Sonic Mania Cheats: how to reach level select and sound test!

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“There everyone its alex here from vg 24. 7. Comm. And i ve got a a quick tips here for sonic mania.

A level select. Now there are two ways. Do a level select in sonic mania. And one of them is more natural and one of them is more of a cheap so i m going to show it here.

This is the nintendo switch version. So i can confirm definitely this works as this method on the switch..

I can t speak to the platform. I ll talk about that in a second so the natural way is you re going to manual mode. And you have this menu here and once you ve completed the game you will in this menu be able to select any level in the game. And you ll be warped to act one of that level.

But it ll only ever take you to act. One and that is the natural way of doing levels. However there is and live away so if we go back to the main menu of the game. We want to go back and then we re going to hold on the switch on the nintendo switch the b and y buttons.

So i don t know what these might map to on ps4 maybe circle and square maybe circle triangle maybe square and triangle but either way and same for xbox. But if you press and hold those that s going to take you back out to the main main menu of the game before you even press start the you know sonic wagging finger..

Which classic sonic fans will remember is the place where you usually to find chiefs. So yeah you press and hold b and y and you keep holding them now through all of this and then you wait for it to say press. Any button and then while still holding b. And why you pressed up and voila.

A proper traditional sonic. The hedgehog 2 3. Knuckles style level select with every level in the game access to both types of special stage. Two and even a sound.

Obviously you can unlock a sound test in a more traditional way. But hey i m not quite sure how the tax is determined..

Because this has shown up with knuckles here and when i pick a level it will be as knuckle. I m not sure on that i will update the description that s again part out. But yeah. That s it pretty much you know you select the zone and that takes you in and just going to prove that it works by picking a zone.

But i m not going to go very far in this zone. Because yeah. Spoilers are some cool stories up here. So yeah.

That s it level select in sonic mania. Evps..

A cool little. Addition obviously. There is a proper unlockable. One too.

But if you just want to check out different levels. Quickly or see how knuckles root later in the game. Differs without having to go through several zones beforehand. There it is done ” .


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