Top 15 PJSalt Moments in Smash 4

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“There we go grep yep to glide toss to up tilt schizoar was trying to to palm. Oh. My god that was so closer. But back here a good position nico to take this set right now.

And he has the limit break. He can do his clock cross slash right now. This is such a scary. Situation.

Nico has all the advantage right now just jumping around giving pressure canines just scared running and shield. He s looking for a man he is across he goes in a canine. He won t the race. Oh.

My god and i m looking a bit disappointed right now but nico takes that game advancing to lose us. Finals room is absolutely silent right now have a moment of silent for the chair in the front. Oh care flags not happy with the result. Oh all this she is that b100.

My god yeah. Ok. And the reach that was that was a great copy terry s file. There is very trying mother laugh like try not to but evo that s while oh.

This is really bad. I m very serious it to me yes come on just no emotion on his face. What s so oh my gosh what a way to end. It.

That was actually really smart by mr. Khan. Khan. Choose that option.

Yeah. I was thinking like oh. Maybe he ll down smash maybe. He ll i don t know fricken.

Oh. Man. He s yelling to the sky s house. Almost certain death.

Oh. That could have been to grab the cat sharking for these roles in that date was it will it oh man all in a hat ref jumps out of his seat..

Oh and that was down to the wire wow. Very different emotions hoof. It he s players that was super tense man ten games of grand finals. But these guys fought like champions.

Yeah. Ah oh. And that s gonna be it and 15 fresh. Ready.

And that want to be a good work now here finish touch with demo. Oh what a comeback. Did not take a single oh stock right all right. That s take a seat.

Oh definitely oh nothing about it. He said. Now. I don t like loud whoo.

Oh. And everybody just boo not oh. Right there. Unfortunate.

Tee. Game. Fives. O malley.

Oh. Y. You got yet some woman walked in front of it. I am thinking.

Larry dude. He just watch georgie what but like fights that up straight up on his head. I m just gonna look at him. And tell you we do they had it i ll watch the match i got the vat julia drake.

Yeah. He s pretty calm right now i hope you guys can hear what he say like salting consulting boy. I ll play yeah. He s this complete.

This is trash talking. Yeah..

Yeah. Yeah. What a set phones. What does carroll he needs it needs a forward shoulder forward smash right now really badly.

He goes he needs anything honestly. What is it 69 okay or not his oh. My god 3o dog center. Pro gets on that situation when i was spending here has like a lot of veins on his hand on his arm like so every bait his arms that controllers about us machinist that s a crushing no no that s it hey boy boy boy boy make sure you re still player to put on the crowd get it high for he s trying to see if we can keep the little back in the air.

But misses that opportunity that s what i do just keep him up in the air again care flags. Jab. One. Two three pop sync popping little back up and then out throw some more chuckles hits a little back in the land matches.

Sanaa shield after hits two and three of the up smash yo jeff likes to punish it properly though and there s the problem knock your flex has to land yet again he gets knocked up there s the ko punch on deck. No i see molina hit. I like ladies getting down to the ground gonna get hit here fly here flat cinch. It forward little mac planet patient.

Yeah. Her flight stands up whoa. I was about to get hit he had to elevate because he s on a platform that makes perfect sense to me right there i m just saying. He was on a platform.

He also elevated himself in outside his game. He has to be one with this character yes here we go i don t mean. He can t talk about because the little mac is the one with lower percent. It s what s he gonna do he s like alright.

I m gonna play the match up i m gonna hang out on the platforms. I mean i think it s okay for him to like do this whole kind of time eyeshadows you oh okay. That s alright. I think it s okay from time to time.

I strategy up down sit like maybe like the last like 30 seconds. He only really need one hit. Didn t travel. You did shot a little arrow.

Oh. No is there anything oh. No all right we re back. Nothing.

Happened. I think i got a hit right there look at he was charging down smash when he didn t actually oh we re back..

Goodness. What was that punish down. There very nice yeah popping him up in here. Oh.

There. It is there. It is representing. Team.

Look. Bu. 5. 5.

Y k. 1. Mg. Takes.

It he bet. It all man. He had it all like that smash. I don t even eat that s that s the f.

The game woman that last a classic gamble and you lose it and you just don t feel good about it. It s just coming back in though what tilt him out of it oh look i don t know what just happened what way elegant takes it elegant takes it. Oh oh. It was a big thought i couldn t even tell.

Which the we do. Which is going both ways everyone was everywhere at the same time and then khan khan died. It s so crazy stuff down. There.

I i didn t even beg here at all castles all right guys. This is important sushi chef pikachu is gone and we re back to regular pikachu is that it mvt is heaving. He s wrapping it up this is over yeah. This is over the skull skull match has killed the tyrant.

She s totally my goodness mpt for fitting. Me. He is unplugged and walked off skull bash has forced off mpd. Oh.

My gosh so linear not 5050. He gets three zero..

Oh man your glasses. My rapala all games and this match goes to canine saying. He can be canine. He certainly can he was hand very well it was three oh.

But you know they were they were close games. Care flags had that but canine is just such a good sheik such a top level sheik. He s so safe and if you saw that pressure that he put on his record. A victim long like super long here before in the back.

Here. I thought if i have tc1 enough. What what s up okay. I got a complete match.

Oh yeah. I mean my man definitely joined the step team like oh. It s like am. I the only one i didn t expect that oh is that like is that a typical thing okay here the jabs he went for at number three had a lot of lag.

Allowing kick goggles to forrest rosalinda s to the edge. You don t want to be in that situation whoa. I m solely oh man and he loses. I ross s stuff into the ground he s matt yell to eat you get a carrot.

This man is oh just toss this goes the chair you see the chatter ground kick goggles. Just past that change i can t believe it ladies and gentlemen please yeah. Ladies and gentlemen yeah. A chair is out of commission.

Wow okay god maker make sure you are cha cha. Cha. Goggles. Got the one hit combo right there oh my off the chair.

Oh. My god think. There s two chair hit a little kid. Oh lord ever now yeah.

That was the meanest for thrive. Everything basically baby did that match you with one. Oh. That s bachelor that s that goodness ” .


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