TP-Link HS100 WiFi Smart Plug [Unboxing and Setup

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“There today we re unboxing a smart wi fi plug so this particular one is is by tp link details are in the description below for anyone thinking of purchasing. Let s have a quick look around the packaging. So it comes with a three year warranty compatible with both the google assistant and the amazon alexa let s turn it around see more details. So easy setup on this they re saying just download.

The app plug in the actual smart plug and configure. The actual device using the app. Some other items they also sell so bulbs cameras plug and a smart sensor bring it around some details about it so remote access is available scheduling is available. And there s a weight mode to simulate occupancy while away okay.

Again. Those details. And that s it so let s open it up and see what we get in the packaging. Okay so i laid out everything you get in the packaging.

So let s quickly go through them one by one so you get a card that says welcome to casa. Some details on how to set up and interestingly some details below on supported load types so coffee maker 800 watts desk lamp two hundred and thirty five point two watts lcd so that s monitor 270 watts heater humidifier iron toaster tower fan so there example low types you could use on this obviously they re giving this as an example. So you don t overload. It with other items okay and on the back.

If you have some issues setting. This up there support contact details. Okay and you ve got a sheet of paper. And it s got operating frequency and max output power.

So that s multi language on both sides. Okay and finally the actual plug so very solid build quality this tough plastic. All the way around just to show you ve got some plastic covering this area. Here just take that off and obviously you ve got the three pin plug.

There right being there you ve got a button there son it on and off and a reset button. There if you re having issues configuring this just hold on to that and it resets so. It doesn t connect your current wi fi. If it is connected okay.

Max. 13 amps..

Let s come round. Quite a chunky design on that so if i actually get my ruler. Just to show so if we come in there so in total about four and a half centimeter. So we ll stick out quite a bit if you purchase this and in terms of height about nine and a half okay and if we come on the back here got some details there so that s the model input is 100 to 240 volts okay and output is 13 amp maximum load.

I ve covered up the serial number and mac address here so obviously i didn t want to show that on camera. And there you go so good build quality through this but very bulky. I have to admit okay so let s make a start at setting up this smart wi fi plug. So initially let me go to my smart phone.

And i ve got the play store. Here. So let me click on that and let s search for casa. So.

There you go. This is the one you want to casa smart and we ll install that okay so now. It s installed let s click on the open okay. And this is what we presented river.

So what you need to do initially is create an account so let me enter in my details off camera and we ll continue on okay so i ve entered in my details so i m gonna click login now and this is what you re initially presented to river so no device is yet. It s saying so pretty straightforward to get this set up so next. I m gonna take the plug and plug it into the power strip. I have here at the side and let s click on the plus icon and click add a device scroll down find a smart plug.

And it s this one here. Okay so it s saying to power on the plug. So i ve done that now and let s the comment here says plug in your smile for the wi fi light will turn solid orange click next to that after about 15 seconds. The wi fi light should start blinking orange and green so if we look here yeah it s blinking orange or green but i m gonna click help here initially just to show and it s showing if it doesn t to reset.

You just hold on to this and eventually it will just start flashing orange. And green okay so let s click next to that needs location enabled. So let s do that you know allow access okay. So it s going to attempt to connect to the smart plug.

Now let s give it a moment okay. It s the next let s pick our wi fi network and let me type..

In my wi fi password. Off camera okay so i ve typed in my wi fi password. Let s click join and we ll just wait for it to set up the actual wi fi plug now okay so if we actually look over here the wi fi icon is green but this still says it s connected so if i click cancel on that just come out of that for a moment. There s no activity.

There then we just close off the app and go back into the app and there you go disappeared. So i did do some testing previously just to see adding in and that s one of the annoyances of this it should go straight into this dialog and show. It s been added. But it seems to get stuck on that particular dialog.

But there you go closing after the actual app and restarting. It it is working so simple as pressing the button here turns it off and turns it on and you see the indicator. There which is nice and clear it s off give it a moment and it s on okay. So let s click on the actual plug itself let me show you around the actual functionality on this so at the bottom.

You ve got scheduled timer away and run time. And you ve got a big icon indicating the on off button. So if i click on that turns it off click. It again turns it on and let s click on schedule first and you can set up a schedule and this allows you to turn it on and off at certain intervals.

So simple as just picking your time saying. What action you want so you could have it on or off and saying what days you want that to occur on it s a very straightforward well cancel that go to timer you could have a timer on this so say for instance you re charging your mobile. You know your mobile s gonna finish charging in 30 minutes. You could just say turn off and click start so.

After 30 minutes. It will turn off ok next. One is a way mode. So you can actually set a recurring event so between a certain time a start time.

Which is here and time repeating on these days. It will turn on and off cave and run time so run time is how long it s actually been on so give you those sort of stats. It s a shame. This doesn t actually give you any sort of energy usage on there.

So that would be quite a useful one in addition to have but this is okay. And it s sufficient giving you an idea of how long it s actually being on okay..

So let s go back let s click in the corner. Here okay you can rename this if you wanted to a more convenient name. If you wanted okay and you ve got device info. There and that gives details of obviously.

Your timezone your wi fi network and the model and serial. Number. If i scroll down. It ll actually give my mac address of the device.

So let s go back. And you ve got a remove device okay so there you go that s all the functionality available with this wi fi plug so for the next test. I ve got a led bulb here. And it s connected via cable to this three pin plug.

So if i plug it in actually turns on and as an override so you re not relying on your app. There s a button here see if i press that obviously that will turn it off and back on again. And if i go to my app just to show you in action. It s on at the moment.

And there you go turn it off and back on again okay so if i drop that down and let s turn off wi fi and give it a moment to connect to 4g. So it s just connecting in the background is if we go back into it and click off there you go work straight away no ports to open on your router at all cloud based login on this so you go pretty straightforward to use straightaway the next i m going to show how to set up this smart wi fi plug to work with both the google home and the amazon alexa so on the actual app. Itself. I ve renamed the plug to be called study lamp.

As you can see at the top here. And let s just come out of that and i ve got the google home and the amazon alexa apps. At the bottom. So let s begin with the actual google home so i ll click on the home app will click here in the corner and settings followed by a sister and then home control okay next on gonna click the actual plus icon and let s search for casa and there you go tp link casa.

Just click on that ok so next. Let me add in my login details for this app. So let me do that okay so i ve entered in my details i m gonna click authorize next okay let s give it a moment to attempt to link and there you go is added in if i just click done understood i scroll down see if it sees it there you go just at the bottom. The study lamp and if i click on that we can change the actual nickname and give it another name if we wanted.

But we re not gonna change it so next. If i just unmute google home and we can say turn on study lamp..

Alright turning on the study lamp turn off study lamp. Okay turning off the study lamp. There you go simple as that how easy was that to add it okay so next i m gonna show how to set up this smart wi fi plug to work with the amazon alexa so on my android device i ve got the amazon alexa app here so let me click it give it a moment to start up and then we click in the corner. There and then click skills and games.

And then click on the search icon and search for casa. And let s do a search. There you go the first one there so tp link casa. So let me click on that okay so enable to use let me click that and you re presented with this dialog.

Where again you need to enter in the login details for the cat kassar a p. So let me do that off camera okay so i ve entered in my details so let me click authorize okay it s linked i m gonna click never remember this one and click on the x here just to come out discover devices give it a moment while that s going on i ve just unmute the alexa. Okay so there you go and just to show. If i go to devices go to plugs should see study lamp.

Which is just there and we can turn it on from here turn it off as well and next. If i say turn on study lamp. Okay turn off study lamp. Okay there you go as simple as that to set up on the amazon alexa.

So as i ve shown you can control by this app. Let me actually come out and show. Kate. If we go into the google home app.

Scroll down. And it s just their study lamp. So if i go in there turn it on and turn it off there you go so you can control via both the actual google home and alexa apps and also speak and control it via voice so there you go very simple to setup. And to use by these devices ok so you ve seen the unboxing and setup of this smart wi fi plug very easy to set up.

And use works with both the google home and the amazon alexa has an override on there as well so you can turn it on and off manually the only little gripe was the actual app itself the fact that it was just ticking away saying. It s connecting. But i found the way around that was just kill off the app and reese tie and it appears in there so there you go hope has helped anyone thinking of purchasing this details are in description below thanks for viewing. And don t forget to like and subscribe.

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