SOLO DUANE HYBRID BRIEFCASE BACKPACK – Overview for Best Budget Laptop Bag

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“Everybody welcome to another video of andrew and nicole today. We are going to unbox unbox a bag that i ve been looking for since i ve got a laptop. If you can check out my previous video. I got a chamois in 15 inches notebook and of course.

I have my own ipad and a lot of different document stuff. I want to bring to the office and without carrying so much bag to fit it all together in one all right so i ve been looking for this one for and i ve been scouting around and i found this to be the most affordable good looking and good quality brand and i think. This is the right bag for me alright. So this is the solo solo new york brand.

This is a hybrid hybrid briefcase okay in this briefcase turns into a messenger bag and turns into a laptop bag backpack and of course you can hand carry. It okay this will be we bought this from best buy for about 70 dollars without the sales. But since its best buy and during the christmas season. There was a sale we got it for a lot cheaper so i think it is a good buy if you ll be able to find it in best time alright so let s take a look at the outer shell of the bag the bag is made out of the like a nylon hardened island and the quality is good it is water resistant so light rains will be able to protect your gadgets inside it comes to the plenty of compartments.

So this is the back okay. Let me just cut open these cut open their strings. Show. You everything so again.

This is a hybrid bag..

It s just a label and the brand solo design in new york. Okay so it s a hybrid hybrid briefcase. So it can fit a 11 inches to 15 inches laptop ultrabooks and also can fit an internal internally an ipad tablet inside ok this is of course made in china but looks like designed in usa. Ok.

So it comes with a 5 year limited warranty. All you have to do is just register your bag a solo that net and it looks pretty good alright. If you can put it a hashtag every day solo probably they get some marketing exposure for that alright that s so that s solo from new york and let s check out what s inside the bag. Ok.

The first compartment here can serve as serve as the compartment bag for your adapters. It has different sleeves put in your passport. Your pens your pens here and even some more pockets here ok. So if you have your laptop adapters you can put it here.

And i just leave this one probably some cables ok. Another one here another place for you to put in whatever stuff. Maybe a portable hard drive or a another wallet or tablet. That you want to put some things that would fit ok.

And the back..

There s a secret pocket. Okay. So you can put large document. Here.

And this is where that backpack straps. So is located okay. So you can strap. It here.

So you can use it as again that s a backpack and check out what s inside. So you have a string or a shoulder string okay so you can string it on to this side that serves as your messenger. Y all. Enjoy your ban okay so what s inside is this one the beauty about this bag is it has many compartments okay.

So you have the main compartment here to put all your stuff to put all your documents to put all your clothes. If you need to and it has a two sleeves one for tablet as you can see here okay you can fit in a nine point seven inch tablet. And this one a compartment for your laptop. It can house 11 inches up to fifteen point six inches laptop or ultrabook.

It s fairly..

It s fairly thick. So you can put in a tickle app. Top and then and the texture here is pretty well built. It has a padding and form so you don t need to worry if you re gonna break your laptop.

It has padded foam here also and this one is not much padding. But then again it s already in the middle. So you won t have a problem this one is also has some padding okay. So you have a brand here so low.

It has a nice design. The inline design. It s very heat okay very good quality. All the seams looks to be well made no loose threads.

Okay. The zipper is sturdy. Enough okay. So you can can hook up there are strings here at the back okay so this will be like a messenger bag with the straps or you can hand carry it with the strap this one okay so again you can open it wide leaf after this this area this big so everything you can fit everything you can fit inside alright.

So this one costs about 70 or 65 without tax..

But this is the retail price we got it on a discount. I think it s about 15 or less dollars from best buy i put a link down this in the description below. So that if you re interested you can buy it directly from best buy or from there all right so thank you very much for watching this video a very simple bag. But very functional it s a dual purpose its surface your documents bearing laptop bag tablet tag bag a backpack and a messenger bag or even hand carry using this strap.

So thank. You very much for watching. This is the solo new york bag hi big brick briefcase. I hope you liked my video and if you want to find out more about my videos you can subscribe as i will be putting up more videos this 2019.

We are already approaching almost 700 subscribers. Thank you very much for supporting me and looking forward to more videos in the future. So thank you very much this is andrew and nicole for unboxing of the solo new york hybrid briefcase messenger. ” .


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