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“For more fur morphing is a way to take one image and organically transform it it into another image on top of the ability to morph you also have the to warp warping is the deformation of an image in order to use the plugin you need to have a source image and a target image. If the target image is not the same size as a source image. It will be resized to fit the source image. So you begin by selecting two images the target image should be copied to the clipboard.

So select. All and then copy the image now switch over to the source image select. The effects menu select the render sub menu. And then select morpher and now you can see morphers grid.

Morphers grid. Can be adjusted to higher and higher resolutions up to 1600 squares or rectangles. You can adjust the color whatever lets you see the background. The best some transparent ones.

There s an undo. There s a series of previews and in the file menu you can save the grid. Or save your work or you can load your work and then you can export a sequence of morphs or export a sequence of warps and how many frames you want that sequence to be the undo is unlimited. So you can always go back to the beginning.

Let s start by doing a simple warp. Take your mouse and start dragging the nubs. The intersections of the grid around by spinning the wheel on the mouse. You ll be able to change the sensitivity that how many of those nubs you are affecting as you spend you can see a circle enlarge and shrink.

And that tells you the sensitivity range of your mouse. Now when you re ready to see what that deformation of the grid..

Looks like click on the top pretty limit click on the use warp only. Button if you want to use this image in paintnet a warp can also be exported as an animated sequence click on the preview. Menu and click on warp sequence. Or use the ctrl w.

Hotkey. And you will see the animation on the lower. Right review window. You can now save the warp as a series of images by selecting the file menu and selecting export png.

The number of frames selected will be exported into full size files that you can import into paintnet and create your animated gif now we can use the slider and preview. What a warp sequence looks like now for a morph. If you right click on the grid. You will see the target image appear so in order to morph what you want to do is you want to align the points on the source with the points on the target.

You can do this by dragging and right clicking. And now. The guideline shows you that this point came from underneath. The eye.

And if you right click you ve put it underneath the eye. So let me make some room here so you have to repeat. The process until you have your warp exactly how you want it so if you spin the mouse wheel. You can influence you can change how much influence the dragging of the points.

Has how many how many points. You actually affect nubs..

So by decreasing it you can fine tune notice. My just right clicking in left clicking. I m able to start a morph by clicking you can see what the distortions going to look like starting to fall into place. Maybe a little chemical looking and then if you click on the lower sequence preview as opposed to the warp.

See you believe you clicking on it or selecting more of a sequence will allow you to see what you ve morph. So far you can see it morph. Before your very eyes obviously i ve just concentrated on the eyes. The nose and the mouth.

The key is you want to concentrate on the most obvious features namely the hairline. The silhouette the eyes the ears the nose. If if the hands are present you want to morph between the hands and by the time. You re done you can see just the face is more than here and the full morph you can export png morph.

And this will export a series of images the series of frames that you can later save as a gift so let s load a predetermined morph as you can see i took time to adjust. Mona lisa s hair to fit. Liz s hair. And i also took time to adjust mona lisa s body to fit.

Liz s body and i m sure one lisa would thank me and if we look at the morph each each frame of the morph actually takes two passes. So you ll see it goes. And run a foreground pass and a background pass before it advances. The frame.

Let s do a quick transition towards the end. Okay now the more if it s complete..

And you can see how all those fine transitions translate into a more obviously i like working with large chunks in order to get it to work. So. Mona lisa s hair okay. The large chunks allow for really really smooth looking morphs.

If you nitpick and you do one little nub at a time and not only will it take you forever. But it s gonna look jagged. So try to use as large of of a range as possible and then fine to the little details with a smaller range. And that s of course by turning the mouse wheel.

So once you have a successful preview. The ultimate result is you want to generate a morph sequence or a warm sequence. Which you can bring into a gif and let me demonstrate how to do that i m going to pick morph sequence i m gonna title it test and now it s going to take quite a while since it s doing full size images. And again.

Each one is going to take two passes to complete each image. So i m going to speed up the video. I m going to put a transition here and we ll come back in a moment. Now.

We have a series of images that have been saved the fastest way to import and to import them in the correct order and is go to the layers menu go to import from files. And you ll see all your files. If you sort now you can input them in the correct order. So if we look at the layers.

We ll see that the background is at the bottom and they ve been all imported it looks like reverse order. But it will animate in the bottom to top direction..

If we want to reverse the animation then import again and reverse the sort by clicking on name you can sort and reverse sort and select all your files and now when you open them. They ll import in reverse order in order to create a pause at the beginning or end of the animation. Just duplicate some frames. One more for good luck and now we have everything we need for a circular animation.

So we go to the save as file menu and we pick a gif by medora and we call it test. It s always a good name and you can see the progress indicator at the bottom. It s actually a very very fast fast file type plugin. A lot of friends here.

We go hit. Okay. I have about two millisecond delay on each frame you can do it faster you can export more frames. You can do it faster you can do it slower whatever kind of effect you re looking for i m looking to strike a balance between speed and size smoothness of animation and very very shortly drinking coffee.

We will have the animation. We re done so if we go over to our file. I like to preview by right clicking and opening with chrome. It s very quick and you can see the full animation.

” ..

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