Top 5 JRPGs on the PSP

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“Everyone this is erica sabo. Welcome to another episode of my bit hairy one so so a little while ago. I did my top 5 jrpgs on the ps3 now of my other favorite systems like awesome. Awesome systems out there is the psp.

I love the psp and i think it had a lot of really really amazing jrpgs on it now jrpgs are like my favorite genre ever if you know me you know i love jrpgs and yeah. So i figure you know what why not make a list right. So let s get started with my top 5 jrpgs on the psp. So i m gonna start things off with my honourable mentions first off is fel curia chronicles.

2. Now while this is an amazing game and its really great that it s portable this time around. I would have really loved to see a console release to be honest like the original valkyria chronicles. Was valkyria chronicles.

Actually mentioned already in my top 5. Jrpgs on the ps3 really great game. It did from in my mind. It outshine to fell carrier chronicles.

2. Despite this being an amazing game. There were just a lot of other games that i had to choose for my top 5. And i do i do feel bad about this.

But that s why this is part of my honorable mention because it s still very important game. Very important series you need to check out and it s yeah. It s awesome. It s awesome so do give it a shot my next game in my honorable mentions is one i actually don t own and that s part of why.

It s part of my honorable mentions the game is persona. 2 innocents. In now. I don t have innocents in i actually have persona.

2 eternal punishment..

Which is basically just part of the same story and it s part of the same game so you know it s funny it s like i could say i played it technically but i technically didn t at the same time so unfortunately i can t recommend that port. But if you do have a ps1 and you re looking for an awesome jrpg this very early edition in the persona series is it s awesome. It s it s one of my favorites actually and i really like some of the newer personas which i will get to later so yeah. I mean you know check it out maybe check out the port to let me know how it is if you have it let me know number five on my list of top jrpgs.

On the psp goes out to jean. D. arc. Jean.

D. arc. Is a really awesome strategy rpg by level. 5.

And it is hella hard. I think it s hella hard. So it s not exactly the most accessible one hence its place on my list. But it is a very very engaging game and has a very engaging story and has some really really interesting characters in it as well so if you do like strategy rpgs.

If you re interested in trying something new if you re interested in being challenged. This is definitely definitely the game to check out i highly recommend it it s beautiful it s beautiful please do number four on my top jrpgs goes out to crisis core final fantasy. 7. You know it s really funny with final fantasy.

7. Because while it was a fan favorite all around it wasn t one of my favorite final fantasies. I liked it but it didn t feel like a final fantasy game. I felt like it could have been part of a whole other series altogether when i m playing these games.

I m looking for fantasy hence. Why i really loved final fantasy 9. But but when playing this game this game. Gave me all the backstory.

I wanted that i didn t get to have in final fantasy..

7. To be honest. I really liked zack a lot and i felt bad that basically cloud was just taking over his whole life spoilers. I m sorry.

But you know i i feel like he needed a bit of limelight and you only got a little glimpse of him i particularly did not like cloud. I did not like him he had no identity and i know that was part of the story and all. But i you know zack was a really really really badass guy and i really wanted to find out more about him and who he was and you really got a lot of that backstory in this game. It has a really cool battle assistant to it and it really it pieces together things that you were unable to initially.

And i mean the graphics at the time really great on this game. Especially for a portable game. I really enjoyed it really enjoyed it if you liked final fantasy. 7.

Or if you weren t so sure if you liked final fantasy 7. But you wanted a bit more closure in certain aspects. This is definitely the game for you number 3 on the top jrpgs on the psp goes out to lunar silver star harmony. Now.

This is a port and kind of a remake of lunar silver star story which i got over there and it is an amazing game. If you re looking for a very kind of simple minded traditional jrpg. It s very very traditional and it can be kind of boring. But it s kind of more of a sentimental pick for me than anything else now in this game.

Really the biggest thing is the visuals. The visuals and and it being revamped and it just looks colorful and beautiful and and all that good stuff so. If you are a die hard fan of the lunar series. I definitely recommend this if you re not i don t know if we would even be on this list.

It might be it might not but it s kind of home you know i i actually i m kind of surprised. I didn t come out with luna r2 eternal blue on the psp because i felt like that was a better game overall. But this one did really really hit it off and it really started things off and in a really beautiful sweet simple way no big surprises here. But it s just it s a really nice game.

And it s got a really nice collector s edition..

Too if you happen to find one of these so yeah it might not be everybody s pick but it s my pick because yeah memories memories number two on my top jrpgs on the psp goes out to shin megami tensei persona. 3 portable which i only have a review unit for and it s probably the ugliest review unit uh yeah sample disc only pop want ah but it works so i play this version. I do not actually have a version of the game. Which is kind of sad i have the original the original persona.

3 on the playstation. 2. And absolutely loved this game this game were really really hit it off in the persona series. And it really changed things for the series as well it changed things in terms of graphics and accessibility.

And it had a you know had that dating simulation genre incorporated into it as well and i really like that a lot so you know i mean. It s it s just it s kind of a groundbreaking game. When you think about it it s not for everybody. It s kind of a dungeon crawler and that s not always very accessible.

It s pretty challenging game. And it s more for hardcore fans. But it s such like i said before it s such a groundbreaking game. And it s changed so much in the persona series.

And i think that the way that atlas thinks of modernizing their jrpgs. So yeah. I mean if you happen to find a copy of the game please get it i have to go look for it all these games are starting to it really hard to find so i got a hustle. I got a hustle on this but this is definitely for me.

It s very very high on the list. I had to be where it is now because it s it s so important and i think that you should definitely check it out too. If you haven t already now the moment of truth. My number one jrpg on the psp goes out to the legend of heroes trails.

In the sky. This is a beautiful game this is like all the fields. All the fields this game is you know pretty simple and pretty standard and gameplay and the story isn t even all that deep. But it s very charming it has this otherworldly charm that i don t get often enough and considering how simple the graphics look i think it s really amazing that a game can do that to me and i think it s amazing.

When any game can do that to me regardless of the genre..

This game. Has some really intriguing intriguing characters in it and it was just a really sweet coming of age story you know i put some tears to my eyes a couple times. Some hearts in the game can be very cumbersome. This is one of those games.

Where if you want to get everything in it you have to know exactly where you re going. And what you re doing at every given time. Which can be a huge bummer and can really you know could have put you off from the overall experience. But for me it didn t really do that it didn t really do that and they just it i don t know cuz.

I like doing that kind of stuff so maybe that s why but i i loved it i loved this game. So much and i really wish there were more that would come out here in north america for the legend of heroes. I really really really really do because this is a really great game and if you haven t already checked it out please please please do it s um yeah. It s it s a pretty one and it s got a lot of really cool stuff in the in this version.

The the premium edition. So i wholeheartedly recommend this one simple in scope. But very very very beautiful experience. And i think you ll feel the same way too so i hope you enjoyed my picks now i m really interested what are your top 5 jrpgs on the psp.

Including honorable mentions. Please. Include those yeah. I think you kind of owe it to the psp.

Because it s totally being overshadowed by the vita right now even on the vita isn t coming out with a whole lot of games. But the psp was such a revolutionary handheld and i think it was just as important as the at the time as well and yeah. It s just kind of cool. I can do when you think about it.

It had a lot of amazing games. Though so please let me know in the comments below namie swan orders it yes she s super cute super cute so yeah i hope you enjoyed please like comment and subscribe and turn again soon alright. ” ..


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