Skype for Business Q & A: Cause of User Reporting “Call Dropped on Answer”

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“And today we would like to look at the question of why did skype for for business drop my call when i answered atlantis technologies. We work with thousands of heavy enterprise voice users every day we support with attendant pro our skype for business attendant console. We support thousands of users in over 40 countries and so we see it s interesting from our perspective to see the kind of support incidences that come in when people are using skype for business in enterprise. Voice scenarios and one of the questions our support gets repeatedly is why does skype for business drop.

My call when i answer so we re looking at the scenario. The answer and the person isn t there. What s going on the scenario is the user has an incoming call they click answer. And the call seems to have been dropped because no one s there after the answer and the question is why does skype for business drop.

My call over the years. We ve had this miss this question come to us multiple times as support incidences..

We ve dug into them at the log level looked. Very closely investigating the client logs in some cases investigating in server. Logs. And what we have noticed is two items that repeatedly come up on our radar.

Number. One the remote user or the person that s calling into the skype for your business user hung up essentially at the same time this guy for business user answered or at the same time or slightly. After and then it appears to the skype for business users. If the call was just dropped by skype for business.

When really it was the remote user hanging up and then number two and this one s a little bit of a surprise. The local user does not understand their headset..

Where has some setting that is inadvertently hanging it up so in a tenant pro talking about number two first in a tenant pro. We have some sophisticated logging that lets us know exactly everything the attendant console user did where they clicked and we can see if a tenant pro or the user did something. And what we see in some cases is that the headset is sending a disconnect. And so how can you take care of that scenario.

So now we ll go into how can you take care of this what we have often recommended just try another headset a simpler headset. One. That doesn t have quite as many buttons and things happening. And see if it s still if still happens our experience is that sometimes the settings aren t correct they re picking the heads up and it s hanging that hanging up instead of picking up something like that so try simpler headset.

That s one snare. So on the other scenario..

Where the user or the remote callers hanging up around the same time as the skype for business user is answering. It s quite hard to actually determine this without looking at the logs. If the remote user hangs up before the skype for business user answers. There could be a missed call.

So you can see it that way. But if they answer at the same time or a little after skype for business does not indicate very well that the remote user hung up so it would be really nice is if you get a little notification. The remote user hung up usually it s a little more blind i mean actually skype for business doesn t give you really an indication it just hangs up so that you almost have to toss the support and let them dig it up the good thing is the tools are getting better office. 365.

Cloud pbx is gonna get some really good tools. It would be kind of nice..

If there d be a little feedback in the client. The remote user hung up at the moment. There isn t so. What is the most common reason for your skype for business.

Users reporting a call dropped when they answer number one the remote user hung up just about the same time they answered number two not quite ” ..

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