TOP 15 HACK & SLASH Games on Nintendo Switch !

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” s it going guys welcome back to another video here on switch planet. I am. Am. Dani and today.

I have for you the top 15 hack and slash games. The nintendo switch right now now of course. We re going to see a lot of familiar companies that are notorious for these types of games so let s get into it the greatest warriors. Collaboration to ever happen in my humble opinion co.

A techno goes all out mashing together the samurai warriors and dynasty warriors series together giving us over a hundred and seventy characters to play and slash our way through tons of different enemies zeus being behind the entire parallel world. All that s left is discovering. Why he did it kind of a different approach to the trappist series in that it is top down. Enjoyed the same funny moments that are known for the no more hero series and play everyone s favorite otaku.

This is definitely on my list of things to play especially since i knew no more heroes is an artist for fans of the f te. Series take on the role of the overall master and fight..

Tons of enemies in fast paced hack and slash combat with 16 playable characters and eight different classes. There s a ton of leg room to experiment and find your fighting style. It doesn t look half bad either. With improved controls.

Visuals and a brand new soundtrack anima show warlords returns. But on a new generation of consoles. I always found this game to be quite difficult. But it has an in captivating story and is of course one of the classics make sure to pick up ani musha warlords.

If you re on the nostalgic cave. If you re a fan of the anime series and want a fun hack and slash attack on titan to delivers just that and who better to publish it then koa tecmo themselves the omnidirectional mechanics have always been something that puts me in awe. And it is very cool to see that they put it into the game. This is all based in season 2 of the anime so be warned for spoilers.

I played a ton of fury and i can say that it is a beautiful game to have in the library with very immaculate and precise boss battles the goal is simple break out of whatever surreal weird prison. This is while slashing through enemies and bosses..

It is definitely a game to put on your wish list co. A tecmo of course sweeping up as many ips as they can to put in their most popular series fire emblem warriors mashes. Together the most iconic fire emblem characters in the franchise play as marth xander corrin and so much more with dynasty warriors controls and style no one can go wrong with a little devil may cry in their life. The hardcore combo keeper of all time devil may cry is on the nintendo switch for everyone to play.

And it is an essential game. If you haven t already played it play as dante in the very beginning of one of the most popular series in gaming history. Darksiders war. Mastered is the best way to play the beginning of the entire darksiders franchise.

Take on the role of war who is wrongfully accused of pretty much starting a massive war and his journey through and now destroyed earth. It is one of my personal favorite games in the hack and slash genre. And it is now on the nintendo switch darksiders to has you take on the role of death in search of a way to clear his brother s name. It s the same good ol mechanics from the first darksiders game.

But completely remastered and stylish at that if you are a fan of the hack and slash genre. This is definitely one who should pick up in the near future if fantasy wars is not on the docket for your hack and slash playthrough..

Well fee or not hyrule warriors. Definitive edition. Is another type of warriors game that will make you sink back into. It originally released for the wii u.

Hyrule. Warriors brings our favorite legend of zelda characters from the series and blends together slash bottom khoi tecmo brings their popular warrior series with dynasty warriors 8 xtreme legends edition. Destroy tons and tons of enemies in epic fashion in the classic mode or with the new challenge mode that comes with it the warriors games are popular for being just hack and slash goodness for hours and hours on end play. The infamous bayonetta who s awoken from a very long slumber and has lost her memory kick.

The butts of angels in the most stylish experience that has made platinum games so popular in the first place and since it s on a nintendo console. There are some cool little costumes you can pick up that are exclusive such as princess peach daisy link and sentence a nintendo switch exclusive and of course created by the master of hack and slash platinum games this blended a jaw dropping anime art style with the crazy combos in combat that we know and love the story was a tad underwhelming. But it is overshadowed by just how awesome the combat and graphics work the second installment in one of the platinumgames. Most popular franchises bayonetta.

2. Simply improved on the series with seamless combat..

Beautiful graphics and of course. The which time dodge unfortunately when it comes to the nintendo. It spent most of its time on the wii u. Which not a lot of people were happy about.

But now. It s available for the nintendo switch. Okay everyone thanks so much for watching. If you like that video.

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