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“Guys a lemonade even cow here and today i am back with another final fantasy. Fantasy. 15 guide and this time. I m going to show you how to farm quest points or qp.

Now the quest points can be used to turn into a menu in the game. It s used for the the time quests or the limited time quests. And you can actually buy experience. Here.

Gil. Ap. Various different healing items. As well as oracle ascension coins.

And even a weapon for a thousand qp now usually you would only be able to do the time quest once a day. But with this trick you re going to be able to do it as many times as you want so previously the time quests were an online. Thing and they had online leaderboards and things like that but recently it shifted that it is completely offline. Now.

I don t think you even need an internet connection at all for it and with it being offline. It actually means that the quest of refresh. I guess we can call it is related to not an internet clock. But it s actually related to your consoles clock.

So whether you re on the xbox or the ps4. We can go into the system and manipulate the time to refresh this quest. So. What you want to do is just find whatever your daily quest is for that day go to it finish it off.

And you will get the quest point reward. Now you re only going to be able to collect that once a day but go into the console of your of your of your console. I just press a playstation button or the xbox button or a home button and then go to your settings go down to date and time and then set manually the date. So the thing to note here is that the daily quests actually refresh at midnight every single day.

According to your consoles clock. So all you have to do is set it past midnight on that day or the day after and you ll actually get a fresh quest. So exit out of your clock and come back in the game. And then go back down to your time quest menu.

And you ll actually see that you ve now got a different time quest and you re going to be able to collect that reward again and you can actually do this as many times as you like because if this now been offline. And there s no online competition for it no online leaderboards or anything. I don t feel too bad about talking about this exploit. Because it doesn t really ruin the community or anything.

But it is an exploit so definitely be aware of that another great point to this being offline. Now is that they have removed the item restrictions from these time quests. So previously we couldn t use the invulnerable magitek exosuits or the ragnarok or the ring of the lucio. But now those restriction restrictions have been removed so these.

Time quests are going to be even faster to finish and a lot of them can be done really quite quickly the trick is that on each different day of the month. There will be a different time quest happening. I know the quest repeat in a set cycle. So it s up to you to find the quest that is the fastest for you to do and then try and set it on on that day constantly so you can just keep on doing that quest over and over and over again so you cut down on your travel time and your efficiency.

Really goes up another way to be efficient with this if you have limited amount of materials that you want to spend a limited amount you can actually use an account or a save file that has all the spells and consumables that you need and once you ve finished doing the the daily quests that you want to do or as many as you want and you run out of your stuff..

You can actually just reload your game and use that save again. Without actually saving your game. So there you go guys. This is a incredibly powerful.

Yeah we ll call it an exploit because that s what it is but i don t think. It s really harming anyone apart from maybe your enjoyment. So i don t know whether this is gonna be. Patched but it is working as of 120.

So make sure you get on it and get that awesome afrojack sword. I hope this one helped you out if it did please leave a thumbs up if you got any comments or suggestions or any of the the lists of good time hunts to do that are really efficient then please leave them in a comment section below. And if you haven t subscribed already then please do so this has been lemon ike i m a servant talk to me like i m a human being camps speaking to you right. Now holy ego mojo.

Oh. Like that oh no shall. I wanna chat. Don t get out much.

Do you wow. So one up even right. We ll chat mando silom off this is a minigame. Where you re having a little bit of time he s hands off me on board what you re saying holly.

But you must lock imus time i get like extra stuff for matching. Everybody he liked me got some that wasn t very hard bomb tom bomber. But joe i m going joe oh this box awesome you know logo yo. Thank you come cheap you got zynga come on jam as it popping so funny yamaha yama second are the big silver the rocket so i guess i m bungee jump over there three step goal yo show more okay.

There s a lady encounter. She s gaining what can i tell ya shimada mmm yalla sam fuck the foot but select garbage okay that was the thing that s same thing i don t think select exists now share stoppin the main menu look that s awesome options sitting yeah i did a retard. We re gonna do it without fun because retarded mirta is retarded actually we we kind of like did the thing let s beat arden mirta. Do a thing for like a minute and she s gonna cut it out yeah martin retarded herself.

I remapped my buns so we have to visit to cure your job and we have to talk to lady lady lady lady lady person. But actually first my mechanic you get like secrets about people from getting friendly with them oh. That s how you zoom in zoom up clever game so yeah that s it let s build our relationship i la la la jimbo free what my my yama evo don t dare why did you remap that s amazing uh. Okay marta one retard her thing again i know join our do okay this time it s not actually failing.

So yeah. We can actually build friendships and stuff trying off tryna your hide that he s on amis. I like kya while the hate. Oh aj.

How am. I i m supposed to saucy everything. Some speed now. Y all.

Stuck ever image to be by my yeah. That s any choice mando silom. Oh robbie s mystica rocking dodging go mama jubilee among many economies are like tiger lee sports. Tell stop it gets real and i know eden hello.

Jamie feelin..

I m all crime he likes me again mandal sela malini martin are tough mokuba leave my stuff food. I m we gonna be so hard no rain neha yolo. Oh. Nice tikka louella mucker.

A chiba boy cave amanda sila boys cleve habitus boom kill oh my god ethan sana. Me yeah yeah chavalla come on brainy inga your rocket let s go off maggie thank god get the buns i m like yes yes for a dental in psp for tomorrow car. Yeah oh my oscar has a tattoo of a rattlesnake somewhere on his body i bet. I know we re not somewhere is i bet.

It s on the long thing cancel look at how the doors work game. Like that outside. We want to go outside you get secrets for insulting people look you get secrets for being nice to be fun you get secrets for flirting with a lot of people see that there s like plenty of things and then there s also things that you can just pick up around the world including the secrets. Which i found quite nice mechanic.

Because as you know i love to collect things which i don t think is a great thing. But never mind there s a secret water torture is generally and effective since water doesn t really have anything to hide and here s another secret. Most experts agree the sticking pins and a doll s rear is more effective than than the eye is it like wouldn t that just turn people on you can also pick up trash and at some point. There s like a sidequest it could go around and salt trash.

We re just gonna carry around some trash. Because why not he s a police officer. It s a nice police officer. But he has some trash around him so we don t care about him existing.

We just we just want the trash and that s the cafe that we re supposed to go in to put more trash and i can sell this and one man s trash is another man s treasure. See it s nothing like a proper sims game. I was so surprised when i bought it but i loved it so much that s mine below uh. There is also bella in here.

There s also another secret. The shortest route to a man s heart is through davina see stop entering through the stomach. Just stop those lanes. Hello.

I was instructed to talk with you lady oh secret. I m addicted to these things bats are useful for cold remedies and cures but mostly they re just damn scary. I love this game uh sorry guys lift up. But i do hello love it yo.

They re young ones welcome to mumble lois curio shop. Oh wait you re the screen mouse. I m not gonna be insulting. I ve got to be here mo free can t lie to mom aloha.

I know that right now you would rather be anyplace else in here. Very true aj s in ma agency. Now the lord knows everything would you do on those everybody s it. Except you is that right i don t well that mumble or show you how much he knows are you gonna do that whole debate.

A kid om below. I ll give you real aa. Oopadad. Every day.

Gabe best kind of reading anahulu..

Eat is the answer to questions. And will tell your personality. Hey zima. I did it oh opa.

It s personality. That what s your chatter. No ba hey devon. I would like go for this.

But this isn t it isn t fun to do that so i m actually gonna have the game decide what my personality aspiration should be because fun why am. I traveling for fortune for soulmate. I think i m just exploring what would i do if i had a million small you ll obviously build a very awesome mansion parties parties ai. N t that fun.

Why would i do painting and trade daydreaming. Investing is boring more more we re getting that expensive shit sports car limousine. What could we change our car to funny old car with a lot of personality funny old car doesn t really get you anywhere so i would having in mind how we got stuck here. I would go with a dependable car.

But what i do my best friend wracked my car well i don t know i don t have a car and naturally a would have a added sure we would have a long talk about things what do i look for in a romantic partner someone like independence someone whose romantic so like him let s go to tokyo part ii. I like romantic. I like flowers and long walks and beach and stuff let s go that what would i be if i was animal dragon ken kidding horse and ox is boring wolf early way what do i do if my friends keep secrets from me. A private investigators are cole union.

A stiff artist a molar is cured cured. Habla east of our court to david he she s gotta just telling you what lala dupa jitter. What what aspirations are but we know that harvest here divimove yeah. It makes sense that laceration effects what i want me visit edge.

I said ma a did you yeah i got knowledge. She can t like with all our church if what s take em steer energy broke glad hook ah oh yeah i have no idea about wow go well rossabi things so sure enough in kahala urbe isabellew bubble. Very impressive. We ll let ya should go fill whatever i wanted to do and ecker a wha a lipid.

I already know what wants are learn a personal secret dance learn a secret greet someone hello let me know not wash no you re not the toilet. Let me greet you hello that inoue a baton ooh. I m happy i m happy to know that you re here hey. Mr.

Walker are you all right lady yeah. Stiles driving me crazy what happened to you i m sorry. It s just too horrible. I can t tell you sorry i ll leave you alone for another.

Oh. She she s gonna get us a place to live in later on. But first of all let s just continue with the tutorial cocky. So let s check.

Yeah okay man below ah. I fulfilled your request. I made myself happy by speaking to people don t you feel better now that your wants are fulfilled. I m not sure how can i tell for who maybe isn t me bevan well you get the same meter.

As in the regular..

The sims 2 games. So it goes up and one super super white one super down spread and you ll have a breakdown. So ever never dharma and a war a cube are and i know how to talk to people if you chat to people you discover their secrets. Open.

A kumano. But try it out with bella goth. Oh. God i would be so triggered.

If somebody want who is bella gossip. Try what up who go in chapman. Okay. Let s go and learn a belikov secret.

So then lady why are you super scared and running away from the places is it up sisu. It doesn t seem like a very ladylike thing to do bella is running away because she was abducted by aliens. That s a dumb thing to do let s connect even it looking maurice my friendship would you like we were all really useful yes that s like the most rockets always looks like i mean farah motor oil always that about for food always looks like oil brain bela married for money but stayed from free premium cable don t like remember to watch your sanity meter well it s super good right now so we re good and yes. You can sell secrets.

Hello each mo freak. I suddenly sense that you learned bella s secret. You mean you heard it from a few feet away. I m impressed lebec words you don t question your ways of the mumble i lie anyone strange to have any secrets bah wah.

I kind of know about them because like i just got one and you can go around and pick them up and stuff. That s tina. I m bad eat come on below each other ways of love yeah anissa dirk i must your important skills my below would you is to her baba well i keep can t i learn about toys of love from somewhere a bit. More you know my type pivot.

No no no i won t teach you that you will practice it on someone else. Oh thank god and i see better he ker. Flirting sake jeju. Do baby already well actually.

I ve got so bitch about uh kiva either. I let you choose whatever do one difficulty misery severe asthma ampata eat um. Edith okay no serve ever a corolla war if this king baba a bit low for bus. Thank you of luck with flirting.

That is very so sad okay that door always sounds like a cat i swear we gonna flirt with bella but really you can flirt with every single person that you ever meet and they don t get insulted hug. It each a buddy sena. Keep oh god the walls. Obscuring this extra difficulty commence hmm.

Dinky love us. It s red therefore. It s kisses you know stow your hide lincoln and we can rub him over there huh. I keep a lot of stuff like if just i used like it oh.

I think that was her number ” ..

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