SkipDr Review And How To Use. Simple DVD Buffer!

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“Youtube today. I d like to make a quick video on skip docker. I skipped skipped doctors just like the disk doctor was not really sure what happened to the doctor. But if you want to clean up the cd a dvd this is a great first start it s not the best option.

But it is a viable option today i d like to clean up an old final fantasy. 7. Disc and i found kicking around you can see it s dusty it s spotty and it s got a lot of scratches. So i ll show you how we can clean this up as best as possible it s not going to be perfect.

But for about 35 bucks. This is about the best you can get now the first thing you want to do is you want to get the dust off. There now if you look really closely at dust. A lot of it is basically like little rocks.

Now you want to find some cotton and just gently take the dust off very gently. You don t want to press. The cotton really hard on the disc. You ll actually want to have some kind of really soft rag.

It s kind of ghetto. What i m doing right here. But it s worse for me now next thing i got to deal with is the spots so the next step you just want to clean this with some alcohol rubbing alcohol does a great job with all desks in fact if you re trying to get a disc to work rubbing alcohol is the first thing that you want to go for so once you spray the rubbing alcohol on i would definitely recommend a spray recommend a spray just dumping it on there because it distributes it really nicely you want to just lightly pull outwards from the center outwards. Just like that you know be careful.


Though because again if there s a little piece of crud on there there s a little piece of dust on there and you do that you could put a really fine scratch in there. So i believe i got most of it off i still got some splotches on there. But i m gonna let the skip doctor take care of that from here well i m at it i m even going to hit this side. Not sure you can see it it s kind of dirty on this side.

Too. So doesn t really quite you can scrub. This side. You can screw up this side now a little history about disks are a little bit of technical information about this.

The reason that scratches will upset a disk is because there are actually millions billions of tiny bumps on on the disk. The dvd. The cd that the laser will pick up and laser looks at it it s easy s bumps kind of like kind of like a record. But more digital and that s how it gets its information.

The first thing you need to do i need to take a little spray. The instructions say about three sprays. We have a little x. Because that first one was a bit lacking next thing you need to do is you need yep you just put it in here just lock.

It in there. And you turn it you want you turn them until. The disks have made a full rotation. Let s see if i can get over here.


And show you what i mean so you can see where you start see pretty quickly where you start so you want to just make one full rotation like that unfortunately. This isn t the only step you want to go all the way around basically all that you re doing here is your buffing your very lightly sanding down the top layer of the disc and the hope is that you will sand down enough far enough that you ll have sanded the disc down far enough that you ll sand it to scratch right off. Which is why not all scratches are fixed with this most but not all maybe actually the insano depends. If they are the small ones.

This will definitely get this pitch around one side so there we go all done now the next step is dry it off and then buff. It believe it or not again now the disc doctor used to come with some kind of gel. I was drying this stuff off. And it was a disc doctor used to come with gel to help you buff better.

And i believe because of this gel. It did a better job now this looks nicer. But it s definitely not 100. I let s put it through once or more now you re going to be able to tell pretty easily.

If you have a disc that s gone through the disc doctor and i ll show you why this doctor is one of the more affordable ways of buffing and you ll see why in a second now. There s other versions you can get that will buff it even better now i still haven t done the secondary. But you can see you can see that doesn t look like a regular cd you can see the lines in there so what we got to do the final step we have to buff it down. I got this little pad you get this little pad with you to buff it down and that s what you do go in circular motion.

Now it s very important to make sure you take care of this pad. You don t put it someplace silly. Where it s going to collect dust or you will or you will put more scratches on your cd. When you do this this isn t a particularly well used system.


I mean i haven t used this too much. But it is getting a little bit dirty now you should know when you buy this system. You only get to so many uses out of it i think he got 35 uses i could be wrong. And then you have to buy another buffing wheel.

Because that one will wear out so this will take this will help you with medium than fine scratch. Just lots as i quickly learned after i got this you can also choose to buy i ve heard of a 3000. Buffer you put the put the disk in and it ll just buff everything right in you won t even be able to tell they look like new. But after i show you this you ll know you ll know what i mean even after i do this it doesn t look perfect it looks good.

But it looks far from perfect. But again unless you re selling it it doesn t matter how perfect it is i think i ll have to go over this another time or two to make it perfect geez. I got one nick and i m not even sure if i can fix i might just have to take it to the professionals. But you can see that already looks better hits that nick at the bottom.

I m sure you can see it i m kind of concerned about that one but i have final fantasy 7. On the playstation. 3. So those doesn t matter too much less waiting times.

Oh yeah. That is how you use the disk doctor. Now these pieces. These pieces roll up nicely and fit in a handle.


Which is pretty cool. Because i had a disc doctor back in the day and i lost all the pieces. I don t think they hit together so nicely and the calf goes on a handle. So you know really nice now.

Remember you only get so many uses your run out of the lubricant. And it looks like the lubricant is mainly rubbing. Alcohol. Anyways no.

Wait. 95 filtered water and 05. I isopropanol and then yeah. This is a this is the buffer wheel.

I m not sure about skip doctor. But the disc doctor was actually patented by by a gentleman who work at nasa. I m hoping this is the same stuff. I probably do more research before i start shooting my mouth.

But that is what s up with the skip doctor not a bad product for 35 bucks. I still wish that it had the gel that the disc doctor had but skip doctor not bad good for medium and ” ..

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