TextPlus app Review 2019 Almost Gave it a 5 STAR RATING!

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“What s up everybody should boy 2 falls back again with another informative video this this video it s an out review for talking text application called tics plus now is say if the miss application is been out since the beginning of the app store. So go ahead and check this out by going to the google play store or apple app store and typing in text plus. Which was the last thing that searched alright so as you can see now there is two separate apps for it. But i don t know why they do anything that is really the same thing.

That s what i call next plus and it s supposed to say free sms text and whatever. But the original one and it s still getting updates just got updated yesterday or this past weekend. But the original one is called text plus free text and this is to download install on your android or ios device alright now they do what scription monthly subscriptions. If you want to get rid of the ads and add extra features right now actually on the beta.

So i m on the beta program. But it s been a good experience so far so they let you know what s new advertising improvements squats some some more books if you will all right now. I thought i read you but i m already it later alright so you can read more it s just basically giving you the purpose of using this application. Giving you the rundown now think about this alright free that s the best texting picture messaging calls and voicemail unlimited unlimited over your data connection or wi fi alright so keep that in mind.

Once you percent free with those features now you know a lot of carriers. A lot of like low budget. Carriers or charging you for all that stuff even extra buttsex plus is it of course if you use a wi fi or a data only plan like freedompop and free of mode. But that s besides the point.

Let s go ahead open this application up and let s check it out all right for your phone textplus. Okay. So right here in the middle. You got the your messages.

You ve got calls dancing that sort so you got messages and calls okay right here. It s the store you can swap you go spin your credit balance on products that make your messaging and calling spirits. Even better you got reach field slot. My bad you got the refill slot.

And you ve got the subscription slot. You go ahead check that out pause. The video. If you need to read a little bit or just go to the google play store or a helpout store and read up on all right now you got credit balance.

It s the first chapter smiley face and all these look extra stuff is you can download the game let it run collect collect credits you can watch commercial let it run collect credits you got the app store and you can exchange gift cards. My bad for that you can change gift cards for credits. So. If you got a gift card.


You ll know what to do with it turn it into credits. And you re you know you re calling and texting plan alright. So here you are okay let s see the messages let me check that up alright. So right now.

This is my mobile and i m doing the mit mobile resume later this week. So states on to my youtube channel. Just my men mit mobile. Number and you know it s texting.

See down here you got the clipboard you got a take photo take video you got attached photo. You got an attached video send chill and voice message these are all the coolest features right now in text. Text plus application then you got that jeff it on just that there s an s or go through the juice in just that way for free. You know what i mean so here we go alright.

So those are the cool features in a messaging. My bed. Now you got calls all right so i don t know what that is but they left me a voicemail. It s not even it s not even like that they re not even asked up for me for you it is what it is got your missed calls you know you can listen to your voicemail.

Right here alright. So somebody looking for the risso. Hey lorenzo anyways. But yeah man this is out this app is pretty it s pretty clean man you got your your favorites tab once you you know allow your contacts to get into the dollar app.

You got a search all right there it goes to me you could customize a number let s say customize number sheriff phone. Number customize phone. Number is freaky get a number in the area code of your choice. So you could customize it done the sound to be your area code.

But it could be somebody else s so go ahead get that try man that s one percent free now one thing. I must tell you guys about the store right all right. So the store you got buy credits. Okay so nineteen.

Dollars which is. 20 which is 2190. And text. Plus credit will give you over a thousand minutes of calling.


Now. Wyatt says. That is it s like for outgoing. So you actually have to pay for outgoing calls that s why i got credit.

So a dollar. Fifty roughly gives me over an hour of talk time as you can see with 99 cents. That s only giving you 50 minutes. So get over look dollar a little bit over a dollar maybe a dollar.

I don t know i guess a dollar. Ten. That will give you 50 minutes of talk time now here s here s one cool things all right. So you need like roughly 250 minutes of calling.

Oh this is some cool stuff going on. Alright so the text plus. 499. Plus.

Tax and i can okay right now. I spent some google balance to test this out so you can either pay with your paypal or you to pay with your google play credits. And then i like i ll do it. Bye boom.

No boom. Guess what after you go back out of it they have a window pop up say save one dollar on this percy s so instead of pad 499. You on the pan 399 after the postage and that gives you a dollar back and credit. So keep that in mind by using text plus application at service and so far.

It s been smooth. I made a few calls. I made a few calls if you heard that voicemail it sounds clear. But i think it s because i m using it on my mother g7 power.

Which all men the voice call quality. It s freaking sick man it s super clear it s clear i didn t s9 i m not lying it s clearly the galaxy s 9 and that s supposed to be 2018 flagship phone anyways that s besides the point blade over over why even over my wi fi. It s been great it s been great carly s been good um text message just been going through let me let me show ya. Let me see some real quick.


And once. Again you got smart reply with just another cool feature in android messages. But like i said if you want to limit on a limited carry your plan with only like 500 minutes or something. Like that go ahead.

And get this text plus application. This is one cool feature oh trying to figure out did it do let me see. If i got anything paste it let me see now okay so yeah it doesn t have a page preview year so that might be something i sent feed batsu. But yeah the smart reaper bop boom.

You know so here. We are yeah yeah man. I reckon this application for anybody. Um.

You know. There s a backup phone. Number or you know on a budget. Don t have you know how menacing texting don t have that free unlimited go ahead get it and text plus the text plus.

It s definitely one percent free so you re gonna share out your phone number on to other people maybe get other people to use text plus application. This is an infamous app. It s been out since like the app stores you know so allah people are familiar with this application so go ahead give it a try guys let me know your thoughts in the comment section. Below.

I gotta go ahead give this a five star rating. Because they have just been working call quality is on point man that incoming calls coming in pretty good. So yeah. Like i said don t i think the only downside.

No no video calling. But you can send videos you don t have any video calling of course you got skype google do or facebook messengers snapchat instagram for all that stuff so but yeah if you just want something as a backup phone. Number and just freaking works and any accident in text. Now app.

Opens and close without it even y all. Those descend below going through this real quick uh there s actually one cool setting let s see notification settings. I think okay so you got quick reply heads up notification yeah. So you got the heads up notification.


A quick. Reply system notification. A bypass lock screen. Allowing incoming calls to bypass the lock screen.

I don t like that i m gonna turn that off okay vibrate on new message. Sad brakes squeak this is yeah. I ll leave that off so yeah here you go yeah. These are some cool features man.

So. Yeah. Let me know your thoughts in the comment section. Below all right.

So you got your missing shit. What skin is so smart reply all right allowing incoming calls so invite prompts. They re not really alright. Let s go all right.

We do it now all right yeah. So i had to go ahead. Do that let me know your thoughts in the comment section. Below.

What do you think about this application textplus. I give it i give it a four point eight. I give it a four point eight. And what it kind of five.

If it gave me that that page link review and i don t think it does the videos like that too so sewell stay bring that to to the whole application for ios and zuri that s a five story definitely a five star. My book so right now breaking it at four point eight in the google play store and possibly apple app store leave me your thoughts in the comment section. ” ..


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