Tips and tricks How to save Libre Office Open source text document in Word format

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“To this windows channel. And this is a tips and tricks video for those that that use something else than microsoft. Office and want to share documents with people that the real microsoft office. There s a little trick that i ve often shown a lot of my clients to maximize the possibility of everything being compatible with microsoft office.

So well take as an example libre office. So for example. I take the office writer. Which is the equivalent of words and of course.

Now you have the you know word processor. That is available and so you know you write and you write and you do columns..

And you do also two little things. And you have this nice letter or this nice document you want to share. But you know that the people are going to receive. It all have the official microsoft office well by default leave office.

And by the way. Almost every third party free app. Like writer. Even open office.

Does this it seems. The document in a open source format so if you go to file and you click save as you will see that you re in dot odt which is a odt text documents..

Which is an open source document now latest versions of office actually opened odt files. But not necessarily all office versions so what do you do the best thing to do is save as file type you ll click on that and you ll see a list of file types just use the microsoft word format. Now which one you re saying that there s many of them here since a lot of people actually have microsoft office of old version old generation. I will sometimes say well just save it as you know word 97.

2003. A docx file that will be compatible with every version. If you know that they have a later version you can actually choose to test 2007 to 2013. Which will save it in x file.

And maximize also the compatibility with the document itself. So that s how you ll do it..

And then you just have to click you know you know test document here. I ll call it save it on the desktop save. And now. It says.

This documentary contained formatting and content that cannot be saved of course. But you can do it anyway. Here s microsoft word and like i said you can try to 97 to 2003 version. If it doesn t work well so here.

I ve got test documents. And it has the official word..

You know document file type. So when i actually try to open this i will open it with word. 2016 and you will see that my document that i ve created is still here. And it s opening in microsoft office.

So this is a little tips and tricks video to maximize the possibility of compatibility. When you actually share a document with libreoffice writer or any word processor. That is from a third party company and they kit and make sure that it can be compatible with the real deal of microsoft office. If you have any comments questions suggestions let us know thank you for watching hope you enjoy your videos please give us.

” ..

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