Tell If Your Car Speakers Are Blown

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“To tell if your car speakers are blown bumping your favorite tunes in the summertime. Summertime. With the windows down can come at a cost speakers can blow out from best audio systems over time it depends on what you listen to and how loud you listen to it lots of bass. Heavy electronic music and rap are notorious for blowing out speakers at the right volume listening for damage turn on the vehicle.

Most vehicles need to be turned on for the audio system to play unless your car is particular you won t need to fully start the engine which would only waste gas wh dot performance dot mark step. One underscore rendered insert a cd or mp3 device with a full sound range pick something that you play often in your car..

So you know what to listen for this will help you spot anything that sounds unusual you could also pick a song that has a clear and familiar bassline turn the volume to an appropriate level. If the audio is too low. It will be hard to tell if you have a blown speaker. This doesn t mean that you should blast your whole neighborhood with your tunes to diagnose your vehicle adjust the treble and bass.

If necessary make sure that their levels are equal in the 12 o clock position. When you hear a lack of range..

It might just mean your system isn t equalized properly one recognize distortion if you have trouble recognizing distortion play a track on headphones or on another device then play that same track through your car s sound system. If you hear crackles or the song sounds slightly muffled one or more of your speakers might be blown. Listen for rattling. If the speaker is blown.

You will likely hear a shaking rattling sound. Two listen for a lack of range..

If a certain bass mid or high speaker is blown. You will notice certain registers don t come through this is easiest. If you are familiar with the song and know what to listen for or expect isolate the speaker if possible use your audio systems. Fader controls to attempt to isolate the faulty speaker by narrowing down one section of the car you ll have a better chance of determining.

Which speaker is blown. Always try to isolate the problem..

So you don t overspend and replace the entire system use the pen function to switch the sound from left to right when panning go 100 to either the left or right side to fully isolate. It use the fade settings. The same as the pen setting go 100 to the rear or front of ” ..


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