STOP PAYING FOR YOUR HOME PHONE Let Google do it for Free!

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“Month marked the end of my price lock guarantee with my cable company. Which means means instead of paying just under 70 dollars a month for home phone and 50 down internet. It literally doubled to a hundred and twenty dollars a month. But silly me right i mean i was privileged enough to have it for three years even though.

It s only promotional pricing. So i should be more than willing to pay my fair share for the next forever. No of course not it sent me into a frenzy thinking about what i should cancel to save money and after debating in my head for exactly 03. Seconds.

I decided i would cancel everything but the internet so the home phone. Everybody knows that home phone landlines suck the voice quality sucks. Most of the calls that i get are spam and just about everyone has been carrying around a cell phone in their pocket for the last few decades of has made them question. What the point of their landline is anymore.

Let me just put this to rest right. Now. This video is not about canceling your home phone service in favor or something like your cell. Phone.

Instead. While it s true that cellular service has gotten a lot better in recent years. That was only one of many excuses. People have for not canceling their home phone line after all it s much more convenient to have a few of these guys lying around the house constantly charging all day than it is to scramble around the house trying to find this guy before he goes to voicemail keeping a landline through your local provider.

Usually boils down to one or more of three problems. One your provider is bundling your service with tv internet or home security. If you cancel suddenly the prices of the others go up and the savings. You were expecting become more of a wash to your security system relies on disconnecting.

The landline would mean converting over to a cellular. Based security system. That would cost hundreds of dollars in upgrades. 3.

9. 1. 1. Calls just aren t as accurate from a cell phone.

While it s true that modern cell phones can relay locations back to your nine. One one dispatcher. They re often too broad and can have emergency crews searching for minutes on end wasting precious time landlines on the other hand are registered to a set address since well they don t move making them an instant dispatch in the case of an emergency in recent years. Companies like vantage and magicjack have tried to solve this by routing all of your phone calls through the internet and for the most part they re on the right track.

But they still fall short of being a true core cutting strategy due to their monthly charges and proprietary devices. Vonage charges. Ten bucks a month for the first year and then twenty five bucks a month thereafter magicjack is a little cheaper at only forty dollars. The first year including a then and then just 35 a year after but the way it works is pretty annoying.

I personally don t want to use my computer tower as a router for all of my home phone calls. I mean the cables are already a big enough mess back there and on top of that i don t want to have to keep my computer on for 24 hours a day in case. I get a call in the middle of the night thankfully. We can do a lot better than this in fact this method works so well that not only did i get my home phone and internet bill back down to 60 a month.

But i also tripled my internet speed while i was at it if that got your attention then stay tuned. Because this video is all about finally cutting your home phone line or good. So..


What did i do well it all comes down to this little box right here meet. The obi 200 from obi hi. This guy s job is basically to convert google voice into a home phone service with a dial tone. Don t know what google voices let me fill you in google.

Voice is sort of like a cell phone carrier. But not it s a thing that lets you make phone calls from gmail. See voicemails and hangouts in the google voice website. And more the biggest thing to know is that it s free.

If you want they give you a free actual number or you re free to port in your own. It gives you unlimited nationwide calling and even supports texting through your phone or hangouts on any device. That supports it the problem is that it s kind of like skype. It s technically all based through the internet.

So the only way that you can really use it is through the app through the website or by dialing. The google number first to get out. But that s where this box comes in the obi 200. Basically turns the google voice service into an actual landline with a dial tone to use with your home phone system you ll see it s really a basic box just one port to plug in your home.

Phone. Base one to plug in the router. One for power and even a usb port where you can give the box wi fi capabilities via an adapter that obi high sells on amazon and for any of you still using fax don t worry this still has you covered provided that you find your own fax over internet service. Which there actually are a lot of them for free and that s the main idea behind this video since google voice is free once we set up this box our home phone is free.

Which gives us a lot of leverage over our cable company. Which means. We should probably give them the phone call right now thank you for calling. Cablecorp.

My name is matt. How can i help you today. Hi. Ma.

am. My name is dev. I just had a few questions about canceling. Some things today all right.

Mr. Dev. I d be more than happy to assist you with that today hold up now notice how i didn t say i was going to outright cancel my service there s a few reasons for this but i m gonna hit them one by one first of all just by mentioning that i m thinking about cancelling. A service.

The representative is already looking up an extension for their loyalty department or as i like to call it retentions. They don t know which one i m cancelling just yet and even if they did. This representative isn t gonna have the power to cancel anything can i ask what it is you re looking to cancel exactly well i have something in mind. But i want to go over a few options first all i know is that i can t afford all of the services that i have right now i understand.

Mr. Dev let me transfer you to someone that ll be able to help you all major companies have loyalty departments that you have to go through first before canceling anything and letting them know that you are looking to cancel a service rather than something simple. Like what can you guys do for my bill lets them know that you re actually serious and is going to give you access to their non advertising oil tea plans hi dev. My name is rick r.

We re looking into cancelling a few things with us. What s up these guys are always trying to keep the conversation. Cool look..


Let s be real here. Retentions and loyalties is basically the last resort of the company. The only people they really get transferred to them are the ones that are already screaming yelling at the previous rep before but how they re getting overcharged in their bill etc. If there s one thing.

I could ask you to do is just to please whatever you do be nice to these guys be their breath of fresh air in the day that they ve been getting yelled at for something that they probably didn t even cause. The nicer you are to them the more. It s gonna encourage them to help you there s no reason to get heated or angry here. The rep.

That i talked to knew exactly what my plan was and didn t care because i was nice to him. He actually helped me out in moving my home phone number over to google moving on this is where you let them have it hey you know i was actually just looking to cancel my home phone. But i was wondering if there were any loyalty specials. I qualify for after doing that well you know before you cancel your home phone.

We do have a few offers. I d like you to check out we can reduce your home phone bill to a fraction of what you re paying for it. If you want i m toning. This part out like i m sure you will when you make the call.

But just remember be respectful does any of that sound like something you d want to do well. See i m actually about to pour my home phone number out from you guys over to google voice. So i don t want to cancel just yet. But since it s one of those voice over ip services.

I don t really think you guys can be free you know i was more curious about if you d be able to do anything with my internet price this is super. Important whatever you do do not let your cable company cancel your home phone line for you we need that home phone line active for when we go to google voice and try to port over that number if you have your home phone provider cancel at first you ll lose the number forever and it s generated by somebody else within the next few minutes instead when you port your number over to google voice through google voices platform. They will disconnect the number from your account for you your cable company will look through your bill and see if there s no number on your home phone service anymore. And cancel it for you as well correct well let me ask you a few questions about your internet use and we ll see what we can do you need a lot of speed do you watch a lot of movies or shows through the internet now here s where they re gonna run through a script of things that they need to ask you to figure out what your service actually needs if you need more speed answer questions like yeah we stream a lot of netflix or i stream a lot of youtube or we play a lot of games.

If you watch a lot of tv. Say yeah. I ve been looking for more sports channels. In place of what i ve been paying for my home phone.

Just be honest with them they re trying to help you out here just as much as you want them to the more honest you answer the better their deal is gonna fit you. But the best i can do is give you 150. Meg s down for 60 a month before tax now. I can t put this on your account and sell only our internet services on it.

So. What i can do is add an annotation. So that when you call back once you re done for ting out your number. They ll go ahead and throw that on for you good let me bring back the context for you before my price luck expired.

I was paying 67 a month after tax for 50. Meg internet and home phone service. Then after the price lock expired with the same exact services. It doubled to 120 dollars a month.

Now that i m moving my home phone service over to google and they re tripling my internet speed. They re cutting my bill in half down to 60 a month before tax. I tripled my internet speed and cut my bill in half let me be super clear about this your mileage is definitely going to vary. It might not be the same as mine.

But even if you save only a few bucks a month or only get a little minor speed increase or a few more channels. That s still a win in my book. But now that we got our cable company under control go set up our little obi box first of all we re gonna need a working..


Google voice account setting this up is super simple just head over to voice google comm and log in with your google account if you cool with getting a brand new phone number google can generate you one for free. It even gives you the ability to choose the area code and in some cases choose the exact numbers in case. You wanted to spell something out if you want to keep your existing number you absolutely can google voice supports porting in phone numbers from a select few carriers for just a 20 fee. If you want to use a cell phone number you have with it it s super easy to move over just feed.

It your previous phone number account number and pin from that line it ll move over into day or two. However if you re moving over a home phone number like i did it might be a little bit more difficult for example. My provider wasn t supported by google to move over my number. Luckily obi high prepares for this and published a detailed guide on their website to work around this barrier that i ll link in the description.

The main idea behind it is that regardless of if your current home phone supports moving over to google they ll always support you going to a prepaid carrier like t mobile. So essentially you just buy a t mobile prepaid sim card for around ten bucks move your home phone number over to this and then move it from t mobile over to google voice. I know that sounds a little bit weird using another wireless carrier like that as a stepping stone. But this is the exact method that i used and it worked lawlessly and know it doesn t have to cost you anything i never had to select a plan with t mobile or load my account with credits and when i was done i just returned this over to target and got my money back once you re done with that you re ready to set up the obi box.

I promise you re gonna love how easy. This is all you need to do is find your router plug one end of the included ethernet cable into an open ethernet port on your router and the other end into the ob then take out your home phone line. Which is usually plugged into your modem and plug it into your ob. Then plug the ob into power.

That s it you re done with the actual hardware setup for the box. Let it blink green a few times tuck it away in a corner somewhere and find a computer on your home network to finish up the rest from here you re going to head over to ob talk comm hover over sign in at the top right of your screen and click signing with google click the google account associated with the google voice number you set up and log in then check. The box that says i want to configure google voice on this device and hit next from there it ll ask you to dial a number from your home phone. So it knows who you are here s where we got to talk about something because one of the only things of the ob height.

Doesn t support is a 9 1. 1. Calls through google voice. Now we still have two options.

Here. Because obviously. No one is going to go without. 9 1.

1. One is to use your cellphone for any and all 9 1. 1. Calls and the other is to use the service.

I ll show you in just a second to make those calls from your home phone. Still regardless. We ll need to accept the warning. It gives us to continue after that just read through the google voice terms and click accept give your ob.

A nickname type in your numbers area code and check the box. If your home security system is going to be using this landline for emergencies. The next screen is going to be your default will be talk page from now on and after the circle next to configuring stop spinning. And says connected you re ready to start making calls through your home phone again give yourself a quick test.

Call. And you re all finished. Unless you went with option 2 4. 9.

1. 1. Calls..


If you still want to make them through your new ob. You ll have to use a service like unveil for them. Luckily these guys run an exclusive offer for the ob that gives you full 9 1. 1.

Support. For just 15 a year in all honesty. I think. It s worth it considering at this point.

It s not just 911 either let s say. There s an emergency at my home. And i call 9 1. 1.

The 9 1. 1. Dispatcher immediately has my complete address on record. Because part of the on vo setup.

Process is typing out the exact information you want to give them in addition. Um bo can immediately shoot out a text email or automate. A phone call to up to five people to let them know you re in an emergency situation. If you have friends or family.

That live closeby. If not in your same neighborhood. This feature alone would be worth the 15. But hey that s all up to you otherwise our work is pretty much done here.

When you re done call back your isp and get whatever incentive they promise you whether it was a lower bill higher speed. More channels on your tv or if you re lucky all three outside of that you can enjoy new features on your home. Phone. You probably have never had before like optional.

Automatic call. Forwarding in place of a voicemail free visual voicemail making. Phone calls over wi fi on tablets and smart phones. Or.

Even your computer through hangouts and even send text from your home. Phone. Number. There s plenty of new stuff to make your home phone great again so mess around on the obi high website.

And the google voice website and find out exactly what all you can do now. If you ll excuse me this phone. Call just said. I want a trip to the bahamas.

So i need to get back and before i go for everybody that actually follows this channel here s a sneak peek at the next video. ” ..

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