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Because this is a big one guys alright again shout two quid. Enjoy today s video ok so right now we re doing i don t know i don t know what we re doing for today s video. What the premise of it s gonna be i have no club not decided yet but right here we ve got a level one magikarp raid. We re gonna start off with and i m actually done over like egg.

Because i want to get some xp gained today and i feel like this is a good opportunity to do that so we re gonna get our first spin and our first catch off this raid. Oh gosh. If it lows. The internet s a little bit slow so we got han 1165 cp magikarp right here and then we re gonna spin this stop get our raid pass if it works internet is really slow where we are so this may be a little bit tough okay there we go we got the spin.

That s our first a streak and got the badge should get a red paso six de streek right there nice and then we have make out of that as well so let s go in let s battle send your magikarp and let s let s get this guy underwear. Now. Although. I don t know for a fact.

What today s video is about i think i kind of know what i m gonna be talking about why people s spoof rural pokemon go what does pokemon go like out in rural areas in the nominal united states. But the world so we are in illinois right now we re kind of in the more rural place of illinois at the house that i m staying at there s only one pokey stop within the visible vicinity and now we re getting network errors. Because my internet is just not good out here that s not really a girl. I guess.

It s a real problem. I don t know i guess this raid. Right here is a testament to the rural pokemon go life this is the first rig. We re gonna battle here in chicago.

It s not the first raid. I ve seen what s the first raid. I ve been able to stop and battle. And it s a level 1 magikarp.

So this is like the basic battle of the raid system again not saying. This isn t the only rate. I ve seen the entire time just the one that i m now getting around to battling so we got pikachu. We got a full pikachu squad going in against the match.

Carp right here..

And there s no internet connectivity are you freaking serious right. Now. You know what actually funny thing on my iphone. There s perfect internet right here i can load in and i can battle but for some reason and when i log in the android.

There s an issue so we ve got discharge. We should be super effective against this magikarp and we actually should be able to kill this possibly with our pikachu right here. I mean. It s a magikarp.

There s not much and how much we can really expect from this one other than getting struggle slapped and fish fin slapped around a little bit so this will be definitely easier battle and easier raid. Boston. Actually kind of fisher to finish them off with a new ashe hat. Pikachu and hopi.

We have a better move set on this i don t think we do know we definitely do not okay. Do we have a better dash at now whatever it s just discharged. We re just gonna discharge his life away that s how we re gonna do this right here so we re gonna beat magic raid boss with special edition pikachu s so where s that that was a fun. One magikarp is now dead discharged down dunzo who shuns.

Oh beautiful okay. That s well the death animation on the magikarp is actually kind of cool okay to go and raspberries that s it okay i get it s a level 1 raid. But come on now okay well we only got that that wasn t that wasn t good we have 11 balls. Though just great and then we can now battle down or catch this magikarp.

So it s a hundred 9cp. So i don t think that s 100. I don t know what the hundred percentage for the magikarp. I have a chart actually for the 100 pokemons.

But i know obviously this is probably well probably not obviously. But probably not on a percent well he wanted to quit her though ah well frickin savage seas. I have not savage seas in a very long time they are really really hard to catch these days. So savage seasonings not the greatest usually golden raspberries or the go to but we savage seasoned this 109 cp magikarp with certainly caught my attention iv so it s not even it s not even good.

We re gonna transfer him out there at there right right there right there there right there i m tired. But that was the first catch the first spin and then if we look in the nearby. We ve got seven pokemons all kind of decent now six pokemon all kind of decent and then one rate in the nearby and if we look around i can see one pokey stop. Too pokey stops three three four pokey stops.

We got a jim right here and then we have a manky so again roll pokemon yeah right now my cousin has the swim meet so we re gonna go check that out and then we gonna walk around probably downtown glendale and actually the pokemon there s pretty good so we ve got some places behind some place to the battle. But right now. It s next to him a time. This guy nick are you ready for today alright are you dude you re gonna kill it ain t no pressure but you are being recorded just kidding not just kidding nick roast them are you doing snake.

What do you got what do you are this i ve decided what today s video is gonna be about suburban pokemons go or not suburban rural pokemons. Go a k. A pokemon go not in santa monica. As you can see right here.

This is the area around the house that i m staying on my aunts house. And there s the one pokey stop right over there now this is a majority. I would say a good majority of america where you know in your neighborhood. You re only gonna see between one and three stops in the vicinity around you and maybe a gym.

I m lucky enough to be surrounded by stops and gyms because i love an apartment in los angeles and a super duper busy area so like i ve got it lucky. I ve got good out there even in hayward back in my hometown. It s pretty good for pokemon go. But there s a lot of places like this where it s not super duper crazy good so we re gonna be talking about today for the rest of the video basically why people spoof and why i could understand why people would want to spoof.

We re gonna head to a more populated area of this city where there s more pokemon to catch. Then you know one murkrow. A whooper wheedle ands otsu on the nearby on the sightings list that i can t even see where they are that s the folks for today. Why people spoof in pokemon go okay here s one cool fun thing about suburban pokemon go.

Sometimes you ll get something like this where a random rare spawn that s i m going on the nearby not even the nearby spawns in the neighborhoods. And it s always fun rolling through neighborhoods and we experienced this when i was on that bus either today or a couple days ago. We were just rolling through random neighborhoods and we were getting like decently. Rare spawns and it was like really fun.

Because something rare would just a rare just random would pop up right in the middle..

The road. So that s a that s the one fun thing about the suburban pokemon go is that you ll be just kind of rolling around just chillin and then something fun crazy rare will pop up. And honestly a lot of these rare response happen in really really random areas out in neighborhoods a lot of trance arts and stuff spawn out in the neighborhood areas along with populated areas as well. But like it s just really fun and satisfying to find these little gems little rare responds out in the suburban areas so now we re gonna head to a more i guess suburban city area hunter on there and then talk more seriously about smoothing pokemons going why mystic.

7. Understands okay so now we downtown glen ellyn and as you can see there are a ton of gyms around here a ton of pokey stops and a wild coughing. There s a lot of it this is a second wild coughing. I found tonight.

Which has been insane because they are so rare by me so we re gonna grab this guy for sure. But obviously this place right here isn t a reflection of rural pokemon go. This is like suburban. This is a city.

This is a bigger city area that s a definitely popular place for pokemon. There s a lot of stops. A lot of spawns and a lot of gym sometimes really hoping to be like a raider too. But it s it s too late for that but we re gonna walk around and just talk about reasons.

Why people spoof and i could understand why people would want to spoof and we re gonna dead while we battle some gyms and catch some pokemon mainly battle gyms because i do want to get as many pokemon at gyms as i can because i m kind of a gym addict right now because it s holding system. So we re gonna battle some boys and catch the mons and then talk about spoofing. So you won t get now. Let s talk about a big reason.

Reason number. One lack of pokey stops in an area basically what lack of pokey stops means is okay well obviously we know it lack of hope. It means. There s not a lot of poke stops in a certain place.

So like you saw at the house. There s only one pokey stop in the immediate vicinity also we have a kakuna right here. Which is i guess rare right it s an evolution. But if there s no pokey stops in an area there s nothing to really lure up it s hard to ball up in neighborhoods in areas.

Where kids can t just go out and walk to the nearest city. It s definitely tough to play pokemon go. And there s gonna be a ton of incentive to you spoofing because there s not a lot of spawns. There s not a lot of stops.

It s gonna be hard to get balls and just hard to play the game. That s a big reason why people swoop in the area. It s just the simple lack of pokey stuffs. Which sucks.

Which is why there should be like a there needs to be like one pokey stop every x. Amount of distance let s spin this and get our i have a lucky egg down to by the way so we re gonna get some xp. Some phat xp from this and our gym badge yeah. And there s just one right on in here.

So we re gonna battle this guy out no problemo me amigo with my muy mystic lack of pocus tops. Again basically means you can t refill your storage. So it s very hard to get balls you can t lure it up so you can t really find pokemon too easily. And you can t track pokemon in pokemon and go another one of the biggest problems is this tracking system especially when it comes to like role playing is because you can t track pokemon.

If you don t have stops near you so you can t track them. If you re in a super duper rural area with no stops and that is a problem let me battle this down. Because we got to beat this gym and get instinct out of here beat. The gym beautiful now the lack of pokey stops brings up a bigger issue than just you know less spawns and not being able to subtract pokemon or well.

I guess those are kind of the biggest issues that like takes away everything from the game put our blitzing. This gym your next victim will probably be this gym right here this valor gym with three mons in it okay. Let s do that made it next gym time boys. Hey.

Got executor jolteon right on easy peasy. Give me my badge. A sucre saying. There s another pretty big problem with not having a lot of things in your area.

And it s the lack of rare spawns and now obviously in pokemon go..

Rare spawns are the most exciting thing about the game now. Big. Jim raids are really really fun. But a tyranitar raid will never ever beat a wild tyranitar because a wall tram cart is so much more fun to find.

And you don t have that enough like a full squad of 30 to get it so i when you don t have a lot of spawns in an area. And there s not a lot of pokey stops in an area. There s not going to be a lot of rare spawns in an area so when people see people like myself catching all these crazy things in santa monica. They want a piece of that themselves and if they can t get that from home.

They re gonna spook and that is seriously understandable obviously. It s not preferable. Oh. I wouldn t want to see that happen in the game.

And i hate seeing it happen in the game. But i can see why it does happen because in the raw areas of america. It s pretty hard to get one of these bad boys. A tyranitar not tore to get a jolt under the jolt.

Eons or the evs are literally everywhere out. Here. And they re everywhere in a lot of like rural places especially up in the hills by my house v s everywhere. Believe me you can get a lot of really really crazy rare spawns in rural areas.

And you can get a lot of good pokemon in rural areas. But the best ones are in the more populated places. Ok. Let me take this gem over real quick.

And that is round 2. Done and down hand poem round. 3. Over jim taken that is ours we re taking as many gems out here as we can i want to hold down a bunch.

Oh hey five k s oh by the way though again there s new pokemon a 5k. So we could get a generation 2 starter out of this one new how about this one maybe bro and last but not least just kidding. This is last. But not least.

We also have a pine cone. A nearby that s pretty rare now what i ve noticed about chicago. There are not a lot of machop s. So acheron tart should be pretty good to leave in a gym on here.

Because there s not a lot of fighting my champs to take that bowing down and thanks to raids. We have a lot of turan tarz. So we got transfer on this gym. We ve got a blister over there in that gym that gym right there needs a pokemon in it one of ours and then we re gonna battle that gym way over there that red ones of lisi and end our discussion.

There i m gonna catch just pidgey working a battle that stuff i gotta stop walking in like dark neighborhoods in places by myself for pokemon. But we re here at this gym and we re gonna drop off a transfer on this one as well because it only has a snow location or much enwright on nice well let s spin this so let s go badge because i am the bad guy and then we ll post up another trant are probably one of our fire blast ones ashley will throw off the competition with turan alit right here. He s going in and actually again if you go in here you can look at you go to your badges list okay curley defending fortunes. Which is phenomenal and if you go on the bottom left and click that you can see where in the world.

You have gems. I m not gems badges. We got 81 badges over in california. And we know how five badges obtained in chicago.

Okay back to spooky night mode to the next jim okay we found somewhere brighter lighter and we are now at a gym. Although it s definitely not too brighter or lighter. But right here we ve got an arcanine and a blissey in this gym. So let s grab this gym badge because again i m just i m the gym badge mean.

I wanna collect as many as i can because now that you can see where in the world you ve got your badges. I m very interested in collecting them everywhere around the world because i m gonna look at my badge map. And see badges everywhere okay final. Few reasons.

Why i see why people spoof and actually one of them is gyms..

There s if there s not if there are no gyms in an area. It that takes a wait now like about half the fun of the game. Because gym battling in my opinion is actually really if i actually thoroughly enjoyed. It s the same tap and swipe medicine method as before but like there s more to the gym system.

And it s a lot more fun for me to battle. Which is why i m now battling gyms a lot more videos. Because i m having a lot more fun doing. It also raids pokemon co raids.

You can t do raids. If you don t gems in your area. So. If you re in a very very rural place where you not only don t have pokey stuffs.

But don t have gems. It s not a fun pokemon to go experience if people are gonna spook to go find gems to go find raids and honestly. It s kind of understandable. It s not justifiable.

I don t see it to be like the right way to go about the game. But i can definitely under a hundred percent understand why someone would go about using a spoofing method to play the game if there s nothing in their. Area now this. Bliss he s at 2900.

I ll be right back when it s dead because it s looking annoying about and i should do it there we go bliss ease down alright two more times or maybe. Even three. What is that it s spring. So gosh we re battling right.

I was so distracted. I don t know it and blissey down down do and this should do it nice bliss. He s dead. Which means.

The gym is ours great work you defeated this gym. Yes. I really you re coming back. I can hear that noise in the distance.

Wow. That s annoying when he blow that car up please okay. We re gonna drop off another tyranitar near grant. Our raid boss fire.

That s what rb f. Stands for okay. I m gonna stand up. Now.

Oh gosh well that gyms ours we re now holding how many gyms now we re now holding five gyms out here in the glen ellyn area so we re killing. It dude beautiful. Where there s that there the battles and that s kind of what i want to talk about today. Just basically spoofing a pokemon go and we re gonna see a lot of it.

At go fast. Oh speedy go fast just a reminder that i am partnered with i am sponsored by i am in cahoots with niantic they re hooking it up fat remember ftc. I have to say that whenever i mentioned go fest. So and i took a love you ftc you to hurt me well.

I m gonna end the video here because there s really no reason to end it anywhere else so from downtown glen ellyn. My name is mystic. 7. And that was kind of my take on spoofing and why i think people do it.

And why i think it s almost justifiable in areas where there s literally nothing to do for pokemon go. But that was today s video hope you guys enjoy that if you did make sure to leave a like leave a comment and i ll see you on the next video hopefully if i survived walking back. It s we re nice area peace ” ..


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