Try To Keep A Straight Face Challenge ! new

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“I messed up we gotta go bald as ice is nactually made of water also also to get the fuck out of here nwhat the fuck was that it s again nanother sign language interpreter accused of signing total gibberish this nis my voice one day as a hockey player. Hey pal. This is my voice. One week.

Is nipod player bat. Oh fuck. Yeah. Boys is my voice three nmonths is a pot player dangled sauce.

Really fucking beauties boys yes so he nwon t want to talk to you the school rules from roger bottoms up so we re at nthe world how long do i have doctor a month at nbest. But on the bright side..

You re lucky that you have these moments. Little jimmy nhere is going to die in three days. You think you re fucking better than me nthink you can beat me watch. I m jimmy ashley i demanded money added multiply i ncall it rhodes you get that get that number tonight me.

A fucking money. No. Just say nno legally your robert can t take anything from you. Without your consent.

We got a throne back hello. Everybody so how do these similar beats on my eyes..

Nclose and we saw hoping you through the back go. Oh. It doesn t in my bag. But nsomebody s being a jerk for no reason.

I m just like what did i do to you huh. Oh down oh oops faster. Oh shoot in the nface in the back in the back stay addicted after everything that i nsay when someone s on drugs. They re addicted.

When someone drinks alcohol nwhat hit you in the face last night addicted. What the fuck hey guys is nnational twerking day have fun twerking yo have fun now take this fucking plane noh fuck you i m not taking this plank kid you know what you know what i m ngonna give it back to you did if you give it back to me..

I m gonna give you nthis planet. Our planks brian give it back you know what i m actually gonna go nahead and keep this plank dude fuck you then take this one jude honestly dude. Ni m good with just the one just kidding take that back bitch fuck. You take this nstick to brian s you guys stop giving me your planks and stick now you can fight it when it comes to none year old.

Dante. Pierre. You are the this is super nerve wracking. Okay.

Let me ngo like this okay. I think this should be good so in three hopefully you guys ncould..

See. It s recording in three two one. I m megan and you re watching disney nchannel ivo mio mamama party hola vote elliott a ngoatee and opal toda la vie. Oh well ally for mama cass.

It show. Me rene lalique or dalla. Hinton. Crandall of young ladies and gentlemen.

The captain has nturned on the fasten seat box after local and international commercial power ni will recognize the culture of justice partnership please pay attention to the nfull upright position over your head no plant and call your roundish under the nseat in front of it all is the olive ” ..

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