The Discontinuation of Club Nintendo

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“End of club nintendo has been announced hey nintendo fans and collectors lithium here for for my channel nintendo collecting just bringing you my thoughts on the announcement that club is being discontinued first and foremost. I must mention that yes a lot of people did see this coming. I think i saw this coming to club. Nintendo s being in free fall for a while especially in north america the physical rewards have gone way downhill.

I know in japan. It s been good for a while the program in north america. Has been around for about seven or eight years. And it actually started in japan in 2003.

So it s 12 years old and the program isn t discontinued today. But it s going to be discontinued as of june 30th. So i m here to talk about the timeline for the schedule of it being discontinued my thoughts about the program and also my predictions for the new program that nintendo is going to replace club nintendo with really quickly to go over what club nintendo is any time you bought a game like super mario 3d. World or a console.

Like the wii mini. They came with this little code that you could redeem and when you put the code in the club nintendo website. The code looks something like this this game. I obviously already registered then you could obviously fill out some sort of a survey and then get something free from club nintendo.

So it was almost like a buy seven coffees get one for free sort of deal from the service. Which was pretty fantastic. And it was not something nintendo needed to do and i know it was cutting into their profits. Especially when they started to give out some free items now there is the super smash brothers code that you could actually get from you two and also the cd so i just want to mention really quickly.

Nintendo is still going to live up to that expectation they re not getting rid of those things so make sure you know that first and foremost now the schedule of what s going on for the program is when you actually anytime you buy a game right now say you buy pokemon omega ruby. If they re still in stores. They might still have this code usually there was the insert. But now nintendo is going away from more paper.

So there s the code actually in the background art of the game in the cover art of the game you can get the code for some of the games that you buy today..

But as of january 20th in north america. All games. Released by nintendo will no longer have the code even in the game. So you can t even get it the next day after that was march 31st.

Which is important because that s the last day for you to earn any code and put in any of your codes. That you do have into club nintendo and actually register them. Which is crazy to me you only have until march 31st and then the last important date is obviously july 1st is. When the program is completely shut down so on june 30th.

2015. It s your last day to redeem any coins. Access your account on the club nintendo website. And then at 11 59 on that day on june 30th.

It s going to be shut down entirely so that means if you want to get platinum or elite status this year you need to do it by march 31st you have to get elite status. Which means 300 coins for gold 600 coins for platinum. What does that mean well in the past club. Nintendo gave away amazing items like this super mario bros family figurine this was absolutely fantastic.

It was available worldwide in europe became with the dome around it this thing i got for free and i m really gonna miss getting these physical items so when i was a platinum number a few years ago they gave me this for free probably my favorite club nintendo item comment below by the way what is your favorite item you ever got from club nintendo. Because this is probably mine this year. However if you register and you get either gold or platinum by march 31st in the early april they re going to announce what the elite status gifts will be but they re all just going to be game downloads. You won t be able to get anything physical like that right there.

Now that s the whole timeline. So we ve got january 20th any game released after that like any game coming out very soon. And there s majora s mask. Which is coming out and the new 3ds will not have any club nintendo codes then we said that march 31st is the last day to earn your coins to actually put them in with the code and then june 30th his last day to redeem your coins.

But this also means that nintendo did state that they re gonna do one more round of some sort of physical items so who knows what their last round of physical items will be or items in general they might just be downloadable games..

I m assuming they ll guarantee they re going to give us one more physical item. Things in the past that i got that i really liked was this year of luigi 30th anniversary luigi s mansion figure that was highly sought after it sold out really quickly. But it was worth like thousands of coins. It was ridiculous how much that was worth that thing went for weight.

So many coins on club nintendo and in the past. They gave away really really cool things just to give you an idea in japan. They ve had controllers that actually were this is the wavebird club. Nintendo controller so this one was fantastic this actually has the seal of club nintendo on the top.

And there was also a normal version wired controller of this as well. Then there was the mario version of a controller for gamecube luigi and wario as well in north in japan. Actually here is the classic controller in the gold this was from club. Nintendo japan they also had in north america and in japan and maybe other areas of the world.

Too this gold nunchuck in north america. It didn t come in a cool box like this. But it did come in north america. Just on its own this is the japanese box other things that they had in the past even consoles like game watch ball you see right here there is the club nintendo logo right there on the top of this box and they ve given out consoles.

Which is absolutely incredibly crazy to me one of the rewards of the past. I thought was pretty lame. When i first got it this is the pin set with mario classic from super mario bros and on the back. Obviously here are all the pins.

You could get in that pin set. So what do i think they re going to give away as a last ditch effort. This was actually eden hill from facebook was asking me this what do i predict will be the last physical rewards well this is the 30th anniversary of mario mario it turns 30 this year so i think if club nintendo does give away any sort of free item. Maybe it would be something like a mario item even more hanafuda cards.

These are the original or nintendo s origins with any sort of gaming not even vintage gaming..

This was before video games that did hanafuda cards. I d be ok with a hand of food. A card set that s features mario and other characters just like this one i have here. But i really do feel like they re gonna do a few physical items.

I think they have to do something for mario s 30th anniversary. Which would be really awesome even for majora s mask. They should do something for it and i also think there s gonna be downloadable games like super mario bros and other mario games they already have a zelda game up right now and some other really good titles. But i really hope they give us some sort of a physical reward now other things that they could do or other things that we could predict austin dickerson from facebook.

Was actually wondering what the new program will be called that s going to replace club nintendo. And anyone s guess is really the best now my personal guess for the new program. I don t know what they re gonna call because they could call it anything. But i would go with nintendo love that s what i would call it if i was personally making it comment below what would you call the new club nintendo program.

If you were able to name it yourself i would call it in tendo love and it would be the same thing almost you buy something it automatically enters or you register. It on the website. Especially if you have downloadable games they automatically register on the website. You go to the website you fill out a little survey.

And then you get some free downloadable games. Or downloadable. Content. Or even dlc.

Do y all. See you would be really cool. Personally from club. Nintendo.

I am going to miss the free stuff..

I m gonna miss the exclusive items like these figurines that you can t get anywhere else or the downloadable games you couldn t get anywhere else. Which is really awesome. I m gonna miss the year of end rewards that were really cool because some of the year end rewards were very fantastic. And i really am going to miss them i think in the future other things i m gonna miss.

I decorated most of my nintendo room with posters that i got in a tube just like this one from club. Nintendo a lot of the posters in my room are from there that i got for free. I m gonna miss those i m actually still waiting on my super smash brothers set so i do recommend everyone go on club nintendo. Probably order those super smash brothers set of posters.

There s three of them. It s 700 coins. Other than that we re waiting until february for them to actually give us some sort of a new physical reward. I hope i hope they give us a physical reward club nintendo.

You ve been really good to me i ll probably make one more video. If i get more items from club nintendo about the program. But it s a sad day that it s being discontinued. But it does make sense nintendo s trying to remain profitable and giving away free physical items and paying for shipping for them.

Doesn t really make sense over the long run what are your thoughts on the end of club nintendo please comment below also comment below what do you think the new physical rewards will be if there s any up in february. And also what do you think the new program will be called whenever it launches hopefully later this year. Thank you so much for watching feel free to fill that like bucket follow me on all the social media links in the description below the video. And remember as always go collect them all ” .


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