Soundz Stereo System Install Loudest, Clearest, Cleanest, and best Audio for your bagger!

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“What s going on guys. Today. We re gonna do an upgrade on the stereo. Stereo.

I already have the boom audio one i think from harley. I bought it it at the dealer. But i think that s time for a little more of an upgrade. We re gonna discuss some speakers in the saddlebags and just get a more powerful amp than some better speakers just all around away from this company called sounds.

They sent me this big old box let s go ahead and open. It up take a look all right so right on top is our amp. Let s get the manual. Some stickers on like a template on how to mount it in your bike.

A bracket wire harness. Oh very nice then this box here okay. This is really cool they actually send you the laptop and and the wires and stuff and the car necessary to flash. It so you don t actually have to go to the dealer you can just flash.

It right here at your home. This is kind of like a rental thing kind of like when you rent a tool from your your auto parts store. Whatever. So you got to take it back so i gotta send this back as soon as i m done flashing.

It this is the iron 65. But these are the six by fives that go in my ferry. Then see this looks like maybe grill smitty. Yeah.

That s my speaker grills for front packaging. Paper and a big ol honkin box on the bottom. There and these are the iron 69. Then you should be my six.

My nines for the yep for the saddlebag so right on i can t wait to get this installed. So let s go ahead and get started right now. So our installed. The advan black saddlebag lids and that put the iron 69 speakers in there.

But this video. We ll be installing the front speakers the amp and then all the wiring for those now. A lot of you probably already know will solve these speakers or a new amp or anything you have to have harley flash your stereo to make it work properly. So you don t blow anything up well sounds.

Actually we ll send you out the stuff to do it yourself. I think we need to do that first and then we ll turn the whole bike apart. Let s remove the side cover to gain access to the main fuse and also the connection point for this all right now this little adapter. It plugs in on the left side.

So let s take you over there so here s the left side. Where your fuses got these two plugs right here believe. It is this one all right. And it s got like a little weather tap on it plug yeah you re gonna just plug.

It into there. And then this part will go to our card. Which is right here. Okay.

Then it s got the plug on this side here. And then this part will hook up to our computer. Just the usb. Let s go ahead.

And do that power this bad boy up all right here..

We go okay all right. So. Let s say so we got some different amps here. We ve got the sounds.

There s only one here it looks like so like to have two amps. 8. Speaker. Program speaker.

This will take a moment. Ok program speaker. You ll receive a result from the scan pass. Fail.

Or any ok ok. Troubleshooting steps. Let s see check motorcycle switch position. Now try to hook up those speakers again ok turn the ignition off wait 13 seconds one mississippi two mississippi three mississippi 12 mississippi 30 mississippi and then turn it back on oh someone s birthday okay geez come on yeah all right so past okay so turn the key off if you got it past okay.

And then you ll be finished all right now you just slide this back on it s got like a little rail that slides in there put your cap back in i m gonna go ahead and pull my main fuse just because not only when we disconnect the battery and stuff. A lot of times. You ll you ll get a little short and sometimes it ll still pop the fuse when you re playing with those connections. So i do both next up is this piece here pops off there s one one clip.

There and then the other ones there goes all right you get yourself a little pic or something they have a kind of an elbow on them so they kind of pop in like that and then they just got to your regular plastic clip. So just this screw right here. It s on both sides the torque 25. Then you ve got right here.

I can get some lighting. In there. There s little air deflectors. They have two screws in there all right next up right here well take this guy out.

Okay. The same on the other side. Then make sure you hold your ferry. Because this last.

Little bleeder bolt is the only thing holding your bearing on a little bit maybe a little bit of gravity all right hopefully i can get enough light in an angle. But you got two ford bolts on here for your tank and they re covered up by this little kind of rubber grommet thing. So yeah. You should be able to see it right there it looks like a torque 40 all right now like i said.

There s one on the other side of scene next up we got these little breather tubes. They just go down should have both sides here see this one yeah. It s a little stiffer on this side. Yeah.

You know two breathers and then now you got your wires get that guy just connected there. And then we got two bolts here on the back and they are the same size as the front. So the t 40 now over on the left side. The clutch side you got this uh.

This fuel line right here. So grab a rag just in case. We drizzle a little it s got a built in stopper. So it shouldn t do shouldn t do a whole lot.

But you might get a little so you re gonna want to lift up on this sleeve. Here and pull the line down there so that s it now you just pull the tank off sit it somewhere nice good thing. I got a full tank. So my school and hey there we go now we have access to all our wires.

Which are underneath this little plastic cover here alright now for these housings..

There s one on the left and right and hold your speaker in we actually got to modify him anyway. But uh might looks like my gps antennas mounted to it so it looks like i m out to cut the zip tie and then unplug. It one two bolts here and then two on the bottom here. So let s get this cab.

Now for the bottom. Two should be this little fellow right here this one feel like we got one more think. There s five that one right there okay now all right right now. We ll just set these off to the side for now.

I ll pull the speakers out later near the modifications so right here is the where the speaker wire goes just connect that again just like that and then remove the five bolts all right now we re gonna remove the headlight first you got to take this little uh plastic trim piece here off. Say t t. 25. 25.

Just got two little screws on each side all right now next up is getting these off slide. It forward. I mean here we go alright. So those are off yeah.

There s our screws work and light there for the top ones. They re all a little bit. So i ll use some extensions for the top bolt. So they are 3 8.

X. And then the bottom bolts are here probably would be wise to put a blanket or towel. Or something over your fender here. Just in case.

You drop up here is our aftermarket amp. So imma have to go ahead and remove that and decipher some of the wiring that they did because i did not do that all right welcome back all you missed me doing was removing the the harley boom audio amp. So just took me a little while but i got it out that s all you missed all right so now we got the new amp with the new wiring harness and here s the power wire. I m gonna go ahead and run the power wire right now down the backbone of the bike all right so since it s kind of tight up there through the neck go ahead and put your your fuse your power and ground cable.

There just kind of lay. These here they re gonna go through this trough here and then through the neck. So i m going round it through this hole here right right. There s where it s coming through.

There. I m just routing it through the left side right. There. I ll go ahead and zip tie.

It to these cables here with it and run it through the trough all right so i m just gonna sit this in there. And that trough lay this all up in there to play rolling. Oh leon positive ground pretty self explanatory. All right so we got the power wire.

The ground wire hooked up so with this hooking up to the stock harness. You don t need a remote wire. So i was like okay cool that makes sense and then also it s gonna go through the speaker wire for the front speakers. Okay that also makes sense.

So i don t need to do that this one for the front would just be for like if you had some in the lower pods or something like that cool i get it. But about my rear. What about my saddlebag speakers that i m adding that this bike never had no that s not an ultra or anything. Like that you know so and then they re like oh okay.

Well. We thought you had a harness already and i was like no i don t have a harness you know i just added. The speaker lids and so they re like oh. No so super.

Awesome they ship some out super fast to me so now i have a saddle bag harness so basically..

I m gonna have to pull these wires out that i you know started to run. They have a harness already made up that actually connectors and grommets and all that kind of stuff to wire up my saddlebag speakers. Let s that s awesome. So don t need to worry about a remote wire.

So we can put this bad boy backed up and we have our speaker wire. We are ready to go took a couple days off basically just to get all that stuff figured out so all right and i also asked him about the settings and stuff it sounds. I ll go check them. But it sounds like everything is already wired up the way.

It s supposed to be so okay. I just got those four bolts started like i said. I m gonna have to put these ones back in to pull it down because uh it had holes in there i had to pull a month just so i could slide the the bracket in there and then i ll i ll zip them back down that ll go through the holes. That are they put in there.

So and then i ll put these back bolts in because that does not need to come back out. And then here is our speakers. I already forgot which ones. Which ah okay so the front is the grays so i m gonna be using those unless.

I had the lower pots later and then the rear should be the the green in so that one will be hooking up to this bad boy here so let s go ahead. I m gonna pull these back out down the backbone and we ll route the other one real quick and we ll uh. We ll show that let s do that alright. So i don t know if i showed it already you got take this little plastic cover off your backbone.

These are your brake lines are they ll slide out on this part here and then this part just holds them down. But yeah just snaps off just be careful not to break any of your little plastic snappers and then your harness that they send you because if you re doing the different amp or whatever and then you just run regular speaker wire or whatever. But this one s really nice. It s already built up so somewhere around here it splits.

But you got a nice loom on it so and they got their power wires and stuff going through here. I m gonna run them on probably the same side because there s still a lot of room. The hair on this side or the other side is a lot tighter that s for sure basically we re gonna run it down. There and then it ll go down the backbone here so for this once you get it to come through the backbone.

Here you ll kind of route one on one side one on the other you got to take your side covers off. I actually pulled the fuse off whole assembly kind of back i didn t pull any wires. But i just kind of pulled it back so you can get access on the other side. So this side.

Yeah. You just route your wires try to find a nice way to run them. I think i kind of like more a little just along the top on the other side. But just make sure you re not going to be having any interference whatsoever with anything so i just kind of ran the wire down.

You can see it s right here kind of kind of weaved it in and out of the the other harnesses to kind of help eliminate somebody s zip ties and stuff like that and then it goes back up and then i just got it attached right here and right now. It s just running over the top of my shock mount here. So i ve got a little bit to go into my saddlebag here. So and very similar to on the other side now for this idol bags just route your wires through the hole here and then i may have to cut a bigger hole.

I got a pretty small one and i had a different kind of grommet either that or maybe i ll take the grommet off this one and use a different one this one s a little bit bigger than what i had cut out. I had one set up for about this size. So right now. I got the wires coming off here coming through and just kind of dangling.

I m probably gonna get some gorilla tape. I ll probably kind of tape them something like that just against the front side. So it still has some play here and some play there a little bit just so it doesn t get snagged as easy still got to do a better grommet there. But so they got to do for them i was probably kind of ghetto.

But i don t know for now that s good. I think i got a little bit of slack here and then got a nice coil up here so if you can see it when i shut it. But it kind of that way it has like a nice slack on there too so i think this will do for now. I might reattach.

It and do a little different later..

But at least for now is good boom on stage. One is the speaker that was in there the magnet size and then the the new sound speaker. So just in speaker. Size alone you could probably get a pretty good idea that the difference in sound.

We re gonna get sticker to line up with your your speaker pod so it s kind of got like this little guy here. That s the point you pretty much want to start with and then it s got the to remove the phone. So there s that foam let s talk about so something something like that so you re gonna align. Pretty much like right here right here so it s pretty much gonna go like this this one here i don t know if maybe different models have a different mark there something i don t have anything i think anything there on both mine.

So yeah you d stick it here and then then you cut out this area here. So let s go ahead and get this foam off and stick our sticker on get started with that edge now we ll just kind of gotta do this one handed sorry. It s just this got to be kind of close. It s not something perfect they had something there i probably should remove that s okay like i said.

It s just kind of a template. It you kind of close so and they even on the other one i had to remove quite a bit more so safety glasses definitely dremel with the that s all kind of that it said plastic. I got plastic on my face make sure either pull your harness out or gonna make sure. It s taped down or tucked in real good somewhere out of the way you don t want to be cutting.

It kassie like i said i do like a little spar and then ones how to clean it up. But the biggest thing is this ridge right here is what we got to try to get that s what most our clearance issues are actually actual hole bigger. I just kind of cut inside on the those ribs like i said. I m gonna see if that works because i think that s mostly what it s hitting on is right there on that side there so looks like we ve got some pretty decent clearance.

There i might clean that up a little bit but definitely on this side. I m going to trim this a little bit more and then we should be good and maybe i ll clean it up a little since it looks like hacksaw jim did it i can t get it to focus. But there s like this little alignment pin. Here i was having troubles.

Giving the new speakers. Don t line up with it i m just probably gonna cut it off you may have better luck just aligning it up. I m not sure all right then once you got your hole go ahead and screw in your speaker down they provide some longer screws to some stronger ones. So using those alright.

So it says you sound deadener along inside of outer fitting do not use to cover the ports on the cut into pod so sounds like we re not gonna be use it to cover this whole thing just stick it over like a patch. But you re actually gonna use it on your fairing to give us some sound eddie so i don t know what i m doing. But i cut the piece it wasn t one big piece. I cut it into two pieces and split this area.

This is the i believe the wire for your blinker and so i ll probably do the same on there then just put your screws in and reinstall your pod. You have a five screws three on the bottom. Yet one. There one here and one up here.

And then the two up the top. Yeah hook up your speakers. There s the the harness inside the pod just hook. It up to your new speakers and then you ve got your stock harness here the speaker wires just hook that up to your to your pods left and right here definitely a good idea to check everything make sure everything s working before you put it all back.

Together. So i ve already been kind of playing with it a little bit. It s working great gotta get some music on here that s a acceptable on youtube here. It s ridiculously.

Loud which i like let s get everything back on i won t really go through it on the video. Because i did the removal and it s basically all this the opposite. They did send some new screens over for the new speakers. So once we get that fairy knot and put those screws that go on inside.

There we ll slap those new screens on but pretty much everything is done we just kind of put it all back together all right. Let s see if we can test this out and not piss the neighbors off too bad. ” ..


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