Skate 3 – How To Super Jump {Easy Tutorial} [HD

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“Guys today really flicking through some skate. Three. Oh yeah really again you playing not not watch. So i m just gonna show you how to do this super jump glitch thingy in the game yay.

Everybody clap your hands. Come on you are that s on okay right come on your stupid game load up and where they said jump. We re gonna show you a few things you can do with it ready bloody loads up come on you but coach frank they re owning challenges is one thing. But met up i say we look around ohdon t gonna play the kami s right away.

We can try and get on let s go to university challenge areas drawn locations uni. I m gonna go to that big place that here we go i m gonna reenact the stock clip ready drops up the belly and then like basically ends up in the bush. Yeah. And the big huge in the penal bush.

He ends up in the bush mimi s stuff around can be fun job i see total bail distance 8000. Meters result i don t know right well basically to get up get up get up rum rum rum rum rope or something i m not post it nope ugly come on yep again well let s just say you want to reenact that thing so there s the show. What you want to do is you got to press..


Lb and b. Get out press. I m sorry sir go grunts go to the large quarter pipe vicki. Doug spinney.

Dover and to repeat down and don t you get now what you do is very yeah. Specific what we re actually seeing that s bad you put your standard. I press. It i ll be and down to play small christine keep going back your your board your sprint ft press or being triangle as fast as you can triangle.

What the fuck mouthing xbox. I ll be a i ll be and why at the same time she let go you re bored. You sprint. A seekers hi.

There pressing there at that point as you can see that does me the super jump. So now. What you do is you position this you fee..


It by pressing rb. And you position anywhere you want to go come on come on go. Where you want you you we want to you know watch the places in the wrong. Place doesn t matter though we re cool right so you place anywhere you wanna go you sprint using a and forward until you get to egypt boom.

Okay then with it place. A new marker cuz. We re cool and you probably get a finish time. Because nobody did come on hmm well.

I don t like fair time. Oh jimmy root all right. He s tilting me that right so. What you re gonna do is you re gonna run up.

It. Enter certain at. I m alone..


Nope. Oh yeah ah up to bucket. What i do each get off me. Rob.

I will basically found a good place ready to go reitz swings position guys. I m sorry put it in the wrong place kodama. Do this right ah. What no cards oh.

No no no no no yeah. Try not to accept the challenges that oops lordy al place face your market proofed. It is very difficult guys who up are you bloody not it and that s how you do eat hmm. Yeah.

We re on top of the thing now. But thing. Yeah..


Now let s go do the shark. Go do the shark run before you move place marker. Here. You go.

Oh no oh try. Placing marco through or any skateboard. Oh no right. What you re gonna do is you re gonna go ba me down for cardio boom.

Yeah marinate look what he did is he comes down bus house alone legal in the bush. This is where he ends up yay whee himself and that s how you do that guys thanks for watching this is schmidt central iron. ” ..


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