Sony Cassette Adapter, cheap way to add aux cord but is it worth it?!?

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“I wanted to do a quick little review of the sony cassette adapter. I did did a lot of research on what one was best and it seemed like the of all if he kind of junky. But in my situation. I don t want to pull the radio out and add a jack and all that stuff and i sure don t have the money to put in a new stereo system.

So i thought i d give this a try it came in at hands down the best one consistently throughout all the different reviews. I had i had read that sony was always in there somewhere and so i thought well imma try it so now. There is a couple of things i don t like about it whenever i am playing the cassette and using my my phone listening to the music and then if i eat jecht the cassette and then go back to the regular radio. The volume on the radio was much louder than it was playing the cassette and so and the main reason.

I got this was for my gps on my phone and because i couldn t hear it. So i wanted to be able to hear it on the car speakers. So now i can have the radio. Fairly loud and then when the gps overrides it that s a lot louder also and now i don t know if on the saab radio.

I had read somewhere there s some kind of adjustment. Where you can change the settings on it for like..

When the onstar phone talks to you or whatever. So i don t know if there s something in a setting here somewhere or this is just nature of the beast. So anyway. Another reason i wanted this sony was because it says that it has a floating head that always stays an adjustment and now everything i read bad about these cassette adapters was that the head never was adjusted right and you had to take it apart and adjust it and push up on it all kinds of crazy stuff.

And but now this does not have any screws to take it apart. So you know i was hoping for semi crappy at best. I ll tell you what i was blown away by the sound quality in my opinion. This sounds every bit as good as the radio now admittedly.

I have not put a cd in and but i mean you know oh my god it just sounds great in my opinion. So imma let you get a little listen to the radio. I don t know if this gopro is gonna pick up the sound or not but here s the radio. Okay so there s plenty of base okay.

So now i m going to hook. This up game to just play..

Some random stuff switch. It the tape similar just pulling your bass. Let me try to get to a better song. Oh.

It s a good song. Oh. Where s that huh now be damned. I ve used this thing for six hours and right now it s doing this tape skip.

It has never ever done that but this is an honest review so let s see what happens my car is trashed up in camping. I have a lot of loose items in here that are rattling now i can at this time i can t hear that that tape playing a little bit normally. I don t and i am not getting any when the the radio the pandora fades from one song to the other i do not get any other kind of noises that i was really impressed and i was so impressed i wanted to make this video for you guys. But now that tape did just act up that s never done that now here s what i m do this is a fairly low volume and now i m going to show you i m gonna switch it back to radio.

And it s going to blast. I know so many people think well the volume on the phone is enough well..

It is okay i m making myself look like a dummy. But the volume. I was taking pictures and using the zoom. So the volume was down but in my initial testing.

It was a so i m not i m not just crazy bit part of the song coming up now for some reason. The volume seemed of equal doubt. I don t know what the hell is going on because i actually made sure that the volume was up on the phone on the first testing and that would blast the radio when it kicked in there s a good part song as you can tell there s plenty of bass. Now i have bad hearing.

So i have the volume and or the settings all out of whack. But i mean this is just great in my opinion waiting for this good part okay. That s it like i said here s one more time. Let s see if the volume that the volume changes.

Okay that seems fine. I mean i don t know what s going on with that i know for a fact that i checked the volume on the on the phone before but anyway whatever and i do apologize because i said i ve got a bunch of crap in my car rattling and vibrating from the base kick..

It in so you know if you re on a budget like me. And you just don t you know listen to the music. I got this thing mainly truthfully only for the gps. Because i couldn t hear the gps on the phone and like i said it it works great.

So. That s my little review. I did get this at b h. Photo.

It was the cheapest place with shipping at the time you know other than ebay had some used ones and stuff. But you want to make sure you get a new one and in my opinion. This floating head is the key and you know i mean i could be totally wrong about that. But i mean it makes sense if everybody s complaining that they have to take it apart and and adjust the head and this and that while this is continuing adjust are floating and writing the head and the tape player that makes sense to me so anyway.

I give it a big thumbs up so ” ..

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