T-Mobile Customers BEWARE: New CHARGES for Free Conference Calls #BubbleOnDeck

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“Hey hey beautiful people bubble on deck okay so real quick let s just get get into it i checked the weather. Today. Weatherman said. The forecast was all types shade and let me tell you we talking about t mobile.

We took my t mobile right now t mobile let me tell you something all the shade for t mobile t mobile playing all them games okay first of all i got a text letting me know that yo. I don t know about the conference called with it they called you and told you you getting charged for a conference call line. I took my googles because i find what you can in charge they called you and told you you didn t i go online. I do my google s look in let me straight from the horse s mouth let me just read to you this article.

They wrote adds a little blog post. They didn t make no press release. A make no i don t even know they said a letter in the mail. I don t know if they even sent the notification to the customers they just calling him up today like yo starting tomorrow you gotta pay it s 2016 and you trying to take it back to 96 t.

Mobile. Literally just went back to 1996 on it just i want that old thing back you know i just like let me tell you what you trying to do you re trying to take music back to vinyl instead of free downloads instead of streaming. You just not with the streaming wave. I bet you got vinyl and record players in your crib.

That s how you livin right now living real file right now let me just read to you this article so t mobile rolls out they roll it out roll it out like i said new sprint phone. It rolling out like it s the samsung note. 8. Like they got a good plan rolling out a charge how you roll out of charge.

They by the way happy halloween happy kwanzaa. We know we in the holiday season happy bill s happy to you happy phone bill t. Mobile rolls out a 1 cent per minute charge for calls to out of playing phone numbers. I know what else am.

I know what y all. Saying. She been through too much. Martin.

She ai. N t paying a 5. She cheap like martin champagne right now. It ain t even about the 1 cent.

A minute because hold up once in a minute is real expensive. When you got unlimited texts and calls once in a minute is real expensive. When you got a toll free. Number.

You darling 1 cent. A minute. They don t even make no sense like would it well what you think you re doing it. So.

What exactly do you think you because let me tell you who you hurt to the core. Let me tell you gonna at t. Verizon and sprint. All because of you what you did okay you hit the struggle in the pockets.

Okay. That s that was just disrespectful first of all you just calls from under door. We can t get serviced everywhere. Brock.

You just came up you was in a dark cloud. Like a word you got team oh can i call you stand over by the window. Oh you got team oh you will stand over by the window. So that i could hear you hold up i can t i don t know if i could hear you you know i m saying you just called about it that nobody s clowning you no more for that but now you re gonna charge you they re gonna make a conference call that s free you can it s double free.

I m calling in a toll free number with unlimited talking..

There s a still a charge like you like my with me nigga is you crazy. It ain t i don t know if i m processing huh. It ain t i don t know i don t know how to i can t even make carry to want the toll is free. But carried it i just i don t even get it it it didn t click it i got on all the lights in here.

But the bright light. Didn t click you re not up here. I don t got it yeah. But um let s keep going if you ever make conference calls with your t mobile phone.

There s a new policy that you need to be aware of t mobile recently rolled out a one cent per minute charge for out of plan phone numbers. This charge applies to services. Like conference. Calls chat lines and radio broadcast lines let me tell you what it hit they hit the struggle they hit all you blogtalkradio errs.

They re hitting you in the packets where it hurts. We didn t know people won t call up for an hour to and listen to your radio show now they got a pill every time they listen to your radio show. When i can turn on am and fm for free in my car. I ma call up and pay to support the struggle you hit in the struggle.

You re hitting the prayer line struggle. My family. We have a prayer line every morning you can get on the line and say a prayer. Listen to prayer get prayed for you trying to mess up god s plan t mobile.

That s what you re told you playing with god right now is that what you re doing and knew. It was a prayer line. It was just like we charging you to pray right now like that s that s i was going down to 2016 play around with that prayer line like we won t say a prayer play around with that prayer line. We got you like we won t say a prayer are you playing games t.

Mobile hit the struggle community let me tell you why it hurt you hitting the broadcast radio blogtalkradio and on that radio new radio hustle struggle like. Oh you blog talking radios. Oh. You call this number to tune in people cuz.

I did a lot of interviews on blog talk radio ain t no shame in my game. I want to come up. And i did all the interviews. I i was on all the blog talks talking you know i m saying just bubble on deck.

Like here i am you had two listeners you good they might be my fans and i m saying i was just blog talking it up. But now you think somebody s gonna dial in and hey you hit a nothing but struggle cuz you re hitting a small business struggle you re hitting a little i got a conference line because i do consultations and therefore you call me on my toll. Free number. And let s get this conference.

Called popping. So i can make some coin. So i can make some consulting coin now you re gonna hit my customer on top of that if they see mobile a word. Did yeah.

Polo did you talk. This. Friend. Did.

Y. all. Like do. A conference.

Call with sprint and verizon. And um. Who the other one at t. The job did you talk to the other three more compliments call on three where for way.

Did you charge them to call did you consult with anybody on this move like who did you speak to who gave you the okay..

Who said you know this is though there s a work this is my work. This is dope. Who got promoted off for this idea. Cuz fired em go ahead and fire.

It up going to let them go go ahead. And give them a severance package cuz they bout to shut off all the way down it s just gonna be rip t mobile. Because it was our ip to name all right peter name y all. Remember name.

I don t know if. Y. all. Hardening.

Like i m really. I don t know if y all. Remember. Nick nick tried it don t nobody to remember.

Nick name was trying to charge people like ning was ning was on that craig craig went around and let everybody get a free website. The pump process was that everybody was getting the ning site. And it was like whatever name of your website is doc ning. I never had an in website.

I never wanted to put somebody else s name into my website my website just gonna be my name calm tamara bubble doc calm. I said nothing i mean gonna die ling it i don t need no ninnies i don t even know what a ning is this couldn t get with the main thing. But i had like a count on other people s names its own any way to collect millions of people was on ning and they thought they was poppin. They thought they was it lately right and his name walk up one day night with all these people we got let s get in on it we want in let s monetize.

Let s monetize. Our setup. Then just and give nobody no notice and nothing just like two weeks from now you gotta pay for this thing. You got a thousand members on here you got twenty thousand members on it you gotta pay.

I don t even know what the payment plan was let me tell you something all right peter me. I repeated it men just disappeared ming died so quit being was murdered in cold blood ming. Was shot two times straight to the head with bang bang. What bang bang.

Me bet. You yeah. You don t even know about ning. That s why i m trying to tell you the old g s of like membership club websites.

Where you had to login and register. They have millions of ning website. Everywhere you look people s like sign up on my website sign up time time sign up on my name. Sad.

It was a sad day and then i don t think i don t think that t mobile. Had a talk with ning like just like to the creators of it like you know our repeater ning. They didn t talk to the bereaved family and just find out like so how did that work out like. But how did that work out i did that but i did that work out like i don t even think i act like this did that work hold up that didn t work out i feel like they should have consulted me you know i just like just made sure i people was okay with paying for stuff that they get for free who using the name site in 2016.

By repeating name who s on name huh who s on me all right peter ning. That s all i m saying and that s gonna be our ip to t mobile cuz they re hitting a struggle and that s my cute hold up you telling me jesus is on the mainline for free. But i got a pay tmobile to tell them what i want is are you are you really serious okay. Cuz.

You re not gonna hit the prayer line. You re not gonna hit the conference line. So big churches have conference lines with thousands of people on their lines. Now you re gonna charge all the t mobile users what s really going on what s really good so why at t users not getting charged.

Though who came up with this idea who did who approved it how did this make it all the way to the top of the chain that i m rolling it out like it s a new data playing something by the way..

We re gonna flip that on the bill. I know what you re thinking. I know what you re thinking. Mike okay.

Just a penny is just a penny a minute is but don t trip don t trip is just a penny. But some people use conference call lines for hours at a time. I m like i know that s what they did they looked at all the data. They looked at all the research and somebody came with a little analytic degree.

But a little business major degree was just like yeah. It s a lot of people on these conference calls. We come back some bank holidays like i think it was enter with i feel like it was an intern. It was somebody just graduate like they got they degree right so in communication.

What so we re finance or analytics or something right and they they had a bunch of the paperwork in the data of the phone calls and stuff. The people been making and they were like ceo ceo. They re knocked on the door. They had they plan to propose when everything then was just like sneaky howe.

Didn t think of this let me tell you some business. Somebody that just like the job is on the line. They gotta come up with something creative or die. Hello.

Let me look at all these phone. Calls at that nobody s paying for what let me just see oh can we could we charge these niggas like they want these toll free lines and they just talk it we tell you something you know if i hit the double free you re hitting a double free. I already got unlimited talk and text nights and weekends. People don t even say they got free nights and weekends in the morning who s still paying for daytime phone use i didn t even know phone plants they ll offer you to pay for minutes.

I just thought everybody came with unlimited talk and text and that was standard phones know that business model now is the data plan t mobile. I think even offers unlimited data so i don t even know how they got to the point. Where it s like oh we re a were yeah we give you free data. But we re gonna charge you for this conference call even though it s a toll free number you know you got unlimited talk and text.

I know it don t make no sense. But just let it happen just let it happen like hold on let me figure it out because what we dialing in its toll free. Numbers like i m totally and then on top of the fact of the toll ish of the fries like toll free to me who don t pay no toll. Letting you you pass goal and you collect your 200.

Yeah. I trying to get my 200. But but but just on top of that like on top of the shade. There s this low levels.

A disrespecting this one that s that s all disrespect you huh huh huh huh man. Just this is a whole amount of room way. Oh you just where man and let me get away man let me get this straight. Wait a minute you mean to tell me that one top of the toll free the fact that the number i m dialing is free the fact that that stuff s they said no i got a like you go you go my call in dial up 24 hours a day.

You don t think more time for the freeness of the number. I got unlimited talk and text like my wit you that s that s all disrespect. I ll double free like i m all the fries and you trying to charge me nigga is you best oh is you crazy t mobile. You know better you this is just disrespectful it s not even shade i don t even got shade the throne cuz like i turned on all the lights in here because i didn t so much shade.

I just i figured i should make you bright before we get into it but top of that you really that s that s how we doing all right peter. Name. That s on zack alright. Be to me well man.

Holla holla holla. Where man the domino. If i speaking of english. That you are speaking right man.

I did you didn t even give enough notice like you just say so you ai..

N t said nothing. Just you just put out a random blog post like a blog posted. You didn t think this. Deserve.

The press release. Oh. You thought we wouldn t find out you just wanted to see it pop on the bill. And maybe we wouldn t be too high.

If we don t call too much gonna put a little blog post out we ain t gonna tell nobody don t tell nobody we just want to do it probably like three or four dollars on your bill. But if you want a conference on every month that s gonna be like 20 or 30 a month. Just so i can talk for free help me and i m just mmm definitely my head hurt yeah making my head hurt so i can talk for free. I really make him not make him up yeah i make my head hurt.

I don t understand it i wanna i want to understand it t mr and mrs t mobile. I want to understand it i just help me figure it out because you know i m i m trying to figure out how you how you came up with a charge on a double freeline like it s all the fries like just this just number freak like you was it the ariana grande commercial that i couldn t afford you know you saw here paying for ariana grande to be in that commercial. When you really had a taco bell budget. Which is little taco bell budget.

You had drake over there cha cha and i think i even had a nicki minaj commercial. Yeah on something what you live a taco bell budget. You aren t something you can t afford it you spent too much in your ad budget and now you re trying to make up money anywhere. Who approved the budget.

If you couldn t afford to get on the commercial now you trying to make up make back your ad dollars like i m i want to understand it just help me okay help me to understand it because you had drape like cha cha and now you charging people to pray you charging for prayer lines and in conference lines and the struggle lines. The radio broadcast are you really is that how we doing is that how you making your money back just let me know let us could we get some notice you know i m saying like all right peter name just as all i gotta say all right beating. It cuz ming ming tried it ming really did try it all right. Peter name that s all i ma say tmobile like.

Just rip. To me okay. I don t know if you went. Today funeral service.

But just bang bang two shots in the head. It was dead in like all of three days. We just had the funeral service for for brian this week vine just passed away. But you out here thinking that niggas ain t dying businesses are dying every day.

It s happening. It s real on any streets and you want to play around and you want to charge people talk for free you gonna really go back on oh you win 1996 on us when i m even a winner case. I don t know who did that who did that who did that who who played your face who played your face. I m like and how much money.

I thought. I was gonna make from this like i know y all. Thought i was gonna get a few extra dollars from everybody. Which i d have been better off just added a little tax on their little total tax like you could have just called it something just governmental charge.

Like i d be just slime fees and charges and things in the bill. Anyway. You could have just made up a some fee and charge everybody two or three dollars if that was the plan like you really think that somebody s gonna sit on the line for an hour now and they gotta pay when they got a free number that they call it and they got unlimited talking death. I m just so confused.

I m really confused. I m having a hard time processing this my brain. It don t understand it we just don t we don t even understand it okay all right p to me that s all i m saying don t forget press that subscribe button bubble on deck yo. ” .


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