..

You don t need to warm up the engine before you drive. But of course you have nto be logical about this if your car s covered in snow and ice you got to nlet it warm up so you re warm inside and you get the snow and ice off and i know nsome guys will say well i want my engine to warm up. So. The oil flows nmodern cars.

Use very lightweight oils they flow immediately. Unless you live nwhere. It s 50 below or something you don t have to worry about the oil not nflowing in any modern car so now you know unless you re driving some old nantique that s got carburetors on it you ” ..


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