Study Like This to Absolutely DESTROY the CARS Section of the MCAT (130+)

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” s it going everyone my name is jan. Luca. And i m coming to you. You.

With my very. First video here on youtube for the next. Gen md. Channel.

I m super excited to talk to you today. But i know you don t have much time because you re studying for the mcat and there s deadlines all around you so i m gonna give you everything you need to know on how to get a 130 or above on the car section. I m gonna do this as quick as possible so if you re still listening and you want this 130 or above try and keep up with me really quickly okay so very brief background about me the very first time that i sat down to a practice test on the mcat. I ended up with a 125 on cars.

However after studying for three months straight six days a week 90 minutes a day specifically on cars using this method. I was able to bump up my score to a 131 and that is the 99th percentile and i m super happy that i achieved it. But therefore. I m a great example as to why i believe that this whole thing about cars being an innate ability that you can prove that s that s total nonsense.

There s no way you could definitely improve your car score. So if that was the way you were thinking just throw it out of your head all together because that s not true now the very first thing i want you to do step. 1..


Is you re gonna go up and grab yourself some mcat cars. Practice books you re gonna get something like. The princeton review. The khan.

Academy anything you can get your hands on. I know. These books are expensive. But they re worth it and on top of that you re also going to go on the khan.

Academy website. And the aamc official websites and get as many of these practice. Banks. As you can now not all the practice banks are created equally some are better than others.

So always make sure that you save the official aamc tests until the very end of your studying. Now once you ve gathered all your materials. That s step. One step.

Two. What you re gonna do is go out and start to work on these three things right here. Gradually you are going to improve..


It you re going to try to improve your accuracy on answering questions after the passages. Then you re going to decrease the amount of time you spend on each passage and then finally you re going increase your endurance and that relates to how many passages you could do in a row. Without losing your marbles now the way that you re going to do this is using a method that i developed from using a similar method that you would use of the gym. And that is the progressive overload style of training that you would use out in the fitness world and the way that that works is that if i had a goal to go in benchpress 200 pounds.

And i had never stepped foot in the gym before what i wouldn t do is walk over to the bench press at the gym for the very first time lie down and slap on 200 pounds. It s not how it works and bad things happen that way and similarly you are not going to do that for the endcap you are not gonna watch a few youtube videos and go and expect a 130 or above on the test. But what you are going to do is set a very easy goal as a baseline and gradually improve as time goes on so in terms of cars. The very first thing that you re going to do is pick up your practice books or whatever passages.

You have available and you re going to start off by not priming yourself on the passages. Instead we re going to just shoot for 80 accuracy on one passage at a time that is the very first thing you re going to do so you re gonna pick up a passage. Read the entire thing through take your time understand what the authors saying and write down any words that you have no idea what they re talking about so. That you could look them up later.

Then also think about your answers carefully when you re answering the questions later on. But the important thing here is that you re shooting for 80 on each one of your practice. Passages. Now that s step.

One once you ve been working on this for a while and you could consistently get 80 accuracy on your passages. You move on to step two. Now the step two is to now introduce the variable of time you re gonna set it to 15 minutes per passage then you were going to try to achieve 80 accuracy again..


But still one passage at a time now the same thing you re gonna work on this for a few days or however long it takes you and then you re gonna progress to the next thing. Once you move on to the very next step. This is where we start seeing the progressive overload stepping. We are going to gradually decrease the time so this step here is now from 15 minutes it s to 14 minutes.

We re gonna keep the same 80 accuracy for now and finally we re going to for now. Two passages in a row. Now the important thing with this is we re building endurance in the beginning you get easily distracted reading multiple passages because especially if it s something that you really don t care about i remember last year. Reading about things that i hadn t even heard of before and things that were far outside the scope of when i traditionally likes doing so i get bored.

And get distracted easily as a result so at this step shoot for two passages in the row. And really try and remain focused once we re able to reach these goals. The next thing that we re gonna do is gradually now decrease the amount of time we spend on the passage by one minute and increase our endurance by one additional passage every time. We re able to meet our original 80 accuracy.

So this was our last step the next step after that would be now we re going to do each. Passage and questions in 13 minutes. And we re gonna do three passages in a row and also maintain 80 accuracy for each passage overall now. After you ve been doing this a.

While and you re gradually. Improving originally eventually you re gonna get to a spot. Where you re able to do nine passages in a row..


And you re able to answer each of the passages in ten minutes and you re gonna achieve that 80 accuracy once you re in this spot you are in a great great place. However that is not what you clicked on this video for what you clicked on this video for was to achieve the 130 or above mark on cars. And you re not gonna do it this way. So the very final step is to be over prepared once you make it all the way to the end were you spending 10 minutes on each passage or less you re gonna fine tune it and make it all the way down to eight and a half to nine minutes is what i personally trained for when i was studying for the car section and also i m going to shoot for 90 accuracy on each of my passages overall hey.

Everyone thanks so much for listening today. I really hope. I was able to help you in some way shape or form at least begin in the process of studying for cars. I know we didn t get too much into details that s not what this video is about it was well helping you find the right path and studying towards getting the 130 or the score that you want and hopefully really enjoyed it if you have any questions comments or concerns about the end cat about anything basically just feel free to leave them in the comment section.

Below. I really want to get a community started here with pre meds and with people that want to get into med school. Because i ve gone through the journey. And i want to help others.

Too now that i ve made this far so everyone thank you so much for tuning in today. Please comment share like subscribe all that good stuff that you could possibly do down. There. And i really hope to see you in my next video thanks a lot how to read there ” .


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