Sony Handycam Review HDR CX405

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“What s up internet. I ve had this camera for like almost two years now now the sony hdr cx 405. This has to be like the cheapest sony handycam. I ve ever owned when it comes to the feel of it like it just feels cheap.

They re about 200 bucks right now. Sometimes you can find them on sale for cheaper than that. But yeah worthy of a review. I m going to go over some pros and cons tell you whether or not it s worth it let s do this oh man.

We re gonna start with some pros and cons pro and scott allen s cover wow. It s manual. But it s got it pro. It has screen con it s not a touchscreen but maybe that s it s a pro.

Though because sony has kind of a track record of having bad touch screens on their cheaper camcorders so you use this little joystick thing. And it s actually pro it s easy to use the functions. When you go into like the menu and stuff. And you see image quality and setup and all that yeah.

That s that s good pro. It uses sd cards oh. And you can also use the sony like micro or m2. I don t know i don t have any of those but i m glad at least you can also use an sd card pro pro removable battery.

So. If your battery gets dead. You could just replace. It with another battery con unlike normal sony.

Handycams or the ones before it rather you cannot get an extended battery. So yeah now this one is a couple years old and i have neglected it like it s sat at like zero charge for months on end. And it ll still hold the charge..


And it actually record for quite a while so that s a pro record time is alright pro hdmi out for if you want to hdmi out. And another pro is it s got this usb plug it it says multi and i ve never used that cause bro and the handgrip strap. There is it s as charged. But i could swear that it actually also transferred files through that but it says charge on it that makes me question it so along with that battery not being able to be expandable.

The biggest pro of the camera follows. Which is that the usb cord. That s built in it can actually be plugged into a external like a battery pack. If it has a 2 amp plug on it you can actually run the camera off of that if you get a big enough one of those like this 20 milliamp hour.

One that i are sorry. 20. Thousand milliamp hour. One that i have you can run for a very long time on this camera.

Which takes it out of the whole cellphone realm and puts it into a hey. This is the reason you bought the camera. So you can record long periods of time in. One.

Shot. Nice. Pro you can take pictures with. It oh.

Yeah. 92. Megapixels. Pro.

It can take a hit. You can see a little scratch here. I ve dropped it before and it keeps working that s really good actually con..


It feels cheap. I think i said that it s super lightweight. Which is i guess that s a pro that it s lightweight. So if you mount this on like a suction cup mount on a window or something it doesn t put much pressure on it mmm yeah in another pro you might not see this one coming.

But i ll link my video about my spark eevee here. The driving portion of that video. I ended up reverting to using the audio. That was recorded with just this camcorder and the audio is pretty good.

It s stereo as well. So yeah. Pro you can record 60p with this thing not bad. And it uses that xv ac codec that can record 50 megabytes per second like it s crazy amount of data.

There s a con with that though is that the sensor on this camera just doesn t feed that 50 megabytes with much information like it s just it s grainy. But it does work. But let s say con is the picture quality. However if you re looking for like a just a good decent 1080p picture.

This actually cranks one out it so it s alright. I have an hdr cx 350. I think it is i gotta try to fix that thing i soaked it in oil replacing my transmission fluid my motorhome. I hope to do a video on that but the picture quality between this one.

Which can shoot up to 50 megabytes per second. And that one which only does. 24 megabytes per second that one still has a better image. But yeah.

What s cool as additional pro is with that higher frame rate and even an extra pro is that you don t have to shoot in that 50 megabytes per second format. You can do avc hd. And then choose different qualities..


Which is much lower rates. But one thing. I haven t really used and i ll talk about it in a little bit is this dual video recording you can record your regular video and also a lower quality video in the background to like share. It so you have two different files.

I ve never used it. But that s that s a pro if you just wanna like share videos. But you got to get them off the camera onto the internet hmmm that micro sd uses a xc format or up to that so you can put in 128 megabytes. Like i have here and that gives me avc hd.

60. I which is 30 frames per second. I m looking at 11 hours right now and i think i ve got about an hour of footage on here. That s a lot do you remember eight millimeter tapes good ol avi format.

Gosh. I think the pros outweigh the cons. But like if you pick this thing up you re just feeling like it s really cheap pro. It does have some sort of image stabilization that does seem to work decent go figure.

It s a sony and they re pretty good at that the lens isn t shakin around like in an ax 33 or anything. But yeah. It s got that con it does not have an external microphone jack pro you can adjust a lot of the manual portions of this you can adjust the f stop all the way from 182 to f10 as with showing. But like the exposure.

That s one that i keep locked on so. It s not constantly like over underexposing or changing the exposure. Just it ll just set that is nice congrats you survived the pc list is it good or is it bad you decide after i decide i think that this is actually a good camera for 200 bucks. You can do a lot of different things.

With 200 bucks and not buying. This is of course. That s a choice..


I didn t think this camera would be on the market for so long. But it still is that s kind of crazy. I ve actually used it in quite a few of my videos. And it is really handy because it s lightweight it doesn t put much stress on any sort of gear and you can like fit it in your pocket too if you needed to in it s just it s a good backup camera.

If you needed to backup camera. And you already have like those power packs like backup for your phone. That s a good combination. This was one of those the screen is bright enough to like view.

When you re in bright sunlight. So that s good you re not gonna be really slowed down. There it s just when you re using it it just feels so light and so cheap. But it actually does hold up pretty good so i hope this gives you a better idea about this camera.

And if you re gonna go buy one go buy one. And if you ve got a lot of extra money to spend on another camera sure sony makes good ones. I think the ax. 53.

Is now out i like the ax 100. It s several years old. But that s a good one. But yeah.

This hd. Rcx 405 holds up pretty good so anyway hope that helped ” ..

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