Steam Corrupt Disk Fix – 5 Methods to correct the issue

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“This quick video to fix the corrupt disk message in steam. So basically there are are six possible ways you can fix this issue and we ll start with number number one is you actually have a corrupt disk. So what you want to do is move the game file. But before you do that you want to create a new steam directory so you go to steam settings downloads steam library folders click on that one add a library folder select a location so probably a different hard drive.

So there create a new folder called steam library ok select the library and hit close. So now you can go in and select the new installation folder. So you want to go to your game. Details you game.

Library and find your game right click. It and go to properties go to your local files. And then move the install folder and you can choose a new folder to install this into most likely. The best option is going to be moving it to a different hard drive if you find that that still doesn t work you can always run a check disk on the drive.


So you can run your command. Prompt as administrator on that and just chkdsk f. And this will scan your disk. Just hit.

Yes. And it will check the next time you restart. They ll fix any integrity errors. And hopefully help you out so.

If that s still not working number two you want to delete your downloads folder so this is gonna be helpful if you get an update and it gets stuck so what you re doing is you want to find your steam directory. The easiest way probably to find steam is type steam in the start menu right click. It go to open file location open file location. .


Again. And you want to look for a folder called downloading. It s going to be under steam apps. Just delete the contents anything that s in there to delete that and restart you re steamed probably close steam and delete it then restart it and let the update go again and see there you go all right number three.

So you could be downloading the update from a region that is possibly giving you corrupt data unlikely but possible you can go to steam settings downloads and under your region here choose the location closest to you or not in the same country. But somewhere close to you so for me you d be indonesia. Probably try that hit ok sign out of steam sign back in download the update. And hopefully.

Bob s your uncle. If not number four which is to check your antivirus. This is going to be very unlikely to fix. Because steam would automatically put itself in your antivirus.


You want to check your firewall rules under advanced defend the firewall with advanced security click on that one you can allow an app or feature through windows defender firewall. You want to go through here. And find steam. It s probably already in there for example it might not be ticked.

So you want to go change settings and make sure these two attacked to allow the app hit ok. If you find that the apps. Actually not there and go allow another app. Browse and then browse to the location.

Where your steam is installed and that should help you out alright. If that doesn t work the next one would be to check your network adapter settings. So you want to go to control panel. You want to go to network and internet network and sharing change.


Adapter settings. You want to find the adapter. That you re. Using.

Either your wi fi or your ethernet plugged. In you re going to right click. It it disabled give it five 10 seconds right click it hidan able see if you can connect this team and download the update that way ” ..


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