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“Everybody so i m sure the reason you guys are here is do the title title your tv probably loses wi fi signal so for instance say you re in we re gonna head over there now to netflix. I m definitely not gonna be able to replicate this right now. But let s suppose you re in netflix. And you get the spinning ring of death there s like i like to call it and you re in the middle of a movie or say it doesn t even start up.

But you get that and it s extremely annoying and you lose your place because your tv has just disconnected from wi fi. So this is actually a pretty common thing with tvs especially your cheaper tvs. This is a vizio v. Series.

I believe this tv was retailing for around five hundred and fifty dollars prior to black friday and there was a bunch of these that went for sale on black friday. Some of your other tvs like elements and tcl s and just your cheaper tvs. There s they all have one common association and this even it can be the case of expensive tvs. But tvs have very cheap wireless cards inside of them and if your tv s disconnecting from the internet all the time i can almost guarantee that the router is not up underneath it in the console.


So let s suppose your cable box comes in under their tv. And if they have a table box it comes in just below there so if your cable provider. The same as your internet provider then there s a good chance that your router may be underneath there but if your tv is losing wi fi signal. I m gonna bet that it s probably not in my case it s in a bedroom a third bedroom back for you there.

And this is also an insulated wall right here. So that does add to buffer a little bit. But back this way. Approximately another forty foot across the house is my master bedroom.

And i have a much more expensive tv inside that master bedroom than any other tv inside the home sounds a little backwards usually it s in the living room. But it s the samsung and it was around a thirteen fourteen hundred dollar tv back when i first came and i m assuming that tv has a higher quality wireless card in it. But there s a couple things that you can do to fix. It.


And there s one way that s extremely easy and that s with just a wi fi booster and i m gonna put one of those in the link or sorry. I m gonna put an amazon affiliate link to one of those in the description. And if you set that up and then connect your tv to that wi fi booster. It s gonna produce a secondary network.

If you connect to that one with your tv. I can almost guarantee you will not have the same problem. If you use it in another reciprocal closer to the tv preferably right below. It because everybody has a reciprocal that s a everybody.

But almost everybody has one right behind that console there even if we use that one we would solve this problem. There is one surefire way also to solve it and that is to directly connect to ethernet so almost every single wireless tv is gonna have an ethernet port on the back of it you can hardwire your tv to your router. If it s just below. There also let s just say your router is not there on the outside of your house.


You can open up the cable box. If you have a newer home chances. There s a home run to every single room in the house. So all you have to do is connect your router to the cable box let me start to the cable inlet behind your console.

There directly closer to your tv or any other room that s closer to your television. If you do that then you change the wires inside of your cable box until your wireless router connects to the internet. There will be an internet display light on it okay. We ll head that way now.

Here s my wireless router. And that is the internet right so as long as that light is on that means that s connected to the internet. So if you change your wires around and change the room that that this goes to the net light will illuminate green or blue not red. If you ve placed it right.


But the surefire way will be to add a booster or a hard line and you will never experience those problems again tvs have cheap wireless cards like i said and they can easily lose connectivity through walls. It s not as quality as your laptop your laptop can go all over the place you might be able to get you know all the way outside in your driveway and in your car with a laptop. Because it has a higher quality wireless card. And it s made for that type of thing but purchase one of the things in the amazon affiliate leak and i can almost guarantee that it ll stop your problem if your tv continuously disconnect from wi fi.

And if you don t do that try hardwiring. It and i can almost guarantee if you hardwire that your problem will be solved. If that s not the case. Then it s definitely your tv thanks guys hope.

You enjoyed it i hope this ” ..

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