TASCAM SS-R100- Recording Demo: Hammy Technoid Talks

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“Youtubers hammy. Hammy technology. And today. My video is going to be about me recording.

Recording. Something. Yeah. I ought to see here is i ve got a mini disc.

Remember. The mini disc. They are this is this is something that came out in the 90s and sony had them and it was a couple other companies that use them. But these were supposed to be like a new compact this little small one yeah and then they they were okay you could record on them.

This one has some stuff on it what i m going to do. Today. Is i m going to play something on this mini disc and record it into my tascam ssr 100. So that is the gist of today s video.

But i m showing you this because i m getting ready to put it in to the minidisc player right. There. Which is a sony okay so i m going to turn it on and it says. There s no disc.

I got no disc in it so as soon as i put it in the disc. And what s this i put it in the disc just a little bit and then it kind of sucks. It in like that well it sucked. No yeah.


It sucked it in yeah. Okay. So now it s reading. The timecode and it s going to show how many songs it has on it i think it s going to read the timecode.

Yeah. That goes okay. It s really the name of the disc. Says hammy disc.

Okay. And i m going to record song number 413. So the remote control. It s really quite a piece here.

And it s got all the numbers up to 25. So if i wanted to play song number 13. All i have to do is press 13 on the remote. And it goes right to song number 13.

Which is called banana splits and that s it s you ll see why if you were a kid growing up in the 70s you ll know why i call this song banana splits. But it s playing and you can t hear because it s not being recorded. Yet so i m going to pause. It okay and i m going to back it up to the beginning of that one and it says the title and then it just goes into pause automatically okay so let me get ready the tascam ss oo 100.

Okay another thing i wanted to show before we got into the recording on the tascam was the reason. I m celebrating the tascam today is because i recently updated the the software you know the the software that that runs the machine and you know they they recommend that you do that from time to time and mine was such a big. Jump the old software and it was version 102 or something like that and this new version is like up to 13. So that was quite a bit of improvement going on in the background before i ever updated and the thing.


I had to do and reason i m showing you this thing here this is a compact flash reader okay and the only way that you can update your firmware that s the word i was looking for firmware is to get a compact flash and the unit does not come with one and usually i don t have any around so i had to purchase one specifically for this purpose and two to enable me to i gain access to it i needed a compact flash reader that went to usb so that s what all this is it s the usb cord going to a compact flash reader and that is the little sandisk sandisk. I think it is there is the brand of the compact flash and that is what i used to update. The firmware on my ssr 100. So that being said let s get on with the recording of the sm onto the tascam.

Okay okay. Well what we re looking at here. We are looking at the tascam ssr 100. And i ve got it so you know we re gonna get a better look at the display there.

But i ve got some there s where the the media goes in there okay and the long run is the compact flash. This the smaller one is the sd card and the this one over here is for usb okay and in the display. I m going to show better once we get it set up. But i wanted to show something here with the firmware that it allows to that you update to it allows you to go into what s called the standby mode.

So even without any media in it you can monitor okay. The screen will say monitor. Alright and before that was not available. That was not an available feature.

Before you had to have media inside it and put it into the pause mode. But now even without media. You can go into the monitor mode. And it just flashes.

And you can set up your volume levels. And all that and that is a nice considerate feature. Considering you may not have the media with you at the time that you re setting up your volume levels. So we in order to stop that now okay.


We re gonna put it into pause mode. And i m going to set it up with a usb card and then we ll go through some buttons. And then do the recording okay so for now. It just says no media.

Okay now we are looking at a close up of the display on the ssr 100. And it says no media. I m going to plug in the usb stick. I ve got and you ll see it will change okay so it s reading.

The media and now there ok now it s ready to go. It says. It is a usb now one of the things that you do when you first set this up as you select which media. You re going to use you can select you a usb or sd card or compact flash.

But i m using usb so that s what we re going to use and i m going to set it in to pause record standby. And as you can see. It is set up for 48 k. Mp3.

And the mp3. Sampling rate. You can set by going into. A menu.

Here and you set it in the record function. Now and then you go over to input select record format you hit enter on there and you hit the other end to there and hopefully went back so okay so then you hit mp3 and i want to do at p3 and then it shows you stereo mono. We got mono sampling is 48 and bitrate is suites so that s where we re going to be that s where we want to stay so we re going back. There and now i m going to press play on the remote of my mini disk which i showed you earlier and we are going to start recording.


The song banana splits. Okay okay now you saw the levels there. But you didn t hear anything that is because haha. I didn t hit the record button on the ssr 100.

So let s go back to the beginning. Now. I m hitting recording. There okay so the time is incrementing now we re going to get some sound okay.

That is the recording now and i m going to stop it now that s all we need to have that doing okay and stop any information rights and that is pretty much it for recording on to the ssr 100 that was an analog input. That was not a straight digital to digital. That was an analog input so this is my finishing my demo day. I hope you liked it you know i ve had a lot of response for the ssr 100.

It s a very sweet machine. I like it the one thing. That is kind of a downside is that it only records up to 16 bit it does not do 24 bit. But if 16 bit is okay with you that s perfectly fine it does find for me in my simple jobs and my little demonstrations and so forth.

So yeah. It is a very good machine about half the price of a da 3000 and is purely wonderful. I ve had nothing but happiness with it it is a good machine a good sturdy machine. No moving parts solid state record.

And no moving parts to wear out okay. So this is hami tech signing off and i hope to see you next time ” ..

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