The Elder Scrolls: Oblivion – Episode 49 – My first bear pelt…

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“Guys thanks for joining me on oblivion. Again another week. Where am. I let s s go find out shada.

No okay. What s my current quest. Oh. Kill what your mean oh.

I think he s not going to be easy to find because it s the middle of the night. Severly what time is a little quick look 128 am. Whoever he is he s not gonna want to be disturbed. So i might have to go.

And do something hello hello. To you tell you what what no well he s in the lodge newlands lodge. But he s probably sleeping oh he s not oh man yes there s something i can do for you wow. He he s alive.

I was told that my mother and brother never survived this is amazing. I ll need to go see him at once you ll have to excuse me i d better leave right away. But please come and see us in coral. It would be wonderful for us both to be able to thank you for helping us find each other again can i go.

I know this reunion will be the happiest day of my life. Oh that s so sweet what off it goes right. I ve met gilbert germaine. Who is reynolds twin brother.

Oh. He didn t know whether we re still alive is anxious to meet him yeah. Anyway. I m sure everything will be fine look at this i ve got to get 20 bear films.

I think i m gonna have to go shopping. Oh. What do you run out quick. But look at you oh well.

Where s the lady of the i m livius going. Yes. Can you bear pelt. No you re not selling anything.

Okay. Thank you enjoy. I got shade and all that whoops. He goes.

Hmm have i done the major skill thing i have of night look right all the quest completed boomer scheme. Glad perhaps no white mages guild of course i really need to know where the major skill this i could look. But i like winning around place..


Oh i think it s down here is name if you watch me i m more than one whose son god knows why you d want to do that. But if you do you probably wonder why i m doing things over and over again. But that s because i don t know i ve done the manatee okay. And what does cobble up with a view greetings.

I think i might have to ask now we re here to help what are you looking for the guild s are west of the river south of the west gate. Thank you how s that gonna help me well i ve gotta go that way then west of over south of the cape so across the river let s go for swim. Nice nice boy so chatty today aren t i i m gonna have a look on here. Yeah.

I should be right next to the maxilla. Well. There s a fighters guild up here. I think the major still disappears.

What s it what s this thing nope. I just killed i mean he just killed by dz evening evening are these our novice. I want an apprentice. But soul gems are worth having.

I will start to use that soon hi. There well to speak with you a pleasure to speak with you hold on that would be foul cars responsibility find him good luck. Thank you you too good evening greetings fellow out there can t you find well water recently it tastes strange to me no don t have you heard about the other provinces. No it seems.

It is a dire situation so long goodbye well met i m afraid you ll have to speak to fall car about that our hall doesn t offer much in the way of training. I can teach some basic alteration skills. But that s about it found on them that means they are it s alright. The guild here that is that s what you meant right it s fine.

I m doing fine here that sounds right yes. And it got a little crown on them good you like that it means that they are i don t want the word. I m looking for but they have to stay alive for the plot that is so weird whoa z. Then vodka.

It s not here huh well yes turn probably some stairs well he s gonna button them i just killed. I got thrown out for stealing and i didn t steal anything that s really annoying okay. My aunt excuse me i thought i was over my cold. But been going a few weeks.

Now there really is no sign of phulka sweet well hey what the charts i love those as well there could be more effective than it did i go in there probably okay excuse me for having the sniffles. No he is not here. Tell you what is he huh. I need a cave huh well.

I never okay enough to find him. And he s not here how about mixing up some potions well met. Yeah. You re not gonna do anything now.

What time is it 4 10. They might come out about six o clock. It s okay..


We ll have a look cloned beam down that way. I think i have to go up. Now. Don t i oh goodness me how do i get out.

I ve done it before who got lost happens a lot i would like to speak to someone. And i would like to buy some fair pelts. So i m going to stick around luckily pretty dawn go to the gate level of cloud ready oh good black horses here had some trouble finding them last time. Where are you storm is that you nope my black horse.

Oh. I wish i could name him actually oh well right okay. Spells. What do i want yeah can we have a look at all my spells and find the summon scamp that s a conjuration scale.

So conjuring that could be counted as a conjuring know restoration. Oh. I don t know what s that i don t know that s some kind of battle stuff seen as all sorts of things here. I need conjuration.

Oh. Do you know what i could do yeah got a problem. I ve got the conjuration spells. No mind okay some on a cloud ah.

I can go pick flowers until everybody s woken up mmm let s go over there look oh it s nice. I was heading for that i ll swim to it as far as i know there s nothing in the water that can hurt me oh something s here oh it s a bear. This is what i wanted although i am going to actually have to run. Where is he is he okay this gives my sniffles.

We re done yes ah did you coming out that was weird. Where s he gone doubt you kill him today no i didn t probably should have a go with right that s it i m gonna have to go good okay. That s legit. I cannot be over encumbered i could i hope this will first what am i gonna buy the way to make me open combat huh that s water warhammer.

But i think i want to sell that hear me oh do you know what i ve probably got a lot of there was afraid of that so much fun got that much i ve got a few of these though i need to go and sell something. Oh sigh. What can i do nothing really oh well. There s only one thing for it.

I m gonna have to press for feather that should last me until i get to the market do like shimmy fetch at a bit early in the morning. It s very cold. So my gun will i face to do a bit of well swimming. Which is basically swimming in the world swimming in the countryside and water obviously all right let s heal myself time hmm 647.

Okay i looks good right good morning good morning. Thank you i m listening yellow. Not talking. I m looking for may just killed us on the back okay.

I ll just go that out i need to look for this statue good day good day are you selling anything no not yet okay. That s fine you see thanks a while but i m trayvon the red guard mages guild avoca surprised yes you don t see many red guards and i have a save money red car we don t much like spellcasters in hammerfell wizards steal souls and tamper with minds if you use magic you re weaker wicked my family didn t approve of my vocation so i had to come to see radel for my education. I admit i still have strong prejudices against necromancy summoning andalusian profaning..


The remains or souls of the dead is just wrong. And i m uneasy about tampering with others minds and trafficking with dedra you happy with this there oh well deirdre cults aren t necessarily evil of course in nearby morrowind for example they worship theatre in the temple the azzurri shrine north of town up lake area sway for instance. I know a dark elf there nothing evil about him if you can going to do now. I m without question.

What s the news from the other parts of tamriel nothing i d like to talk about somebody s got a card. Any news good day good day how about you no not yet okay to all but someone look around see if any year. Something there is a lot of killing time when you look at that quick look that s the house for sale. What s this fun.

Oh. I think let s shading on strange must be up here have you not really explored assistant. What s going on looking see what it says now still just houses ok. I m going up the castle.

Ask about the house for sale. Yeah i could go over the bridge. But i don t want to i m an adventurer. I leap fences in a single bound small ones.

This probably isn t the way anything that s just lovely nobody here yes. Yes what do you want what time does she come devera malin is sure proud of the newlands lodge. I think she s especially happy that the red queen drinks there okay goodbye huh. It s not here.

Yet. What time is it eight o clock. Maybe. She comes.

At 9 00. Or maybe. She s on her way well. I was quiet well it goes alright.

Thank you are you looking to sell things ready here. We go yeah you finally found us door go ahead. Please right come. I may i interest you in some of my fine wares you come.

But are you dismissing. It s okay yeah. That s fine so i need to sell i think i have to sell these greaves you know thousand. I know a lot to sell it in a city.

No okay how well she s limited to a thousand you see i ll sell nah. It s too many not gonna use it right let s go. Yeah. Why not let s go let s sell all these you must rest cancel me.

I ll keep cure. Paralysis and cure poison. This will give me some money anyway..


That s more than i would yeah. I know you d ride you ve got a great deal. There there limit is to tell much gold. They ve actually got on them how much that s a good deal bend the feathers.

So like no i ll get rid of them i ll keep i ll keep the cheapest ones. That s a good deal. Cure disease. Cure.

Poison cure palaces. Let speaker. Just shock. The store.

In june. Oh. Get some money. It s a good start for monday whoo.

What i do sometimes restore health is still magica well. I ll sell the expensive ones and keep the others. It seems. A fair price or a key before that s more than i would usually pay look at you the drama.

The potions cuz the handy and also i m pretty useless of fighting so it s worth having love i am intending this week to go and have a look at the day. You ve made a good bit of gold that s fine. So anything else i need to sell never look. I m actually wearing.

I think i ve just done that he id d yourself. Yeah. Ok ok. That s it thank you for your patronage sound.

Cue you to very. Quickly. Let s have a look to repair. Hummus mmm.

Yes. I have oh ha yes. Of course just go through it. Until.

Everything s. Oh. I can t use that that s ok exit hold on there we go and i ll check out right then so i m going to the made just killed now and i m going to see if i can buy a house and shake it cuz. I likes it please join me again next time thanks for being with me bye for ” .


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