TigerDirect TV: Linksys WRT120N Wireless-N Home Router

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“N. Router from links is a recertified unit. The price on it is so low. Low.

I can t even mention it it s absolutely bonkers. This is something that might want to look into maybe you don t really appreciate technology that much he kind of don t care you just want to get the bare bones. But you also don t want to get another you know pala junk like you have already you want to get a slight upgrade. This is what you want this is an end wrap router.

So it s gonna give you extended range and faster. Speeds 150 megabits per second. But because it s recertified..


It s only can t say it. But it s really affordable. It s a great buy i recommend that it s definitely more than a third off the original price of this unit. This is still a modern unit.

Everyone is still using them they re still for sale they re still quite expensive. But you re getting a huge deal now let s talk about what are the benefits of this and what you get first of all it s wireless compatible with every previous protocol. So the a the b the g. They re all gonna work the n.

Works on here and plus. You have the ie ee ethernet senders on the back now. When you look at the back of this thing..


See there s four ethernet ports now these are 10100 ethernet ports. They re auto crossover so you can basically plug in network attached servers or other computers that are gonna be wired right here you have your power you have a reset button to reset the router and then this is where you re enter it s gonna come in from your modem. Whether it be cable their dsl. They re both gonna work security on here so to secure this home network.

You can do wpa2 or wep wpa. 2. Is a little bit more secure now today i d probably use that but it s really important because you do want to have your home network secured. If you ve never had a home network.

It s going to keep you from well there s two things that can happen. One is that somebody can go into your system and through your internet off your network. Which is not that really big of a deal it s unsecured..


But more importantly to have a lot of computers hooked up to your home network and your networks. Not secured and someone enters that they can actually hack into your network and that would not be good they could steal your personal information. Which in turn can help them steal your identity those are usually the two things they re gonna happen so really nice of course. It has wpa and wpa2 make sure you secure network.

When you first get this and besides that it s just a really great deal really simple upgrade you have an old router or you don t understand a lot of money on a new wireless router. It s n draft. So it s a little bit better than gee does give you better range better speed really affordable recertified and it still comes with a three month warranty so if it doesn t break in the first three months. It s probably never gonna break linksys routers are basically known to last indefinitely.

I ve have one for i have an old g in my house still somewhere hidden. The blue. One..


It s got to be seven or eight years old since probably lapsed just as long so there you have it s the wrt 120 n. Recertified from link system. Any questions on it feel free to email me and i ll see you guys next time for more information on the linksys wrt54g. 8.

2677 into any major search. ” ..

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